Is Penis Surgery Worth it

Do you believe possessing as micro as 2 ¾ inches of penis when erect is a curse for you? Does it inhibit you from indulging your sexual act to the fullest potential and prevent you from giving a mesmerizing sexual pleasure to your girl as well as you? Perhaps, it makes you think otherwise and you seem to be worried about the length every time you engage in a sexual act, but cannot exert a great length of performance as you expect or your girlfriend does want from you. 

However, as per sex therapists and sexologists, small penis size should not be major issues for the shorter men and sometimes, they do not look bad between the crotches on the shorter men.
This is one of the major reasons; you want to go for a surgery for your manhood, and want to gain a superlative character with skills and precision, manifesting the best sexual aptness.

Looking for a well-endowed penis may foster a sense of sexual complacence inside you, but when it comes to satisfaction to the furthest end, it highly depends on the oral skill maneuvered by your girlfriend. It is less appropriate if you possess an 11 inch dick or not regarding the sexual satisfaction level.  At the same, if you possess a good oral deftness, you can make a better lover, no matter if you possess a small or big penis.

All you need to do is to focus on the techniques and skills of foreplay before you finally engage in the performance of intercourse. This will ensure a good sexual satisfaction both for you and your girl. This is how you should take the whole thing. However, there are many men, who do not want to accept whole thing and find it little discomfort. And finally, you seem to come to the threshold of penis surgery in an attempt to enlarge it.

Today’s Scenario Regarding Penis Surgery
It was the time, when penis enlargement promises seemed to be flaky, and earned many mockeries from the receivers. However, the same tendency remains intact till today and instills people with the same sentiments to go for the act under the knife. And now, the modification of dicks has become a serious and big business due to the people looking for penis enlargement with a surgery.

Just like women wanting to improve their boobs with surgeries in the late 1980s, men want to improve their penis appearance through surgeries known as Penoplasty. Since, it is becoming too affordable and effective; it is now more receptive to men like never before.

An easy-to-go procedure, Penoplasty is able to remove the old misconception from people’s mind, and they are now more eager to go for this cosmetic surgery just because of a purely a personal choice. A study in 2013 by the Harley Medical Group confirmed that the cosmetic procedure for men is on the surge as one in every five men are more curios to look better using cosmetic procedures.

The Process Of Penoplasty  
The procedure of penoplasty aims at thickening and lengthening of the penis, taking as much as 2 hours for the whole simple surgery.  
The whole surgery costs you between a range of 4,000 pounds and 6,000 pounds. The procedure involves slashing the sensory ligaments and then reattaching it to the pubic bone at a lower position than earlier.  
If you think, this procedure is just too good to help you achieve your goal regarding penis enhancement, it does not help you much. It only adds to your flaccidity, rather than your erection size.

Moving on to the procedure of thickening your penis. You undergo liposuction to remove a little amount of fat from your lower abdomen. This is done to ensure a replacement of fat lengthways on the sliced region of the underside of your penis. This technique supposedly works, and gives your penis an extra girth of nearly 1-2 inches. However, you must go for it at your own risks as this can turn your penis into a distorted or squat penis.

However, it is not that many men want the surgery for their sexual performances and pleasure. Most men want to go for it, driven sick by the shower syndrome, occurring in the shower of a gym deck. Gym attendants are more likely to be interested to be an exhibitionist of their dick to their peers. And out of their anxiety, they want to go for the surgery.

Extra Size Boosts Sexual Performance
However, the Penoplasty has a different and mixed response to a different range of users. One of the users, who used to possess a dick with 4.9 inches in length while erect and 4.4 inches in width while flaccid, was able to add some extra flesh to his penis. It is now longer by 1.1 inches, and he wanted to credit that to penoplasty. Penoplasty boosted his confidence about his exhibitionism and his approach to making sex with a great level of deftness and skill with various girlfriends. With an increment in the penis size, the sexual performance was better too.

Things leading us to go for penoplasty could be the rise of pornography. An extreme exposure to this art is compelling us to go under the knife, not in want of an improved sexual performance but for an aesthetic appeal.

But, Is It Necessary?
If you love to try different techniques to improve the appearance of your dick, it is less likely to put any impact. In sexual front, if you think having a bigger dick is better at sexual performance and making your girl go weak at her knees, it is wrong. During intercourse, she is wired to accept a certain length of penetration as per her makeup of the vaginal canal. If you push your limits, it is going to hurt her cervix, which is so much painful for her, and makes the whole experience filthy. What matters is how you perform to make her feel exuberant with your moves. So, surgery may help you get some modification, but they cannot improve your skills to enjoy your sex life.