Masturbation Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind

They're missing out on better masturbation and sex," Donaghue says when a lot of guys are hesitant to use sex toys, even with their female partners. A 2018 study by TENGA found that 80 per cent of men who'd tried them said they improved their sexual experience and just 53 per cent of men were open to using sex toys on themselves. Stress relief and intense pleasure — coincidentally, the same benefits that orgasms provide!" "the benefits of men using sex toys are simple. Masturbation does have some pretty amazing side effects and you won't get cross-eyed or grow hair on your palms. At this point, you run things, it feels nice, it feels really nice, and then it's over and you're left feeling pretty damn relaxed. You've probably got your masturbation routine down to a science. But what are the physical and emotional side effects that really happens to your body when you masturbate??

Nothing bad will happen to you if you masturbate to be clear, despite the urban legends and myths you heard when you were younger. Sex therapist Tom Murray, PhD says "Masturbation, also known as solo sex, is harmless. Period."  "The sexual self is normally and naturally expressed. The general consensus in the medical and psychological community is that it only becomes a problem when it starts to take away from your ability to function healthily in society or in a relationship while there is such a thing as too much masturbation. " If you're missing out on dates or social events due to desire to stay home and masturbate, then I would be cautious," says Amanda Pasciucco, a certified sex therapist and author of Playtime: The Sex Book.

If masturbation doesn't get in the way of your daily routine, there's little reason not to do it if for the most part. "If there's nothing else going on, why not have a date night with yourself and your fantasies?" Pascucci says.

Read on to discover the amazing health benefits of spanking the monkey, so now that we've gotten that out of the way.

1) Masturbation makes you feel happy.
Dopamine and serotonin, the so-called "feel-good" chemicals fill your brain when you have an orgasm that makes you happy. "The biggest non-drug blast of dopamine available is an orgasm," as per clinical sexologist Gloria Brame, PhD, previously told

2) You'll relieve stress.
It feels like all of your troubles have melted away as far as your body is concerned, they totally have, after you have a good orgasm, there's a reason why. "The release of stress and muscle tension calms the central nervous system and can boost testosterone, as well," says Pasciucco. 3 You'll sleep like a baby.

You've probably tried every sleep aid under the sun — but maybe, all you really needed was a good nighttime wank if you're one of the approximately 30-40% of Americans with insomnia.

3) It'll relieve your headaches.
Got headaches? While not really a cure in itself, having an orgasm can decrease the effects of migraine headaches for nearly one-third of migraine sufferers, according to one 2013 study.

4) Your sex life will improve.
You know exactly where you like to be touched, how you like to be touched, for how long, etc if you masturbate frequently. You can better communicate them to a partner, which makes for much better sex, once you are comfortable with your own sexual responses. 

5) You may reduce your risk of prostate cancer.
While we're not exactly sure why, multiple studies have suggested that frequent ejaculation via solo or partner sex "improves prostate health and may lower the risk of prostate cancer," Murray says.

Masturbation Tips for a Mind-Blowing Solo Session

Still fingering yourself? It will bring on the big O faster than you ever thought possible with these masturbation tips which will blow open your world of self-pleasure. 

Most women have a specific set of moves that guarantee climax every time when it comes to self-pleasure. Over time that routine may start to feel a little, well, routine even if your tried-and-true method works like a charm. Avoid a solo sex rut with these five enhancements by hitting a masturbation plateau that doesn't have to happen though!

 "It's a hard fact that women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm and vibrators are put on this planet for that reason," says Emily Morse, sexologist and host of the Sex with Emily podcast. 

Another option without touching it directly is to use one finger to trace circles around your clitoris, says Morse. It helps build up a lot of tension and excitement before you even zero in on your pleasure point with the nerve endings will still be indirectly stimulated.

She suggests by prepping for the Big-O to mentally prime yourself for the main event. Learning to calm down and soothe yourself is one of the best exercises you can master," says Morse as "stress can be one of the biggest killers of a woman's sex drive. 

To put you in the mood do you need a little erotic enhancement? Morse suggests trying good vibrations preferably after dark, with a site with a vast collection of female-friendly porn. (Or this: The New Porn That Will Transform Your Sex Life.)

 "Once they find which works best, they typically stick to that position," says Morse, most women masturbate lying on their backs. By simply repositioning your body, you will have an easy way to experience self-pleasure in a new fashion. Find something that stimulates you when you rub up against it, like a pillow or a blanket by flipping onto your stomach advises Morse. "You can apply more pressure and intensity with your body weight, which could end in a new orgasmic sensation and you'll be directly targeting your clitoris." Another option: Give it a whirl in the bath or shower and take your solo-play outside the bedroom and.

 "Lubricant is like the salt of the sexual world—it has the power to make everything feel (or taste) a lot better," says Morse. Try slippery and perfect for finger play-slippery and perfect for finger play items like  Pjur or Uberlube—both silicon-based lubricants.