Masturbation Secrets You Dont Know About

Pleasuring themselves with quick and quiet masturbation is how most men all over the world have spent their teenage or adolescent years, in the fear of being walked in by parents or siblings and getting caught in the act. The same fast and furious, secretive ways tend to become a part of their habit, even as adults. While in the hurry of finishing off, guys tend to miss out on spicing up the time they should be spending on pleasuring themselves. 
Could it be that you are missing out on things that can make your going solo more pleasurable? Well, in any case here are some tips that might come in handy the next time you are all by yourself:
1)Try edging
Speed jerking and getting yourself to come in a matter of few minutes is okay for sometimes, but not all the time. If you have a little extra time on your hands, you might want to explore around a bit so that you can max out on the pleasure that it brings you. 
You might want to try the technique called edging, which is a start-stop masturbation technique which will definitely get you to reach more intense orgasms. You can do it by working yourself up to near an orgasm and then stop for a bit, take a break, just as long as your erection can soften a little, and then go back to building up on it again. Doing this 3 to 4 times before actually releasing will lead to the most profound and powerful of ejaculations that you have ever experienced.

2) Switching hands
While it’s usually your dominant hand that you use in order to get off, you might have tried including the other one too. You might also have tried another technique called the “Stranger’s touch” where you sit on your hand until it falls asleep and then touch yourself with it in order to feel like it’s someone else doing it to you. 
Apart from these, there are more ways in which you can use your opposite hand in order to pleasure yourself. You could try turning your hand in order to make it slide forefinger-first down your penis and try twisting as you stroke it. Another way in which you could get off is by holding your penis down against your stomach using one hand while with the other sliding a few fingers up and down in a rapid motion focusing on the underside of your shaft. Just like changing sex positions helps, different hand movements also help break the monotony.

3) Introducing Toys
Toys aren’t just for women. There is a product called Fleshlight which helps one simulate the feeling of an actual vagina or anal sex. It is a handheld column that can be slipped on to the penis, and can also be used handsfree by buying a phone strap accessory. Other toys include masturbators, cock rings, sex dolls and massagers. While women freely talk about using sex toys, the men too need to step up their solo game and get to experience what they are missing out on. A cock ring works as a great sex toy as it is attached around the base of the penis and helps trap the blood inside the penis, leading to rock hard erections. 

4) Starting from the base
According to many researchers, stimulation of the epididymis can lead to ejaculation.Even though these researches were mostly performed on dogs and rodents, studies suggest that this works in case of human males too. The epididymis is located at the base of the penis, between the scrotum and the shaft, linking the the testicles to your vas deferens and storing sperm in it. 
While pleasuring yourself in the manner you are used to, try massaging this area and get ready to have a mind blowing orgasm!

5) Don’t neglect your balls
The testicles have many nerve endings that are specific to sex, just like the penis does and you don’t want to miss out on the intense orgasms that you can reach by pulling down on your testicles in a rhythmic manner right before you are about to come. 

6) All about the tip
The tip of your penis also contains a large amount of nerve endings which will heighten sensation when stimulated. You can use some lubricant and use it on your thumb, index and middle finger and then touch the head of your penis using these three fingers. You want to apply the amount of pressure that suits you and experiment around a bit with the speed- including slow and fast stroking. 

7) Hot and cold
The heat and the cold make a deadly combination. The next time you masturbate, have a bowl of ice next to you. Then right when you are about to climax, take some ice in your other hand. The feeling of the heat coming off of your penis and the cold from the ice held in the other hand will surely be something you won’t forget any time soon.

8) Include someone
Try including your partner in your session of masturbation. You would both just be yourselves without coming in contact with each other. It is more about the treat for the eyes, and works way better than porn. Find a comfortable place to do it and have your partner touch herself while you watch from a distance and do the same. Enjoy the view of her beautiful naked form and make things easier for her by telling her about everything that attracts you, from her smile to her breasts. As the sexual tension rises, you will both be able to experience amazing orgasms.

Using these tips, you can make your solo sex life a lot more interesting. You can even try masturbating the first thing in the morning as you already wake up in the mood with a boner to help. You could try doing a convenient session in the shower as well where cleanup would be pretty easy. Whatever sails your boat!