Ways to last longer in bed.

Let the sparks fly tonight and get her in the mood for an all nighter. If there is one thing she might be looking for, it is probably more sex. So give her just that by using the following ways to last longer in the bedroom:

1) Cowgirl position
Letting her climb on top would be a good idea as this way there is less stimulation to your penis. You want to ask her to take her time and go slowly as fast and longer thrusting can become a hazard to the sexual endurance of a man. Another thing that is known to work is entering your partner and then staying still so that your penis can get feel the warmth and wetness inside. 
2) The start stop technique
This technique involves having your partner stimulate you until you can feel yourself close to an orgasm and then asking them to stop. It would take approximately 15 seconds for your sexual tension to ease down there and then you can continue. Another thing that could help is by numbering your arousal as a number 10 and no arousal as number 0 and keep letting her know what you are at in order to let her know when she needs to stop.

3) Breathing from the belly
Fast and shallow breathing relates to the feeling of ejaculation, so you should try to calm yourself down with slow and deep breaths. In this manner you can reduce the anxiety that leads to the point of pressure. Try breathing through your belly, i.e; ensure that while you breathe, your belly rises before your chest does. You can combine it with the start stop technique for better results. Some yoga breathing styles are known to help as well. 

4) Do it in intervals
Once you are done arousing her through oral stimulation, you can begin to stimulate her clitoris by riding the shaft of your penis through the lips of her vulva, without actually entering her. This will keep her stimulated, giving her immense pleasure. After doing this for a few minutes, begin to press the head of your penis into the entrance of her clitoris. You can even rub your glans against it. You want to linger at the vaginal entrance because that is where the most sensitive nerve endings are present. 
While having intercourse, you want to focus more on the small, shallow thrusts in which you penetrate the first few inches of her vagina. When you feel yourself getting close to an orgasm, pull back and regain your self-control. Once you have it, enter her again. Changing positions might also be helpful.

5) Don’t think about it
There is a whole part of the brain that engages in the arrival of an orgasm. So the more you think about it, the more likely it is to come. Focus instead on other things, like the smoothness of her skin against yours and you can help delay what’s coming. Talk to your partner, lighten up the stress. Maybe even crack a joke, make her laugh.

6) Using sex toys
While you regain your composure, why leave your woman disappointed? Incorporate some sex toys to keep her engaged as well. You should keep in handy a dildo or vibrator, anything that could be of help. Use it to keep her stimulated until you are game again. You can enter her once you are both close to climax and then finish off together. 

7) Masturbate beforehand
You don’t want to go out there with a loaded gun. So masturbate one or two hours ahead of bedtime and this will make it harder for you to have a quick orgasm. Both of you can slowly build up to an orgasm with the help of foreplay and slow, intimate love making. Having masturbated beforehand gives you a sense of composure and you will no longer be in a hurry to finish off. In this way, you can pace yourself better and be able to synchronize with your partner as well.

8) Trying something new and exciting
When you have been with a partner for long, you can anticipate their sexual positions and moves to come and this makes coming to an orgasm a quick process. There are a number of tips and tricks to learn and they are all over over the internet. When you try new moves and positions, it keeps you distracted as the sensations are new and nothing you have experienced before. This will delay climax effectively and you have a sure shot at lasting longer.

9) Using thicker condoms
Using a condom is always advisable for safer sex and in this case it also helps dull sensations and make you less sensitive which helps delay climax. Just make sure to find something that fits you the best and it will be sure to work. Avoid doubling up on condoms, it will only lead to issues such as losing two condoms in the vagina. 

10) Keep going
That’s right. Keep going even after you have had an orgasm. Maybe switch to some foreplay, but don’t stop. Soon you will get another arousal and the second time would be a charmer. You will automatically last longer as you have recently had an orgasm. This way you keep it coming and never let down your girl. Give her an oral, even be on the receiving end of it, whatever keeps you both going. Before you know it, you’ll be a hit, as far as lasting long is concerned.

With the above methods in mind, master your sexual skills and become a sex god. You are not alone in this, and there is a solution to every problem. You can even take up pelvic exercises to help cure the issue of premature ejaculation. You can even do these while sitting at your desk at work. All you need to do is apply some pressure between your tailbones and genitals. Squeeze gently and let the results speak for themselves. Also, always remember to take things slow and steady!