What Its Like To Have A Huge Penis

“Does size matter?”, the dreaded question that haunts the minds of many men ever since the evolution of mankind. Well, the response is a mixed one, because some think it does and others think it does not. Most women agree with the fact that bigger is not always better, but what is the stance of the men on this? 
Several generously packed men were interviewed and here is what can be concluded about having a huge penis: it can be a drag. You heard it right. While it has its upsides, guys who have a huge penis are not all thrilled about it. Here is an insight into their lives:
1)They get used to hearing compliments
From the very first girl they have been with, they get used to receiving comments and compliments about their size and almost every girl they sleep with does the same and when a girl doesn’t notice, it only makes them disappointed. 

2)They never have to worry about size
The question of whether it is big enough, it never arises because they are aware of their generously endowed packages, which is probably one of the best things cause it is usually what guys worry about most of the time.

3)They don’t need effort
They are blessed with the gift of the ability to gratify any woman they sleep with, so they do not need to put any extra effort. This means no need for buying expensive clothes, cars or things to impress a girl. 

4)Girls assume them to be fuckboys
Girls they sleep with simply assume that they have a lot of sex just because they have a big penis. In other words, they think of them to be man whores. This can be even a big turn off to them.

5)Hard to put on condoms
Due to big size of the penis, it is hard to put on a condom and keep it in place throughout sex. It needs to be continuously held on to and adjusted, and this also takes away the possibility of many sex positions. 

6)Girls may use it as an excuse to get out
A girl can simply get out of having sex by saying something like “You’re just so big, it makes me sore. Let’s do this some other time.” Yep, that happens. Not so great for the well endowed, is it?

7)They may even get dumped for their size
They could genuinely be too big for a girl they begin dating and that would mean the end of the relationship. They also get less anal action and deep throating, because of obvious reasons. There’s just a lot of baggage that comes with having a huge penis.

8)They have to be pretty cautious
Going all in is rarely pleasurable for their partners. So they need to be careful not to bruise them and make it as free from pain as possible. Going too deep can hurt the cervix.

9)Tough luck with orals
They are rarely ever on the receiving end of good blowjobs and the ones they do get are toothier and tougher for the woman giving it to them. They end up hurting their jaws or tiring their mouth soon, plus going all the way and gagging is mostly out of the question.

10)Tough on the ladies
Whether she says it or not, for the woman sleeping with a guy with a big dick, sex is going to hurt big time. Just like guys and dicks, vaginas also come in a variety of sizes. If it’s not big enough to fit a big penis, it is just going to hurt.

11)Lots of confidence
Since they never have to worry about a girl turning them down because of their size, it makes them pretty confident and this confidence may turn into over confidence, which is not desirable at all. Just having a big dick is not enough to satisfy a girl. There is still need of sensuous foreplay and romancing and going in while she is dry is a terrible idea because it is only going to hurt her very badly.

They need to stick to the old and simple position, the missionary because everything else is too painful for the woman. With an average or moderately sized guy, there are just so many possible orientations, them on top, girl on top, taking from behind, but that is not the case for guys with bigger dicks. They just need to focus on how not to end up bruising the woman they are with.

13)Lube all the way
With the size making it troublesome to get inside, it becomes almost necessary to take aid of some lubricant and make access easier. 

In case you fall under the same side of the size spectrum, here are some tips that will help you out with your sex life:
Indulge in foreplay. Make out, tie each other up, suck places, find out what works best for you and give it to each other. Make the girl completely ready for you before you attempt to enter her. You don’t want to shove inside while she is not sufficiently lubricated as it will only be painful for her. Make her feel as comfortable as you can and let her feel you and get used to your size.
Go for sex positions that allow her to be in control. Like girl on top, for instance. It gives her more control over motion and pace. Or you could try side by side positions like spooning where the thrusts won’t be too deep and hence bearable. 
There are always ways to fix a problem and your size shouldn’t be a reason for a relationship to end. Work on it together, and if you really like that girl, do everything you can to make it last while making it the best sex of her life because you have got what it takes, you just need to learn how to make the best out of it.