What is a Butt Plug

The wide, wild world of sex toys is so mystifying, it does not let you experience its galore of sex objects all at the same time. A dildo, vibrator or maybe a handcuff is decking your arsenal of sexual amusements, but there are many things that remain behind the veil, and you know little to nothing about it. When something remains unused, we miss its relevance and also its importance. Alike many sex toys, butt plugs are those less familiar sex toys that need your attention. Why?

It is like a universal truth that every woman loves their butts to be played sensuously.  You know how a wave of ecstatic pleasure runs past your body when your partner pokes you anally. Until you get used to butt plugs, you cannot realize how good does it feel inside? Here’s a guide to using butt plays in your sex play and adding intense level of sexual sensation to the whole sexual affair. However, at first it makes sense to unearth about a butt plug.

Butt Plug
A taper shaped item with a flared base is an easy identification of its being a sex toy referred to as a butt plug. It is pointed at the top, bulging in the middle. Right before it becomes tapered again at the base, it looks slightly slim at the neck.  The thin neck design allows for a snug fit around the sphincter closely, keeping it in place inside the anal comfortably.
If you are a sex toy pro, you have a huge knowledge about the different sex toys. But for butt plug, it is different and you need some extra length of insights to use it and follow important safety rules. It is versatile and a great fun sex toy to add an extra length of pleasure to the whole sex act. However, be remembered, that following safety is the major concern. Use a lot of lube for a smooth in and out thrust, and always insert something in your butt for added pleasure during foreplay, which has a flat base to avoid risks.

Various Designs Of Butt Plugs
Provided its designs, we can find different patterns to multiply the pleasure of sexual intimacy with your partner or by yourself during a solo act. Generally, butt plugs come in a square shape instead of a round shape.  It offers a better leverage through its circular and rectangular base shape. Some come with a loop that eases the grasp. At the same time, we can see many butt plugs with a few layers of loops in a butt plug in the mid section to increase sensation when you insert it anally. Let us uncover some of the best butt plugs to enhance your sexual experiences.
Silicone Butt Plug
The butt plugs made of silicone is one of the best materials to ensure your safety, while making you and your partner complacent with a true orgasmic pleasure. Since, they can be used by both of you; it can fit both the newbie and also the pros. To optimize the use of the silicone butt plug, you should use it during the intercourse to heighten the sensuality of the whole game.

Petite Butt Plug
The petite butt plug is an absolutely true companion for beginners with a small physical built. There are many brands with ribbed textures. It feels good in the butt and gives a feeling of a perfect rimming job. Many a time, it is also available in non-petite designs to give the masters of masturbation an extra taste of pleasure.

Glass Butt Plugs
For a heightened sexual sensation, a glass butt plug with a few layered of loops are good for your experiments. It gives you varying levels of sensations, while allowing you to be creative with various techniques.

At the same time, maintaining cleanliness is easy with this glass butt plug too.

Queen Butt Plug
With raising loops, the designs are perfect to increase your level of sensations with each in and out thrust.  The texture of ribbed designs offers a galore of sensations, making you fall in love with the repeated insertions and removals.

Who Makes The Most Of The Butt Plug?
Well, it is not like that, girls are only entitled to enjoying the sensation of the beauty of the butt plug. It is a unisex product, aiming to satiate sexual pleasure of both of the genders. So, there is no stopping to use it irrespective of what your sex is.

For your partner, it generates a different kind of sensation as it arouses his nerve endings situated in his prostate. On the other hand, it is a double pleasure blow for you as it gives you a sensation anally, while it gives you a vaginal stimulation during intercourse with your partner.

Butt Plug As A Preparatory To Be Intercourse Ready
The pleasure of anal sex is not fully optimized unless you provide a better access to your butt to your partner. Anal plugs can be a great addition to insert your butthole so that your anal is ready to be penetrated by your partner during anal sex. The object tends to make the passage flexible and smooth for a smoother slide in and out. At the same time, your butthole being inserted by a plug, it enables your partner to enjoy a super stimulation from a vaginal penetration.

Many butt plugs create vibration, which is quite sensuous for your partner while he is into you.
Anything that is a taboo always tends to generate curiosity in us to explore it unusualness. And hence, butt plugs make for a good sex toy to quench one’s sexual thirst.
It is easier to avoid anyone’s attention with it in your butt as no one is there to watch you. Plus, it keeps you smiling as it keeps you sexually satisfied all the day. However, the makeup of a butt plug to be worn all day long or the one for a few hours is different.  

However, whatever way you use in, it should follow all the safety measures so that it does not hurt you internally. Keep exploring new and innovative ways to keep you and your partner sexually satisfied with butt plugs.