What Causes Dry Skin on Your Penis? Is It Something to Be Concerned About?

It is a genuine problem for many men walking around with the problem of a dry penis. They experience chronic dryness, peeling and flaking of the skin around the penis. It may not sound like a serious issue but an expert doctor is to be consulted for genuine check-up and treatment. Dry skin can be annoying in any part of the body, but having it on your penis is really annoying. Even a small dry patch can work out to be very painful mainly because the skin in that area is extremely thin.  The area itself is sensitive, and there is a high chance that you accidentally rub your penis against your legs which can result in immense pain. With the discomfort caused, there should be a genuine concern which should not be overlooked as you are dealing with the most sensitive skin in the entire body.  You cannot afford to sit and wait for it to heal by itself but consult an experienced physician for proper medication. Finding the cause is the biggest issue, if this is done, half the problem is solved. If it is an allergic reaction, you may have to find the root reason causing it which will almost solve your problem.


Penis dry skin symptoms can happen to men of all ages and can be found to be a very common problem among men as could be seen based on the causes listed. Getting right and formal diagnosis well in time is very important. Dry skin allows bacteria to penetrate in the skin which invites infection! The symptoms of dry skin around penis are more serious than just dryness. With the development of itches, cracks, flaking or roughened appearance Penis become very painful to touch giving a hot and burning sensation at times. Having dry skin on your penis may not seem like a big deal, but men who suffer acute cases of the dry skin followed by peeling, cracking and dryness will argue otherwise. Being a sensitive area makes the case worse. It can be taken similar to burning your finger versus burning a more fleshy area. Areas with less protection make you suffer more pain! Blisters, sores, colored discharge, unpleasant odor, Redness or rashes, Loss of sensation over time, Pain while urination, darkening or discoloration of penis etc. are all parts of the disease.

The causes of dry skin can be many but there is reliable treatment available. Skin type is different from person to person and remedy suitable for one need not suit another person. So it is crucial to consult your dermatologist without being shy! There are many People around you facing a similar problem, we should be concerned as to how to get a solution to them at the earliest because the consequences can be harsh if it is left untreated!

Harsh cleansers: Using very harsh soaps and cleansers could cause dry skin on the penis. Usage of irritant lubricants can result in an allergic reaction which could make the skin dry and itchy.
Also, you if you are not using sufficiently loose inner clothes, thereby causing constant rubbing with skin, it could cause such symptoms. The soap that you use for cleaning penis should be mild and wear loose inner fabrics to prevent friction. You have to buy yourself new underwear that fits you better without chafing your skin. Taking a break for a few days for wearing inner wear could be advisable. You can preferably use oils and other suitable types of lubricants during use. By applying coconut oil over the area, you can keep the penis moisturized, by which itching and creation of peeling flakes could be reduced. Suitable fabric softener should be used for all your inner clothes. Anti-histaminic drugs and some ointments are recommended by doctors for allergy but it is better to have a direct consultation to get the prescription.

Lack of lubrication: Overutilization can cause too much friction on the skin which could result in painful, dry, cracked skin. Friction can be caused by excessive sex or masturbation in addition to other possible reasons. If you have the habit of indulging in prolonged sexual activity or if you do not use proper lubrication while masturbating, it can result in excessive heat and friction. Building this up can strip away the naturally available lubricating oils of the body. Skin will gradually become dry and parched which will necessitate proper treatment. The skin develops cracks and becomes extremely weak and fragile and susceptible to irrecoverable surface-level damage.
Microscopic tears will be very much visible externally in the outer layers of the skin while performing daily activities. Skin becomes sore and tender and is unable to bear any external pressure which makes it weep. In such cases, you should use plenty of water as your skin is losing it out which in turn will add to the dryness. In this case, you must stop from masturbating and any sexual activity and keep the penis skin moisturized with recommended lubricants. Use moisturizers containing Vitamin E and soothing butters as recommended by a physician to heal dryness and thereby give you relief. Apply them as prescribed and see the change.

Allergic reactions to chemicals: Mild and skin friendly soaps are acceptable to be used. But different types of latex, spermicides, deodorants, fragrances etc. containing chemicals and extracts of plants could work out to be allergic to the skin, and it is advisable to stop them immediately. Any sort of chemicals for sensitive skin areas especially your genitals should be used only carefully and definitely with a prescription. Also, latex-free condoms without spermicide treatment should be used. Polyurethane and silicon condoms are available and more preferable but should be used with physician’s prescription. Also, use separate brands of moisturizer for your face & body and your penis. Soft and very mild lubricants as available in the market can be used with your doctor’s prescription to avoid allergic reactions.

Psoriasis: This disease affects the skin and this can happen at any place in the body. It may start at one part and spread to another. Psoriasis can occur due to a multitude of reasons. Once if it extends to penis then it can lead to dry and peeling skin, which is a very difficult stage. If this happens in your case, dermatologist attention is required immediately. This is because once if it spreads to your genital areas, it becomes quite difficult and raises a cause of concern. Stress is one of the main causes of psoriasis and you should try your best to meditate and control it. Doctors might prescribe ointments, penis-specific nutrient crème retinol, containing Vitamin A along with moisturizers to bring out effective treatment.

Yeast Infections: Men can also be affected by yeast infections if they have depressed immune systems or are exposed to certain new medications which are not properly prescribed. Dryness and peeling of skin can occur due to yeast infections. This can cause painful cuts and fissures in the surface of penis skin. Yeast infections are contagious and care should be taken to cease any sexual activity if you have this infection. Keep the area dry and clean and get antifungal medication after consulting your specialist doctor. Dry penis is uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful too during and after intercourse. Hence you should not hesitate to consult your doctor well in time for a formal treatment to save yourself from all such worries!

Allergic Reactions: Allergic reaction is one of the most common reasons why men experience dry skin on their penis. It can occur as a result of using a new type of condom, a new type of lubricant, or something new that your partner is using. Other things to consider are new body soaps, body sprays, colognes, deodorants, and antiperspirants. It could be even due to simple reason like new detergent.

Tinea Cruris or jock itch: This causes a type of fungal infection causing red, itchy rash on the skin of your inner thighs, genitals, and buttocks. The ring-shaped rash can actually appear on any warm or moist areas of your body. The starting generally occurs highlighting a reddened area of skin in the groin and slowly spreads in all directions to your upper thigh as well. Raised blisters could be very common on the rash –itching will be continuously felt and you can observe your skin becoming scaly and flaky.