Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

It can get pretty frustrating when your penis decides to refrain from doing its job when you most need it to. According to an american study, around 85 percent of men aged between 20 and 39 claim to be able to get an maintain an erection, which leaves the rest of the 15 percent with a tough time getting a hard on. Another result from the same study, for men aged between 40 to 59 suggested that only 20 percent of them were able to get hard enough for sex. 
Even though it is hard to predict the occurence of an erection at any given time, here are some things that you can do to make them as healthy and strong as they can get:
1) Working out
You want to spend quite some time hitting the gym and doing cardio exercises. According to urologists, the process that affects erections the most is blood flow. An aerobic exercise can really encourage healthier erections. While running and jogging would definitely offer great help, it is advised to keep off of bikes as spending a long time on the bike seats can be problematic for people facing problems such as erectile dysfunction. Tight shorts should also be avoided.

2) Quit smoking
In a study performed on a group of smokers as well as non smokers it was found that people who did not smoke rated their sex lives to be twice as good as the ones who smoked. Smoking is known to be a cause of impotence among men and research even suggests that smoking has a direct effect on the strength and size of erections. It can cause damage to blood vessels along with harming the penile tissue, preventing it from being able to stretch and as a result making it less elastic. 

3) Drink some coffee
According to a study, it was found that men consuming 2 to 3 cups of caffeine happened to be less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction when compared to men who did not consume any caffeine containing products.
4) Consider getting a vasectomy
If you are done having children or sure of the fact that you don’t want any, consider getting the sperm bank done with once and for all. The risk of the failure of contraceptives doing their job can create a high level of anxiety in men, especially the ones who have had related disasters or scares previously. That anxiety alone can lead to problems like erectile dysfunction, adding performance anxiety to the list. With the vasectomy performed, you can be stress free about getting your partner pregnant and not need to worry about protected sex.

5) Staying faithful
Men who cheat on their partners can develop a condition where they have a hard time getting an erection. So much so that when being treated for erectile dysfunction, one of the questions asked by the doctor is whether the man is sleeping with multiple partners. Cheating on your partner makes you feel a certain amount of guilt and that guilt can easily turn into anxiety which can make it tough for you to get a hard on.

6) Get in shape
Diabetes can be a major boner killer. As it turns out, more than 50 percent of men who are diagnosed with diabetes have been found out to be impotent. It causes double trouble down there as it slows the transmission of stimuli travelling through your nerves in your entire body and also causes arterial disease. It basically leaves the penis numb. Staying fit and keeping your weight in check is the best way to avoid diabetes and the problems that come along. If you already have been diagnosed with it, it would be best to keep your blood sugar in check. 

7) At ease, soldier
You want to take things nice and easy while you are thrusting during intercourse. With one misplaced thrust you can risk rupturing the corposa cavernosa which runs along the entire length of your penis. One rough thrust against your partner’s cervix is equivalent to driving your erect penis into the trunk of a tree. An actual case of rupture requires immediate attention or else there is a chance of permanent damage resulting from internal bleeding. A partial tear though not as fatal, can still cause problems in the long run. Even as the tissues heal, they end up losing their elasticity which can lead to all sorts of problems such as pain, curvature of the penis and impotence. More than one third of the men who are impotent claim to have suffered from penile trauma.

8) Get walking
According to a study it was found that men walking for as much as two miles per day happened to have half the risk of getting erectile dysfunction and similar problems as compared to men who did not burn enough calories. Weak erections can result from deposits that stiffen the penile arteries and cause them to become clogged. The linings of the blood vessels down there need to function in a healthy state in order to be able to produce strong erections. When you include time for exercise in your schedule and make your lifestyle healthier, everything becomes more flexible.

9) Yawning helps
According to what happens in the background when you either get an erection or yawn, they happen to be pretty much the same. Both of these things get controlled by the chemical nitric oxide. Once it gets released from the brain, it either travels to mouth opening where the breathing takes place or it travels down to the blood vessels present around the penis. When both these things happen together, you can even feel a tremor down there as you experience a big yawn. So allow yourself to yawn when you must.

10) Getting sufficient sleep
While sleeping you can have erections for as long as three to four hours. These erections basically work as a recharging phenomenon for your penis, giving it the oxygenated blood it needs and keeping it nourished. It helps make things more flexible. So you might as well try and get as much sleep as you can.