Stimulate Her Clitoris Well

In most of the sex related articles that you read on the internet, you will find the clitoris of a woman being referred to as a button or a nub. But what most of you might not know is that it being the tiny bump that it is can lead her to the best orgasms she can possibly have. And you can take her there!

The clitoris, being about 4 inches in length wraps around her vagina in the shape of a wishbone. Meaning, that you have plenty of length to work with and many ways to stimulate what happens to be the most sensitive body part of a woman. The penetration that she enjoys during sex is not necessarily enough to make her climax. As a matter of fact, only a quarter of women out there can reach an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. The rest of them need some kind of clitoral stimulation. The most important thing is to be able to locate her clitoris. It is present right at the top of the vulva, directly under the spot where her inner labia come together to a meeting point. It is the most sensitive part of her body and hence a majority of women prefer to be stimulated either in or around it instead of having it touched directly. However, if you want to know how she likes it, all you have to do is ask her. 
With the tips and tricks that we shall equip you with by the end of this article, you can without a doubt become the best lover she has ever had.

1)Stroking the shaft
Instead of aiming directly for the nub, you can instead try stimulating the area right above her glans, also known as the shaft of her clitoris which lies pretty close to the skin down there, so close that you can even feel it, almost like a tiny cord. As soon as you get there, begin making back and forth motions using your tongue or fingers and rub around the spot in circles using your index and middle fingers. 

2)Stimulating her mons
The mons pubis, or mons, for short is the triangular area where her pubic hair grows. By gently pressing down on it, you will be able to stimulate the internal parts of her clitoris. As you play with her glans, try pushing the heel of your hand into her mons. Even while having sex, pressing down on her mons can make her reach closer to the edge.

3)Sucking and nibbling
Instead of plain old licking, get your tongue and lips into motion and use them to suck on her clitoris. Her entire vulva is full of sensitive nerve fibres. As you suck on her glans or the mound and nibble lightly on the inner and outer labia or even as you suck on them, it can effectively stimulate those nerve endings and take her over the edge.

4)Drawing around circles
Based on several surveys, it was found that around 75 percent of women like it when men trace circles around their clits while going down on them. This can be done with the use of your fingers or your tongue, or even both. 

5)The hinting technique
As you draw around in circles down her clit, try putting your focus mainly on the area near her clitoris and even drawing nearby from time to time in order to score a direct touch with it. According to surveys, 70 percent of women liked this technique. Without directly touching the clitoris, use a finger or two to flick around on it. When you see her nearing to the edge, continue stroking with consistency to take her there.

6)Try playing the harmonica
While you drive her to the point of climax, put in some oral vibration to add to her experience. In order to do this, shape your lips in the form of an O and pull her clit into your mouth. Then as you suck on it, make humming sounds as you would while playing a harmonica and let her feel some wet and warm vibrations along with your oral stimulation which might work to take her over the edge.

7)Use some waterworks
We are not referring to squirting. This technique is something that most girls have used as teenagers while masturbating in the privacy of their bathrooms. Just grab a hand shower and let her legs become wet as you spray them with water, then move towards her clitoris and stimulate her using the water stream and apply some back and forth motions and ask her where the pressure feels best and make one of her wettest dreams come true.

8)Using your personal massager
Nope, not an actual massager, your penis will do just fine. Playing around with her clit might have left you with a boner and you can bring it to use by rubbing it against her clit. You can do it while laying down in a side by side position or while you are on top of her by grabbing the tip of your penis and using it to gently apply pressure on her clit and rubbing it back and forth. You can even make her get a hold on your penis and ask her to use it as she likes thinking of it as a sex toy.

You can also involve some sex toys which are meant for couples and make her wear it during intercourse so you can also take pleasure from the vibration. You can even get a remote vibrator so you can make her squirm while you are miles away from her. If she feels too sensitive in being touched directly at the spot, you can try to stimulate her inner labia instead. While you touch or suck on her inner lips, it also gently pulls her clitoris and she will definitely be enjoying that. Now that you know these secrets, just go ahead and apply them on your partner and take her for a trip to paradise!