What are Aphrodisiacs and How Can They Help in Reducing Impotence

An aphrodisiac or better known as a love drug, is a substance that increases or boosts one’s sex drive or libido when consumed. The word has its roots in the Greek word ‘aphrodisiakon,’ which resembles its connection with the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

The application of aphrodisiac has been in use for over a century. The quest for love between couples remains the same since the beginning of time, transcending every barrier and boundary and without any differences between the community, gender, ethnicity and race. All of this is just to have a better sex by consuming aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiac does have a stimulating substance, that excites one’s inner sexual physiology, and this is a belief which is unanimous for every folk, as though it does not have any validation from the Food and Drug Administration. The authority goes on to say that none of the properties has any effective results on an improved sexual performance. Despite this, people all across the country just listen to their sexual demands and believe that aphrodisiac does work to improve their sex drive and enrich their performance.

And when your sexual performance is not par excellence, you are about to ruin your sexual life as you fail to ensure sexual happiness and pleasure to her. For many couples around the world sex is the only reason to solidify their relationship, and long-term happiness. But, when one is affected by sexual dysfunction and has no interest in sexual activity, it ruins everything in a relationship.

A retrospective study in 2015 examined several review reports on sexual dysfunctions involving both the genders.
Upon reviewing these scientific reviews, the researchers came to the conclusion and published their report in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine. They reported that most of the women’s sexual dysfunctions are related to lack of desire and arousal dysfunctions. At the same time, women are twice as likely to confront multiple sexual dysfunctions.

And for men, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions are to blame for their sexual dysfunctions. Both these sexual difficulties are a key to deprive men of a great sexual pleasure.
So far, these aphrodisiac agents are effective in boosting sexual desire and improving performances. It is worth finding if these herbs can combat the issue of impotence in men.

For time immemorial, the need of intimacy through quenching the thirst of sexual appetite is central to procreation only as a religious issue. And an aphrodisiac is a highly sought after agent to contribute to this purpose, and elicit desires in both men and women to maintain their potency. 

As mentioned earlier, sexual dysfunction does not allow one to achieve a normal sexual intercourse due to a number of difficulties like erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation and also arousal difficulties, including compulsive sexual behavior.

While impotence is a sexual barrier, depriving one of all pleasure and orgasmic bliss, finding a way to this problem becomes inevitable. Way back in 1990s, when the first pharmacologically approved drug to address impotence, Viagra introduced, it created a huge public attention as the search for sexual boost is the primary geteway for every human being. Although Viagra (sildenafil) is available everywhere, the quest for herbal aphrodisiac is still on and most popular since they are less harmful and believed to be effective to cure the symptoms of impotence.

Causes Of Impotence
Sexual dysfunction is prevalent in 10-52% of men and 25-63% of women, making it one of the largest medical and social conditions.

Among different sexual dysfunctions, ED is considered to be one of the leading causes of male impotence that appear to be a huge public health concern as it affects a great number of men. ED is the sole reason why men cannot achieve and maintain an erection to continue satisfactory sexual functions with their partners. As per reports, an average of 20-30 million men suffers some form of erectile dysfunction all across the world.

Younger individuals are less likely to suffer from this sexual dysfunction, but middle aged and older men are supposed to fall victim to this complication.

There are various reasons that contribute to ED in men.

As many as 50% of men with the symptoms of diabetes mellitus develops the conditions of ED, and the condition leads them to suffer from a permanent impotence.
As with many health complications, the most common health concerns leading to ED are atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, which are prevalent in 40% of older men aged more than 50 years.  There are more to the conditions of ED such as lipid problems, diabetes, alcohol consumptions and smoking. Problems associated with endocrine disorders like low level of testosterone and thyroid can result in ED problems. A wide range of pelvic surgery like prostate operation, bladder and bowel operations cause ED. At the same time, a direct injury to the perineum of the penis can contribute the problems of ED. Rather than these, there are several psychological factors contributing to the concerns of ED, including brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, seizures and some neurological disorders are associated with ED too.  

Process Involved With Penile Erection
The penis gets erect when there is an arousal due to stimuli from various sources, including mind, audio and olfactory. The stimuli activate the central nervous system and send a trigger to the penis once the Nitrate Oxide is released. This causes your penis to get erect. However, when you are affected by ED, no stimuli work and deprive you of getting an erection and enjoying a sexual pleasure.

In a recent study in Boston, it reported that 52% of men suffer from some level of erectile dysfunctions. On the other hand, enhanced sexual conduct can improve sexual relationship between couples and ensure sexual satisfaction between them. Since aphrodisiac is associated with improving libido and increasing the sexual performance, the pursuit of hunting herbal ingredients has been in practice for centuries. On the other hand, since aphrodisiac does not contribute to severe side-effects like drugs and pills, they are highly sought-after.

