Sex Positions She Hates

Want to know what sex positions your partner hates but will never speak about? Read along to find out. 
Now you need to brace yourself because you might not like the results of a survey that was done over 1200 women about the sex position that they like the least. And it turns out that the most common moves that men include in their sex routine like reverse cowgirl, doggy style and 69 have unfortunately been rated as the worst sex positions. While men mostly rely on these standard moves as they are easy and feel good, as it turns out, the women have been cursing them the whole time. 
Down below are the most disliked sex positions and some tips that might come in handy the next time you set out on satisfying her sex drive.
Doggy Style
Why she dislikes it? It’s because it’s painful. This could be because of the fact that you might be ramming into her cervix which is also one of the reasons why deep penetration hurts more than you would think. Also, if you fully remove yourself before entering her again, it’s hard for her to stay lubricated. Women have aslo accused this position of not being intimate enough. Most women are often looking for a certain amount of connection when it comes to sex. You might be having a great view of her from the behind but her view of the bed isn’t quite as exciting. 
How can it be fixed? In order to prevent things from getting painful, you want to keep your thrusts shallow and short instead of going deep and fast. Shallow thrusting will help stimulate the most sensitive parts of her vagina. As far as intimacy is concerned, you might want to involve things like running your hands down her body, and leaning forward to kiss her neck or suck on it. Don’t forget about paying attention to her most sensitive areas. Give her some clitoral stimulation as well.You might also want to stock up on some lube as it will help make things smoother and pain free.

Her on top
Why she dislikes it? Women are more self aware and conscious of themselves than men. With her on top, she might feel insecure about the kind of view you would be getting of her breasts and tummy. While you may think that she looks great, she will still be constantly aware of these things which end up making her uncomfortable. And she won’t be able to have a good time solely because of that.  
How can it be fixed? You can switch instead to a sideways position with her lying on her back or her side, while you raise one leg and get to work. Ease inside her with you forming a 90 degree angle while positioned between her legs.

Reverse cowgirl
Why she dislikes it? Everything doesn’t quite fit when she is riding in reverse and maybe that is why it is harder for her to reach an orgasm in that manner. As adventurous and exciting as it may seem, the curvature of your penis might not coincide with the angle of her vagina. It is not just harmful for her but you too as bending your penis too far at the base can be dangerous for it, so avoid it at all costs.
How can it be fixed? If you like it because of the view from behind, you might want to consider switching to doggy style. And if you want to keep things naughty, take the doggy style out of bed and go stand in front of a mirror. Placing her hands on the mirror, have her bend forward as you take her from behind. You can stimulate her the way you want and you also get the added bonus of having a mirror to look at yourselves while you drive each other nuts.

Why she dislikes it? Probably because it isn’t hitting all those spots that it is supposed to be hitting. And if by chance you happen to be on the smaller side of the size spectrum, this move just isn’t meant to accentuate your size. 
How can it be fixed? You can try the Coital Allignment Technique, also known as CAT. It is a position that is similar to missionary, but instead of being chest to chest, you are chest to shoulder, which gives you more access and better allignment. 
With her legs maintaining an angle of 45 degrees and her hips tilted up, you can keep your shaft in constant contact with her clitoris, which gives her better stimulation. It is proven from results that women who were unable to climax from missionary, had 56% more likely to reach an orgasm with the help of CAT.

Why she dislikes it? Women revealed in the survey that giving and receiving pleasure are one way roads. It is hard to focus on being on the receiving end of it when they are trying to concentrate on giving it. Her mental state is pretty important when it comes to pleasure and the journey of reaching climax. It can get tricky for her to relax herself and enjoy your oral stimulation while she is doing her best to make you feel good. 
How can it be fixed? In order to make the most out of the foreplay, you should be taking turns while giving and receiving it. Since women want sex to be more centric towards connection, 69 fails there as they can not even look at their partner and lock eyes with them while they indulge in it. If you go ahead and give her the oral she needs first, you can sit back and enjoy while she returns the favor in the best possible way.

Now that you know the sex positions she hates and ways to fix them, you can go ahead and make sure she has no complains and give her the best in the bedroom, always!