Increase your penis size with these simple tricks

Did your penis size ever worry you? Or did you ever try to get under the knife to increase your penis size? Maybe not, but many men around the world think otherwise about their penis, and they think the bigger, the better when it comes to the sexual pleasure. Well, if you ask any sexologist about the exact penis size and what the size that accomplishes the real deal of the sex activity, they would never mention any exact size of the penis, and they would stress on the phrase “the size does not matter.” And hence there is a difference of opinion between the sex experts and men of different ideologies.

Despite these differences, a large number of men are curious and more eager to enhance their penis size only for the sexual pleasure and boosting their confidences.
But, sexologists are of the opinion that sexual pleasures can happen without much emphasis on the size of the penis, and what matters are the skills and techniques of the sex act, and hence any type of penis size can fulfill one’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

There is rarely any penis size that falls between an extremely smaller or larger size. About 95% of the penis size falls under the category of the average size measuring between 3 and 5 inches when flaccid, while the erect one measuring between 5 and 7 inches.
In a survey, women participants were asked about their preferences involving the men’s penis size. They were more likely not to be influenced by the penis size and what mattered for them was their partners’ sense of humor, skills, attractiveness, caring, listening, attractiveness and values.

Fewer numbers of women have ever complained about the penis size of their partners, and hence sexologists are less likely to advocate for the enlargement of the penis size.
But, still men feel otherwise and they tend to have something as similar as they find the porn actors possessing the bigger ones.

The assumption about the bigger penis size is absolutely out of the view from that of the sex inculcated promotions advocating for bigger penises. Why? This is so because men are conceived that women are more satisfied when they are penetrated with a bigger penis that induces a better feeling of an orgasm through deeper vaginal stimulation with a penis.  
In reality, the concept of bigger penis size is devised out of the porn filming attributes, which promotes the unrealistic penis size for a hotter sex.

However, having an extra length or bigger penis size does not cause you any hurt and damage. And who knows you can brag about its length, which may become a treasured item for you in your life. If you are really obsessed with the bigger penis size, you can enlarge them easily using the simple tricks that do not involve any costly medical procedures, pills and surgical techniques.
Yes, there are ways to increase the penis size, but it is essential that you know every attribute about the penis.

When Does Your Penis Grow?
For every man, the penis growth begins during the period of puberty, which generally kicks start between 9-14 years of age, and continues to grow until five years depending on the arrival of the puberty. But, in most cases, the penis does not grow either by girth or length when you are 18 or 19 years old.

According to the study, not every man has the same penis growth rate during their puberty, and it varies from male to male. A study during 2010 confirmed that the penis grows by less than half an inch till the age of 11-15 years old. Even after this, the growth rate continues till 18-19, but the progress becomes slower.

It is normal to achieve an erection as well as ejaculation during puberty and finally the expulsion of semen.
While there are different and various penis size all across the world, the penis size actually depends on the hormonal exposures.

As per the sexologists, no penis is actually smaller, but if any case the penis does not grow properly and measures only between 1.1 and 1.6 inches lengthwise, and .35 to 1.6 inches of girth during the infancy, it is definitely measured as a micropenis.  Micropenis is actually a hormonal disorder, in which the penis does not grow properly, affecting the pituitary glands at large. In order to diagnose the symptoms of the micropenis, the child must go through the physical examination. In the most cases, hormonal therapy is helpful to recover from this disorder.

That’s being said, if you just love to have a larger penis, let’s find those easier and simpler tricks to enlarge the size of your manhood.
Ways To Increase The Size Of Your Manhood
As per NHS, you can apply three step plans to increase the size of your manhood without going under the knife and much medical attention.

Body Image Issues
Many men become cautious about their penis size due to their consciousness to the body image. For them poor body image is the real culprit that makes them paranoid, leading them to suffer from performance anxiety during the sex act as well as pleasing their partners.

According to the sex experts, the body image issues that men put on their penis size are not at all any disorder, and it can be treated with manipulation and counseling. With times, the whole thing would improve one’s perfective about the distorted views of the penis, making improvements on the body image and also learning new things that advocate for self-esteem and attractiveness.

