Masturbation Secrets

A fear of being caught by anyone around while doing the chores for self-love or self-pleasure, you end up doing this in a hurry. The concern of being watched by everyone while you are in action- be it your parent, your sibling, your roommate or your neighborhood, you have sweats on your head as you think it is a meddle in your personal time. The old childhood practice may travel into your adulthood, preventing you from relishing its every bit of sensation and pleasure. As you tend to do it in quick steps, you do a lot of injustice to yourself. The lone and quite personal moment, which you can make too spicy and kinky for you, gets over instantly before you can feel anything.

In your rush to get it over as quickly as possible before anyone could see you, you miss out so many pleasant sensations in between. Here are a few secrets to make every step count to enjoy your solo-sex to the fullest.

Get An Edge To Stretch It For Longer
When time is scarce, it is fine to go for that only five minute self-pleasure session. It is accepted for most days as well. However, when you have a little extra time in your hands, it does make sense to utilize that time properly. When you are ready to masturbate yourself, and when there is enough time with you, you can try “edging”.  It is more commonly known as ‘stop and start technique’ to feel an intense orgasm through your nerve endings.

There is so much to it to learn the edging technique properly. You do it to build an intense sexual tension in your pelvic muscles, bringing a blood rush to your penis in the form of orgasms. But, you should not actually let it happen, and when you feel its rush, stop the action to let it go to its earlier state. So, when you keep doing it slowly, you will have a wonderful sensation of sexual pleasure. Try this three to four times, and abstain from ejaculating as soon as it takes its charge. Let your erection be soft so that you get to do this all over again. Try edging hard, once you are successful, you can have a powerful ejaculation and more profound orgasmic sensation.

Don’t Put All Workloads On One Hand Only
Don’t just be too dependent on your only hand while doing your solo-act. Engage it in the action, or else the other hand of yours will fall asleep. Bring creativeness to your opposite hand, which is used to resting in the motionless state.

Slide down the member of the forefinger of penis downward and give it a twist on its head. Get one hand to keep your penis close to your stomach, while making another hand busy sliding the membrane of your penis up and down. Other than this, there is so much to be done with both your hands. For say, when one hand is busy exploring your genitals, work your another hand to spellbind your chest, nipples and body. You must know that your erogenous zones do not comprise only your genitals, but beyond them as well. So, while one hand is motionless, bring dynamism with the other hand to do the caressing.

So, when you really switch the movements of both of your hands, it helps you get out of the tediousness quickly. And with times, you can get creative with both of your hands, while maintaining a coordination.  

Get An Aide For Your Assistance In Your Solo Act
If you think, toys are only meant for pleasing your counterpart, you are going haywire actually. Sex toys do make sense for every guy, who wants to add some spice to their solo pleasurable act of masturbation.

One of the most common and popular sex toys is a handheld column, enabling you to slide your penis through it to feel the simulation of a real vagina or anal to up your sexual experience.

There are other sex toys as well, such as dildos, vibrators which make for a perfect companion for solo sex.

Bring Into Action A Mirror
It is indeed intimidating to even think to see yourself through while pleasing yourself. Although it is less scary, it gives you an opportunity to explore your sexuality and personality, which you are going to love more than anyone else.
Most men masturbate sitting in front of a porn video or lying on their bed. Don’t you think this is too cliché and needs a change. You better stand in front of a full-length mirror, and see how you look in a naked body. Give yourself a little time, and the level of discomfort will vanish soon. And you can find a close connection with yourself as well.

Stimulate The Bottom Membrane Of Your Penis
Always start from the bottom, meaning the membrane which contains your testicles. Almost every research has proved the efficacy of stimulation of testicle membrane of rodents and dogs to trigger an ejaculation. This is useful for humans too, and helps them get off with the massage of their testicle membrane. So, do you need any more explanation for where to touch for the maximum level of stimulation? Give this area a robust massage to get a feeling of wild sensation.
Give A Jerk To The Most Sensuous Nerve Endings
You should not forget about the nerve endings you have in your testicles as same as your penis. Do not neglect them.
However, what individual personality wants out of a perfect masturbation, it sometimes depends on their preferences.

Pulling down the membrane of your testicles in a slow motion, you can sense an unexploited source of stimulation. And as a result, you can have a great level of orgasmic bliss.
Many a time, most guys do not want to pay heed to their penis as a whole in order to concentrate only on the big ‘O’. You should not do this, and pay attention to every part of our body which can be sensuous to you and your feeling of orgasms.