These days, a wide range of male performance enhancement products available over-the-counter are believed to contain the properties of aphrodisiacs. And now the question is- are these aphrodisiacs found in herbs and foods effective enough to address one’s sexual dysfunctions and restore their sexual stamina and vitality?
Different Sources of Aphrodisiac Properties
We already have known that aphrodisiac is an agent that stimulates one’s sexual appetite and improve libido. It can constitute any agents like very common spices, herbs, animal organs and even insects.
According to the Food and Drug Administration, any products that claim to improve the sexual desire or arousal and improve sexual performance through its labeling is said to be an aphrodisiac.
Despite being cultured over centuries and instilled with strong cultural beliefs, aphrodisiac has very little evidence to prove its efficacy.
And some of the properties of aphrodisiac can pose risks to health. One such product is Yohimbine, extracted from the West African Yohimbe tree is believed to worsen health conditions by exposing one to cardiovascular disease and seizures. The ill-effects of yohimbine extract on health have been long reported by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.
Whether aphrodisiac offers any effective results or not, a few studies are working their way up to prove their efficacy and safety.

Let’s start from very common household grocery items to herbs and over-the-counter products.

While talking about aphrodisiac foods that first come to our mind are the foods that represent genitalia. The very first is egg, including that of celery, onions and celery.  The next food comes from the marine world. Yes, you guess it right. The clams and oyster are believed to contain aphrodisiac properties for their texture and shape. Oyster contains the highest grade of zinc, which naturally misses from our regular diet. So, this can be a good option to make our nutritionally deficient diet a healthy one by incorporating oyster in it. The diet can make us healthy, as well as improve our overall sexual health to improve our performance.

You may have not noticed that spicy foods are linked to increasing one’s sexual drive. That’s because they contain capsaicin found in cayenne pepper. Consuming this ingredient works as a stimulant, and reflects the similar reaction such as fast heart beat, sweating as occurred during a sexual performance.

Have you ever eaten okra? It is full of rich magnesium and zinc and folate that act as a stimulant and set your heart racing drenched in high libido.

Exotic Plant Extracts or Herbal Aphrodisiac To Address Impotence

Ginseng and Gingko
Although yohimbine lacks a robust data to validate its efficacy as an aphrodisiac, ginkgo and ginseng, horny goat weed, maca, and Tribulus have some validation from expert authorities to prove their efficacy.
Being an exotic plant extract, the first herb that claims to have an aphrodisiac property and known to be associated with love is nothing but ginseng. The word ginseng means ‘man root’. There are several studies that prove efficacy of sexual stimulants of this herb in an animal. However, no such reports have been ever made to prove its effect on humans.
Whatever, for some statistics means nothing and they love to follow their hearts as Ginseng looks like just the human body, so it is highly considered as an aphrodisiac.

This herb is believed to stimulate the blood flow to the genitals , and thus improving sex drive and sexual performance. Besides this, some placebo-controlled studies claim that ginseng is effective in improving erectile dysfunctions in men. Simultaneously, this herb is aimed at improving sex drive and arousal in menopausal women.

For some, ginseng actually works as an aphrodisiac as it affects the functions of the central nervous system, and thus stimulating the hormones.
Whereas ginkgo is concerned, it offers the same functions as ginseng and boosts your sexual desires. It is useful in improving sexual functions in both men and women, yet it is not supported by any well-structured study.

For many people, ginkgo is better to use, but it can cause the risks of excessive bleeding for some. It also contributes to minor gastrointestinal symptoms.

Maca Root And Tribulus Terrestris
Maca that grows in the Andes foothill is believed to stimulate one’s libido and improve sexual functions, including help with erectile dysfunctions.
A study in rodent proves the efficacy of this herb, and another study on the same category fails to prove its effectiveness.

Tribulus Terrestris works as a natural steroid hormone for containing a compound known as dehydroepiandrosterone. This herb is used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.  A study on rodents proved that this herb is linked to increasing the volume of sperm counts after the supplementations.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum or Safed Musli
The extract of this tuberous plant is used as a great source of aphrodisiac. This herbal root has been in use for centuries to contain a wide range of adaptogenic and immunomodulatory properties. These properties are believed to address many complications related to ED such impotence, sterility and also improve sex drive.

The extract of the root of the C.Borivilianum has been tested in rodents to prove its effectiveness on sexual behavior. When compared to the untreated animals, the study claimed to improve the sexual behavior in those rodents by improving their penile erections, and increasing the volume of testosterone in them. The study, therefore establishes a scientific basis that the herb offers its usefulness for correcting ED, and restoring its traditional usage.
Another study reported that CB improved the sperm counts in rats, and also addresses the issues of premature ejaculation.

Eurocoma longifolia  
Referred to as tongkat ali, this herb is believed to increase the stamina and virility in men during sexual activities. The plant contains various properties like methanol, butanol, and chloroform prove to stimulate sexual behavior and reinstates potency in the tested rats. Hence, the result of the test proves the aphrodisiac potency in those tested rodents.
Other than these, there are organic aphrodisiac elements and many foods that arouse your sexual senses.

However, the extracts of the natural supplements from the medicinal plants are  highly sought after by the people over the centuries for offering fewer negative health effects as opposed to the available drugs in the medicine shops. So far, all of these botanical plants with aphrodisiac properties are believed to contain some level of true aphrodisiac properties that address impotence to some length. However, a lack of data and proper mechanism of the usage of these herbs, they pose a threat to human life. Hence, we can demand more robust clinical data to be available so as to make the usage of these herbs easy and effective on sexual dysfunctions.

And we can receive a fruitful result of these aphrodisiac plant materials.