Steps to Mind-Blowing Foreplay


Wonderful Steps to Mind-Blowing Foreplay and Escalating Main-Course

Wouldn’t you want her to feel aroused and sumptuous around you? How about meeting a fabulous and charming love lady? Well, don’t look around and make your own partner open-up for you. Arousing her skin-sensitivity will definitely make her up for anything. Usually, this fosters the hormone production in the body which is called as “oxytocin”. In simple language, it is called a bonding hormone. Unless both of you want a “quickie”, some slow seduction will make your lady sway in your love.

Titillate her Skin Sensitivity
Working on skin sensitivity will require you to find her “lust lines”. As per the beliefs of ancient oriental, both men and women have lust lines which run from earlobe towards the neck. 

Secret Tip: Delicately stroke her earlobe and peck some fine kisses on the back of the neck, to give a nice tingling sensation down to her clitoris.

One lust line also runs through her ring finger of the left hand. You can take her ring finger and caress it while kissing her. Slowly, move towards the palm and make a circle on her palm. Do everything while kissing, as she would melt like a hot chocolate. Her skin will be aroused and every touch of yours will make her even more sensitive.

Show her More of Your Sensitive Side
It is important for a woman to feel connected with the man. To undergo an arousing sexual experience, it is important to show her your careful and delicate side. If a woman sees that a man has a sensitive side, along with being passionate and sexy, she feels more aroused and connected. A brilliant way to show her this is to offer to caress her with a sensuous shampooing. Spoil her with a slow and erotic shampooing.

Start with making her comfortable with a chair backed up with cushions and towels. Comfortably, stroke and caress her hair with sweet smelling shampoo. While doing it, you can also make her sit in a sudsy bath. Take your own time and carefully comb her wet hair. Spoil her some more with soft touches. She will feel so sensuous that, she will want to roll into silky sheets and give you some exciting romp.

Make her Feel Your Masculine Side
After this long and amazing interplay, she may find you heavenly attractive. She will be eager to sleep with you. But, if it is the very first close interaction, do not expect to happen everything magically. She can be hugely nervous by this extra care. Give it some time and keep the room lights dim. See, if she is feeling happy about all the care. While you undress her, you can take charge in a masculine way. It should be more like helping her undress and unbutton. Do not just stare at her, as she may make her feel nervous and being analyzed. If she feels shy, appreciate her rather than analyzing her.

Honey for Honey
Honey is the sweetest beast you can invite in your couple night. It is sweet-tasting and healthy for your health being. Make her lie on her back and dip your finger in some sweet runny honey. Smooth it all over her vagina lips and then gently kiss them gently. Such as some of the honey and lie down on your back. Ask her to crouch, so that those last drops of honey fall into your lips as you slowly flick her lips.

Act Clever with Her Clitoris
Most of the men mistake thinking that, stimulating the clitoris is the panacea to turn on all women. But, is that the case? Certainly not! A method to really excite her at the time of foreplay is to put your fingertips about an inch above her clitoris. This area is called “pubic mound”. Just use your index and middle finger while pushing them into this plump mound. Do it with the help of your fingertips pads. Make small circular motions while keeping your fingertip pressure intact.

While you are kissing her and keeping her close, this sensuous stimulation will make her go mad wanting more of it. Send some thrills to her through her clitoral arms. Touching her pubic mound in this way stimulates her labia. Keep making those soft pressured circles until she shivers and can’t take it anymore. 

Make her Feel Gaped
Move away from the usual and ordinary thrusting process. This time, play differently while using your penis like a sex toy. Once, you are done with the “conventional” in-and-out thrusting style, breathe and stop. Let her delve into some anticipation. Start all over again, by slowly circling your hips. This will make your penis circle around inside her pussy. In short, you will be skimming all of her inner vagina surfaces. Instead of the usual in and out pushing, this will be the maximum pleasure level for both you.

Often, foreplay is left behind or does not get enough of credit, time and attention. A research-based in Journal of Sexual Research suggests that the ideal duration for foreplay amidst heterosexual couples was 20 minutes. Most of the participants pointed out that, rather they spend usually half of this time. This step is mostly neglected in most of the sexual escapades. However, this can be a way to even more pleasurable and satisfying foreplay. Although, the main course doesn’t always mean intercourse! 

“The key to good foreplay is actually doing it for long enough. However long you think you should spend on foreplay, double it at least”.

Women’s biggest turn on is feeling safe and realize that they can actually open up!