Locate her G-Spot

A Vicious and Deeper Path
If you have trouble finding your girl's G-Spot then do not hit yourself. The chance is, she herself is still looking for it. When British researchers asked 1800 women whether they believed that they had a living G-spot, only 56% said “yes”. Since the researchers called Greenburg specified intangible areas of the female body in the year 1940, the G-Spot become the hot topic amongst the most of scientific methods, mainly because many people are not sure that G-Spot is real.
There is no evidence given to more women but clarifies that, when excited, some women may get the orgasm. According to the review, it may be better to think of G-Spot as sex status or fetish: Some women have to go for it, while others are not.

How to get started
First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean and your nails are cut because you are keeping them in a very sensitive place as mentioned by Morse. Because of distant gaps, "fingers are often more effective in finding and stimulating G-Spot," he said. Like any other thing related to sex, bullying is important. He further stressed "When this happens then there are very serious cells in G-Spot. If she is rolling around, it will be easy for you to find and be happy."

How to get her G-spot
Although it is not clear whether all women have been motivated by G-Spot, there is no debate about spending on happiness. Morse said, "It's about 2 inches in the vagina, at the top of the vagina wall." Put your fingers in front of your partner and your palm facing the "top" of the vagina, from which you first folded your finger movement.

Know her feelings
You do not thrust the entire penis in her in a single movement as you should work your with fingers in small, slow and soft movements.  Morse warned, "Do not put strong." The money of the partners are not changing and you are not getting your treasury ". Once you use your fingers in her movement,  flex your fingers on her vagina with well-twisted massage.  Morse says,  that if you feel stripped or textured, you are on the right track.
The doctor says that your lady raises her knees to her chest and can be sure that she will listen to her companion to enjoy herself. Keep pace while trying to find the speed and pressure you want. Be sure to make G-spot in motion. "If you do not give your comments, do not delay or increase stress," Morse insisted. "Ask her to feel and adjust her movements accordingly." Stop it for now, and try again. It may take a little longer, or the G-Spot cannot be what they say.

Try these advanced
The excessive stress helps promote her G-spot when it's back to the position. For instance, doggy style is the best to encourage her to stimulate her G-spot. She said, "She is at the fourth position with a little, contrast, with her feet and hands to sleep with her head on the bed”. Also, try to lift her legs and progressive movement."

Another important thing about G-Spot
Many women like to have sex during sex because it stimulates G-Spot. The reason is that the male gender has better access to the front wall of the vagina. Most women want pressure, early rhythms, and difficulties on the vagina with point G spot. Some women feel the need to breastfeed for the first time when G-Spot is stimulated. Before loving, your partner may need to remove the bladder. It is possible that by stimulating G-Spot, your partner may be drowned or yellow with clean water when it is high.

Keep identifying the G-spot
Extra G Spot stimulus language is most satisfying for most women and you will be given an A-list. Use your tongue according to the oral advice, and then add your finger and press 'home' slowly when you activate your tongue at the same time. It may require constant tension, stroke, or touching tactics, and change it to say how wonderful you are.
If you want to hit her live through the entrance, it is on the corner. If you are on top, then the pillow will rotate her pig under the bear and help you find what works for you. For the situation is not the exact G-spot technique, it takes your body 45 degrees ahead and basically works for you with it. It is to control the level of control and a fate. She can stimulate her clitoris at the same time. At the same time, you get a little comfort and have a reliable view.

The best way to hit her G-spot
The best way to find the G-spot is with your fingers, keep a finger in the vagina unless you feel like a 'tip' on that path. Then press when you touch the word, as you should feel a little sponge of "roof". Although you may want to gradually search to find as much more of it as possible. Give her feedback as if you have never experienced a happier place than this.
Although you may want to pamper her while making tender moves with your fingers, it is important to take a manual hour. Since our genes are the basics, it is better than you know about your partner's scientific anatomy.  The best way is to keep going until you get to the end of the road. It’s more about angel and positioning. However, reverse cowgirl position can serve as a great G-spot stimulator. Not only this gives her the control but also ease to keep riding. The best part is, she can kindle her clitoris simultaneously. Not to mention, you will get a laid-back pleasure and a heavenly view. Also, a tongue-job will satisfy her to the greatest lengths and you as well.