Sex with your ex-girl friend

Having sex with an ex-girlfriend is always cherished and appreciated. Find out why we want it so badly, and read about the perfect times to have sex with an ex and the imperfect times when we should avoid it.
We develop a special sentimental attachment to an ex-girlfriend and every time we meet one our hearts are kindled with moist love. And there's also the intense spark of lust that springs up if you meet an ex after ages. You may think of this as selfishness which could ruin relationships especially depending on your wife's response. If she doesn't find it upsetting and threatening, then there's potential for learning and growing."
On paper, it's all incredibly healthy and mature. Practically, our shortcomings will be evaluated, one by one, by your wife and the women who could be would-be-wife or those who decided against it.
"You can't evaluate your past behavior in a vacuum," says Breines. "What you're like in a given relationship depends on a lot of what that relationship is like and what your partner is like. In a past relationship, your partner could have opted to remain very distant or your partner was too talkative and never gave you a chance to talk.
We've all thought about it. Ex-girlfriends have a unique allure, whether you bumped into her randomly in a bar, or very deliberately on Facebook. You would prefer to have sex with a particular ex-girlfriend due to your current relationship status which is awkward to admit. You have her details including her name and some specific occasions could be recalled with her in graphic details. The sound she made; the look on her face; what she was or wasn't wearing at the time. Regardless of what prompted you to start thinking about it, once you do it's hard to stop. Trust me.

Relationship with an Ex
But with an ex, all that hard work has already been done. Compatibility along the way to sex is already defined with least barriers even though self-consciousness and a bit of occasional embarrassment could hold you back. You know what really turns her on. There is far less confusion involved.
The excuse could be to get more sex ie rekindling old flames for sexual gain more often. There is a fascination for Fiona wearing nothing but a bobble hat from old experience and would love to know whether she is as sexy as before. I tried Fiona first out of my past girlfriends with a period of four weeks. I start off by texting Fiona.
"Sleeping with an ex is a means of exercising some type of control. It's a way of circumventing the threat of rejection and the vulnerability that may come with pursuing someone new." Or, as Mike Lousada, a second sex therapist I consult about the proposition, puts it, "You could call it going for the low-hanging fruit. It requires minimum effort with the potential for high returns. And if you do happen to get rejected you typically won't feel too bad, as you probably didn't have any high expectations in the first place."
It does make a lot of sense but it's still a false start. I write down a list of all my other exes and realize that they can all be simply categorized by how things ended. Some of the relations would have just amicably finished off, or simply dying off for one reason or another. And there are those that ended less so, exploding in a tirade of vitriol and/or betrayal.

Sexual attraction and exes
You know how it feels; a simple touch can be electrifying. Your favorite ex-girlfriend from your college days could still make you shiver with weak legs. Imagine you bump into the same person tonight, and guess what, that person has now become one of the hottest things in the room. What do you do after you say hello, hug and grab a drink? Would you be able to resist having sex with an ex, if there's no one to hold you back?

Having sex with an ex
Sex with ex-girlfriend should be avoided only if inevitable as much as possible as if from the horse's mouth. It's hard enough to stay friends after a breakup. It's not worth it to jeopardize a good memory on something like a hook-up. Illicit sexual relationships and Hook-ups tend to mess your relationships a lot more, and it can also hold you back from getting involved in your meaningful relationships.
The issue can get a lot worse if you're already in love with someone else. Have you to always think twice before dating your ex as your new love interest is making you fall into the lusty fling of an ex?

Having an affair with an ex
When you break up with someone, you're trying to take a step forward and move on in life. Trying to have a have sex with an ex is very easy, but it's also madness.
Not only would it make you feel guilty, it can also confuse you. On one hand, you'd think about an ex with whom the sex felt so good it makes you want to cry. You should have no other interest other than having sex when you pursue an affair with an ex. It's not ethical, but it's the hair of the horny dog.
If you do not have any emotional relationship with this ex and if you are desperate for sex then you may believe like others that it's acceptable to have sex with an ex. In this case, you could call your ex and try hooking up, but be sure this is not a regular practice. And don't have sex with your ex if you're seeing someone else. It's never really worth it. And you'd realize how stupid you've been the second both of you have orgasms in bed.

When is having sex with an ex-hot?
For a single guy with no family attachments, and the ex-girlfriend also being single the relation with an ex might be acceptable. You can say goodbye to sexual frustrations easily.And it makes things easier.
Hooking up with someone new just for recreational values can be quite long and winding. But with an ex, both of you know exactly what the other person wants, and you can skip the part where you run around trees and get straight to bed.
You should have the perfect mix of pleasure and security while indulging in sex with an ex with whom you come intimately having good knowledge and trust. You're not treading on any new ground, you know what to expect, and you like that.

When is having sex with an ex not hot?
An affair and sex with an ex may start well but will never end up as sweet and enjoyable as you think, so better be careful to set out for such a relation. An attachment left with an ex would always leave you with mixed feelings like chemicals in our bodies, or even something deeper.
You know that the relationship cannot go well even though you try your best to fall in love with your ex again. You may end up with a prolonged affair with the ex unless at some point you decide which is better for you, your present partner or ex. You always bear in mind that we are referring to your ex-girlfriend. There's a reason the relationship didn't work out the first time around.
It takes a certain amount of control to judge a sex buddy ie. ex-lover as something purely physical and nothing more. A passionate relationship followed by multitude family problems can develop from a preliminary or occasional hook up now and then. And let's face it; do you really think you can survive the romance together with all the differences coming up all over again?

Are you fu*king or falling in love?
It's not easy to leave emotions out of the picture. Walking out of your ex's bedroom may not be that easy as if you are like James Bond with one of his lusty women who can just swing, jump and walk away without a second look. Feelings and hopes of a second chance start springing up now and then, and with each round of good sex, you can't help but think "hey, the sex is awesome, should I give this relationship another go?"
Are both of you surely out of love? Fat chances are, one of you may still be in love with other, and keep it a secret. Your sort of relationship can turn out to be very nasty when you try to have more contact with an ex which leads up to break-ups for one partner. With an ex, the chances for old wounds to open up is very high and left wondering "are we having a fling or have we got back together?!"

Sex with an ex, – The verdict
There could be several snappy reactions in an affair even though having sex with an ex is hot and everything else that's exceptionally good.
Before venturing out into a relationship with the ex, contemplate on what made you break up the first time. Avoid looking over your ex as sex toys, but just as friends. Even though things may start well,  a few passionate nights together in bed could bring back the old unpleasant memories which would remind that you never had a proper love affair.
Think of all pros and cons and if there is nothing to lose, then only attempt to have sex with an ex. Otherwise, keep a safe distance between your privates for long-term peace of mind.  It is safer to keep your privates away from each other for long-term peace of mind.  
Suppose your wife is having a phone talk with your ex whom you dumped years back and you are walking into the room.
They could be seriously discussing your shortfalls which can lead to a very desperate situation.