Until you get yourself sexually groomed and learn all the better skills at making your partner satisfied with sexual traits, you can try a few things to make your manhood bigger to leave an impact and impression on your girlfriend.
Trim your pubic hair
You would really believe the usual phrase that mowing makes the lawn clean and trees look bigger. The same applies to the pubic hair as well, which generally covers your manhood under the hedges of unruly pubic hair. So, when you trim them, the groin region looks clean and tidy, making your manhood exposed to your girl, and helping it look attractive and sensuous.
Be careful while trimming your pubic hair as any cuts or wounds may trigger sensitivity to the skins around the closest region. Furthermore, the danger is lurking in the techniques of trimming as it may increase the risks of STDs. Hard to believe this. As per study by the US researchers, as many as 14,000 people polled during a survey were more likely to have STDs while trimming their pubic hair. If you do trim your hair in the groin region, the pain is not less than others as well, and it increases your risks by 80% to be infected with an STD.

At the same time, this habit is persistent among those wired to following the grooming etiquettes about their pubic hair. The more active sexual traits are, the higher the chances to be infected by STDs. In addition to this, the groomers are far from having any lice infestations.
With the risks peeping through near your grooming closest, you must select well maintained and high grade grooming kits for the trimming procedures for you pubic hair.

Get Rid Of Beer Belly
Did you ever thought about your bear belly that hangs over your dick and hides it under the slack of belly fat.
Exercise is the only way to improve your arterial health, improving the blood flow to the penis, helping you in the sexual activity. But, the things that advocate for the penis exercise is simply pointless. No exercise does exist there to enlarge the penis size. Since penis muscles are the soft tissues, you cannot buff it up and tone it to make it look bigger. Hence, it is better you try to get fit and go strong with your sexual acts.

When it comes to making your penis look bigger, there is another issue associated with the heavy weights. If you have some idea about the penis anatomy, it has two chambers – one third of the penis is inserted inside the body, while two-third of the penis is outside the body. When you notice certain changes in the appearance of the penis lengthwise, you must sense some issues with it as you are extremely overweight.

When you really have it, and cannot see it over your belly, it is indeed known as a buried penis. A ‘buried penis’ is quite common with an extreme weight. It happens when your penis gets buried under the skin of your body due to the overweight and engulfs it completely. However, it is not always that overweight is leading to the onset of a buried penis.

With buried penis, it is really difficult to have sex, and with it comes the hygienic issues.
There are many ways out to treat the buried penis, but the easier and simpler one is to lose weight. The more you can lose, the more you can expose your penis outside your body; it is helpful to be sexually satisfied. Make it a point to exercise more and avoid meat and cheese to help lose more weights.

Well, in most of the cases, the surgery is necessary when you cannot lose weight. Be determined to stay fit and lose weight for sexually pleasing your partner as well as yourself.
Get Active
Exercise regularly. It helps you lose weight, and makes your penis healthy and look better with the proper engorgement of the blood flow. It is better if you perform a lot of high intensity interval training workouts. It is worth a try when you have no time to hit the gym. These are easier to do and yield the best results for your target.

Rather than these, you can prefer walking, swimming, running, jogging to get into a perfect shape.

Keep it in mind, an active body can keep each of your organs healthy as well as your penis, so your penis could look better and bigger with little to none extra flesh above your groin region.

Different Exercises That Facilitate The Growth Of The Penis Both Length And Girth Wise
There is a combination of an exercise that helps increase the penis length and girth naturally without embarking on the toughest accomplishments.

  •  Jelqing exercise
  •  Penis stretching exercise and
  • Kegel exercise

Jelqing Exercises
This involves the techniques as similar as milking the cows for an increasing the length and girth of the penis.

The effects of the jelqing work only when it is semi-erect, otherwise the milking process does not work. The best thing about jelqing is that it offers the permanent results even after the discontinuation of the exercise.

The technique is effective while the penis is flaccid. You get to stretch it holding at the top of the penis and pulling it down the base until it reaches its maximum length. Do it 10 to 15 times to get an effective result. While you pull it upward from the baseline of the scrotum, keep it stretched for a maximum comfortable limit. Once the stretching is done, you get to shake your penis vigorously to smooth soft tissues inside the muscles.

Kegel exercise
This helps stimulate ejaculation to facilitate the growth of the penis. Hold onto your ejaculation when you are about to ejaculate by holding the top of your penis and send the urge of stimulation back to the penis chamber to work your way up all over again from the starting point. 

With repeated techniques, the tissues inside the penis will be stretched and expanded to facilitate more blood flow for a successful erection. And when you will practice it, it will yield a better result.

However, none of the methods can provide you an instant result. Your consistency is a key. Hence, you need to focus on the things you are targeting so that you can reach your goal.
Despite several attempts, if you fail and still crave for a bigger and larger penis, you better have consultations with your doctor.