Mutual Masturbation

There is always an orgasm gap when one of the partners gets off easily, while the other one remains unsatisfied during heterosexual sex. It is frustrating and infuriating though, it is too usual in a regular sex life. This orgasm gap can be felt by as nearly as 65 percent of heterosexual women, resulting in an unequal sexual pleasure for them. However, 95% of straight men can never miss their orgasms during sex. In this case, they are successful and make every inch of their sexual tryst with their partners.

But, how do you regard the concept of perpetual sexual deprivation as well as faking the climaxing all through your life? Do you really have anything to do about it? Well, you can compensate your orgasm gap through mutual masturbation. Yes, the scopes of masturbating with your partner allow for satiating your sexual pleasure, while diminishing those frustrating orgasm gaps.  

Mutual masturbation allows one of the two partners to understand one’s individual needs through the non-verbal communication occurred during the self pleasure act.  

As per a study by the Indiana University, every woman in a heterosexual relationship misses something as they experience the fewest orgasms.

But, the way it seems to be easy, does it appear to be really easy during the execution? IRL, the whole thing is really intimidating. Why? It is a taboo, infused with secrecy, shame, and also privacy. Not only this, it carries a lot of stigma much higher than original sexual affairs. 

Therefore, it instills a sense of insecurity in you and makes you nervous about how you would execute it and how does it feel to you when touched by your partner. At the same time, it is really vulnerable as you become anxious when trying to touch yourself in front of your partner rather than getting touched by your partner.

Although it is a taboo, sometimes trying something restricted raises the ecstasy of the thing you are doing. Since, it is a good expression to understand your partner’s sexual needs; it can help unearth some other sensations in your relationship too.

When you actually perform mutual masturbation with your partner, you actually give him a visual treat to understand your body language. It exposes the techniques of your hand job and how you move with each of the techniques. Hence, as a whole you can actually get to know the proper use of techniques during penetrative sex with your partner and do it to the fullest potentials. So, it helps you bridge that orgasm gap, while understanding the sexual needs of your partner, so that when you engage in heterosexual sex, none of you miss anything important.

Now, since it carries a lot of inhibitions, it is important to know the right skills to perform it in a perfect manner. Learn them and take your mutual masturbation game to the heights of the next level.
Open up
Taking the lead in the whole game of mutual masturbation depends on how well you carry out the initial processes, as it makes it appear awkward when you start it all of sudden. It is better you begin with some soft conversations like, ‘it’s really exciting to see how you touch yourself for the ultimate arousal?’ Or ‘How it feels to be hot?’ Or ‘how do you take steps to get hot?’
If you find it hard to crack the ice in the straightforward way, you can get it in an indirect way. A game of yes/no/maybe list comprising all things about your sexual acts can help you ease the nervousness, and become steady in your approach.

At the same time, sharing erotic reads with your partner or watching porn with him, especially that of mutual masturbation is way too good for paving your ways towards a better solo act.
If you prefer, you can guide your partner how to work his way up for the ultimate orgasms.
As you go up to touch yourself with the different ways and techniques, it can arouse your partner to a greater level. It is better if you explore your clit in different ways. It can be more sensuous when you incorporate different vibrator techniques.

Find Out What Works As A Huge Turn On For You
This is the key for any type of sexual repertoire for anyone. So, find out what turns you on before, during and after the sexual tryst.
 Is there any specific kind of touch you like? What is your take on the penetration? Get to know which word specifies the word pertaining to the genitals. For some, it is cunt or pussy to describe a woman’s vagina. This type of word can be a huge turn on for someone.
So, find out if anything dirty can turn you on.

Set The Right Mood For The Apt Solo Sexual Act
It involves too much vulnerability for anyone, making you shy from even trying it or talking about it. However, when you set the right mood, it makes the process of mutual masturbation smooth, and eases both of your subconscious and nervousness.  
It is better to get into foreplay. Get to excite his sensuousness with different strokes and frictions, and slowly get the mutual masturbation in the mix. All through the way, keep concentrating on heavy foreplay techniques. When both of you are into it, it slowly strips that tensions and inhibition away.

Move To The Core Job
Now, it is time to focus your attention to your private parts. Get dirty with your vagina and slowly touch it part by part. The same applies to your partner as well. He can excite himself by touching his penis using the techniques of cupping and give sensuous strokes around his scrotum.

Paying a great level of attention to self pleasure using your fingers can up the intensity of the mutual masturbation. Do not focus onto orgasm just right now.

Try to cash in on anything that is quite sensuous that come in before and after.
At the end of the performance, you can ask for each other’s feedback. Exchange of feedback helps you improve the techniques of mutual masturbation performances with the times. And every time you engage with your partner for the same cause, it just pays off the right way.  You are able to satisfy yourself as well as your partner with your techniques.