Is your penis too small?

Is small penis threatening your manhood? This is how most men are worried about their small penis size. The most peculiar thing about their thinking is that they assume that they are being watched over their trousers. However, this assumption is borne out of their insecurity. Surprisingly, they cannot make out the process of measuring their penis size. A study carried out by the University of Pittsburg showed that most men measured their own penises and ended up having the incorrect measurement. Another study shows that their woes vanished as soon as they learned about the correct measurement process.

Men’s assumptions about their penis
Most men actually suffer from inferiority for having a small penis as they think a small penis is a hindrance to a satisfying sex. In addition to this, they think that ideal penis is what that measures 7 inches when erect.  On the contrary, according to the study published in Psychology of Men and Masculinity, women prefer smaller penises as small as 6 inches. More interestingly, most women like ideal penis size that is an average size. At the same time, the larger erection sometimes can make some women feel uncomfortable. Actually, the desire to have a large penis or boast to possess the same comes from a man’s own desire, not by any woman’s desire. One last thing, be remembered that women are pleased by the performance or the skill, not by the size you possess. Still, if you are confused about your penis size, it is better to have an idea about your manhood.

Facts Relating to the Men’s Anxiety
If studies are to be believed, the size of the penis differs from man to man based on their age. Studies reveal that the girth and flaccid length of the penises are bigger for older men as compared to younger men.
Dr. Baggaley a medical director at South London opined that developing a distorted view of one’s self-stems from Body Dysphormic Disorder. This also causes many to spend too much time over thinking about their physical appearances. Individuals suffering from this disorder may feel inferior about their weight, part of their body and not to mention- their penis size. Sometimes, individuals with small penises could take life-threatening risks or develop never-ending anxiety.
Based on the research, 85 percent women are satisfied with the size of the penis of their partners, but, around 55 percent of men seemed to be unhappy of their own penis size. So, satisfying your lady does not depend on the size of your penis but it takes a lot of skills.  

Your Standby Length
While measuring your penis when flaccid, you must do it instantly as the temperature of the room can cause shrinkage or growth of your penis.  This is a real obstacle to get the correct size of the penis. So, do not wait too long and unbutton yourself and gauge your penis length. As per the suggestions of Urologist Dr. Hunter Wessells, hold the ruler against the base of the penis where it meets the abdomen. Bend the ruler along the penile shaft to see the measurement. See if it is 3.5 inches as it is the length of an average penis.

Your Erect Length
Taking your penis length when erect, you must do it immediately as the room temperature impacts the measurement. Hold the ruler on the penis shaft, actually holding it right on the top of the erection. Now have a measure from the tip of the penis to the base of the testicles. It’s time to see if the average length is 5.03 inches.

Your Erect Girth
A study carried out by King’s College London reveals that the average girth of a penis is 4.95 inches when erect and 3.66 inches when flaccid. So, this is the standard circumference of the penis. How do you measure the girth of your penis? This is simple. Get hard as it helps you have a great erect, get a tape. Wrap it around your penis girth at the base and check the size.  If it is more than 4.95 inches or around 5.14 inches, you can have a sigh of relief.

Your erection angle
Your penis when erect points at 90 degrees in front and 180 degrees at your chin could give you the right measurement of the erection angle. Set against the wall in front of the mirror and see if it is 105.6 degrees.
However, shorter men seem to be less satisfied with their penis size.  But remember, penis size has nothing to do with virility, your satisfaction level and also testosterone levels. Don’t put too much pressure on your brain about your small penis size. Get to know the universal truth and next time, you would never feel sorry for your penis size.

Sex and Penis
Sometimes, odd things may offer more satisfaction and enough to arouse your girl. If yours a small one, it is enough to give her that orgasm. The truth behind is that the average length of the vaginal cavity in an aroused state is 3.5 inches. So, there is no need to possess a penis of seven or eight inches long. In addition to this, if you think women like longer penises, you are wrong in this case. This is because women with larger vaginal cavity like to have a deeper and longer penetration from a larger penis. It is all about the anatomy of the female sex organ. So, rest assured and avoid thinking of yourself being less attractive to your lady because of your small penis.
The fact is that good sex involves a lot of deftness where one must exert his knowledge to touch her properly at the right time to arouse her. Or in a broader sense, it requires deep insights about what your partner wants and how she feels.  
Still, if this truth seems to be not sufficient for you, you can try some sex positions meant for
men with smaller penis. These are for sure are mind-blowing orgasm generator for both of you.
Try out T bone, Cowgirl, Titillation, Cross Heart, Seat. However, the better if you ask her preferences and prepare yourself that way. So, forget about your penis size and do what she likes the most to be aroused.