Sex tips all women wish you knew

When it comes to sex, all women wish their partner knew what they want from them. While we have come a long way, honest conversations about sex and mutual satisfaction still remain awkward topics to broach. And that is why we bring to you this list of things that most women wish you knew:

1) Ten thrusts rule 
This trick is about making best possible use of your impact. The first two to three inches of the vagina are most sensitive. So that is where you need to put your maximum attention. You want to give her nine shallow, slow thrusts and then follow it by one deep thrust, to maximize the pleasure.

2) Speed it up
Not the thrusts, speed up the foreplay. Women around the world have reportedly stopped their partners in the middle of oral stimulation due to the fact that it was taking too long to reach climax. So speed things up by using not one but two fingers, preferably the index and middle finger. With them inside, pleasure her clitoris alternating between using your thumb or your tongue.

3) Sleeping face-down
Studies have shown that sleeping with the stomach down and with hands above the head makes people have sexual dreams, which increases the chances of waking up horny in the middle of the night. You should both sleep in this manner for best results. Get ready for a 3 am encore. 

4) Clever positioning
Sex is not all about the thrusting. On an average, men thrust for about 3 to 7 minutes before they reach climax. According to research, this time period is barely enough to even arouse a woman properly. So you need to position yourself cleverly in order to get the maximum out of the thrusts. You want to thrust towards her G-spot to give proper stimulation. Your aim should be to press your body down, instead of towards her. This way you end up squeezing your urethra, which further helps in delaying your ejaculation.

5) Cover all the angles
At the time of an oral, don’t just lick her up and down. You want to move your tongue left to right on the clitoral walls and move around in circles. The sensitive nerve endings present down there aren’t distributed evenly, so the best you can do is play safe and cover maximum ground.

6) Be attentive
Women can end up losing an orgasm midway if you don’t give it to her right. When she starts to climax, keep doing what you are doing to make her reach it. Don’t move, but when she moves, let her adjust herself to where your touch feels the best, so let her guide you and just pay attention to her needs and you will never go wrong.

7) An all rounder
To maximize her chances of reaching an orgasm, you want to mix up multiple ways of getting her there. This can be done using multiple sexual acts in one session. You could begin with dirty talking, and then follow it with sensual foreplay. During intercourse, you should include at least one position that involves eye contact and one that involves clitoral stimulation. You can spice things up in the missionary position by asking her to put her legs together after you have entered her. This will increase friction and bring more pleasure.

8) Effective sexting
The sensuality of a random sext is about as much as that of a dry hump. To really get her to feel it, text her reminding her about the last time when she initiated things. Don’t forget to include details. Tell her what she did, walk her through it, tell her how she smelled, tell her what she was wearing that night, and most importantly how much you enjoyed it. This will not only get her in the mood but also ensure that you get another round of initiation from her side coupled with all the things you like, the next time you meet her. 

9) Straight out of the shower
There is something about the element of surprise that women just can’t help but melt over. Catch her when she gets out of the shower and kiss her like you can’t help keep your hands off of her. A quick quickie post shower is enough to make her day and leave her wanting more.

10) Getting handy
Use your hands well. Be it any position, you can always give her that extra stimulation she needs using your hands. Graze your fingers against her thighs, back, anywhere she seems to enjoy being touched. Use your thumbs to give her additional stimulation around the clitoris.

11) Through your eyes
Grab her from behind as she stands in front of a mirror, and kiss her as you slowly undress her. Seeing herself like that will turn her on more than any kind of porn ever can. 

12) Put on some music
Music and sex appeal go hand in hand. Find a track with explicit lyrics to let her know what you have in mind and then play it while you are at it to get her in the mood. 

13) Leaving a reminder
To give her a subconscious reminder of old times, such as when you first started seeing each other, spray some aftershave or deodorant that you wore at the time so she wakes up to that memory, wanting to recreate it when you get home.

14) Stimulating the G spot
G-spot stimulation is more about direct pressure than rubbing, like in case of the clitoris. Curl your fingers to form a C shape, and enter her using your thumb. Using rocking motions, apply pressure for 2-3 seconds, then release. Repeat until she reaches climax.

15) Using your tongue right
Don’t just lick from the tip of your tongue, use the sides as well as the underside during oral sex. It will be way more stimulating for her.

Now that you know the little secrets, go ahead and rock her world! She will be wanting a repeat session in no time!