How to Make Your Vagina Smell Good

How to Make Your It is no secret that the vagina is the most desired sex organs for men to feed their lust. Not only men, it is the most harbored pleasure point for women too. The desire that spreads all through your body, gets its destination through orgasms, which comes forth from the vagina. So, while every bit of orgasm is reliant upon this magical spot, it is worth making vagina improved to enhance your performance as well as encouraging your partner to offer more to you.

It works only when you make your vagina taste good and smell good. Not only you, but every woman seems to be interested about making their vaginas taste good and smell good. There are certain ways, which you can use to feel good and make your man go crazy when he is downtown.

The foremost thing you need to understand about your vagina is that if it is all fine in the down south. And to make sure you need to know how it tastes and smells. This is a natural process, which you should not be ashamed of.

Ways To Make Your Vagina Smell Good
Gain a hygienic sense about your vagina, and find out if anything causes it any odor. This is an essential task to remove that unwanted odor if there is any.
Smell of Your Vagina
Well, the makeup of your vagina does not resemble anything to a rose, so that the sweet fragrance of roses is far from your olfaction. And the vaginal anatomy is little too intricate, it is located inside, making it tougher for you to find different tricks to make it smell good.
It actually means vulva when it comes to making your vagina beautiful and taste better. It is the spot comprising of the labia and clitoris, your partner fixes his gazes in this land only when he is down there.

When you are looking for it to know how it smells, you need to take a self initiative. If you are a beginner, and try to experience it for the first time, it is nothing, but gross. Upon smelling it, you can smell pungent aromas from the vulva. Sometimes, it releases an unpleasant smell from the vulva. So, irrespective of the sources of that gross smell, you can actually find ways to fix it and make it worthy and lustful for your man.

Your Vagina Is Natural
You must know that your vagina has some inbuilt mechanisms to detoxify its stresses and filthy smells. Hence, you need not to use any kind of hard soaps or detergent chemicals to cleanse it. It releases natural chemicals to keep it nourished and safe from harsh chemical effects. So, using chemical based products may be harsher on the pH balance of your vagina over the time, and makes this delicate and highly sensitive organ very reactive to other products also.
The smell of the vagina and taste is natural. Sometimes, it becomes musky because of the sweat. This is the reason why the smell of the vagina becomes too pungent right after the workout.

Much to your surprise, your vagina can smell like metals when you are on your periods. In addition to this, the consumption of certain medications and foods can make your vagina smell like the similar way. Say, garlic can turn your urine and sweat very pungent.  Simultaneously, medication like Mucinex brings about the same effects like that of pungency.
However, that musky aroma emitting from your vagina is natural and pure, and it has the power to drive your man crazy over it. Although the smell is musky and sweaty, it is healthy. Despite you not liking this smell, you will be used to it and feel good about your feminine characteristic. 

And when you know that your man loves the way it is- its taste as well as its smell, the feeling is just ecstatic. So, when you drive him crazy and he is highly aroused to go down on you, it creates that magic.

While you are to boast of your asset, you need to be cautious as well, so that it does not emit anything unpleasant and gross. There are some symptoms to identify the unnatural smell from the vagina. In such case, you need to be aware of the things that lead to that unpleasant smell inside your vagina. If you do not become cautious about it, it can be drastic for your sexual life, and turn your partner to act otherwise, and he cannot get aroused to erect and ejaculate properly.

Vaginal Infections To Diagnose
Yes, infections can turn the taste and smell into something unbearable and gross for you and your partner. They can result in unpleasant odors in your vagina too.

Bacterial vaginosis caused due to bacteria entering your vagina is the primary reason for this. 
Excessive cleansing with water, sex and other aggressive frictions during masturbation can lead to this issue. Along with this, there is an infection stemming from yeast attacks. Yeast infections of the vagina can result in white thick discharge from your vagina.

During this time, you should avoid any kind of intimacy with your partner as it can come over again and again.

So, a little awareness will pay off when you are determined to take care of your vagina and make it taste good and smell good.

Many a time, a healthy diet does a lot to make your vagina smell and taste good.
Just as a guy’s semen taste good because of the consumption of pineapple, the similar way a woman’s vagina may smell and taste good by following a healthy diet including lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

With regard to this, to make your vagina sumptuous, you must avoid too much meat, sugar and processed food lest your urine and vagina turn out to be unpleasant. They also contribute to make your body appear dull. It is equally important to remain hydrated all the time with lots of liquids and fresh juices. It gives your body a good shape as well as a good smell all the time, leaving behind excessive sweats.

As the whole process of making your vagina smell good and taste good to make sure you can cash on a good oral sex by your partner, you need to pay heed to the overall hygiene of your vagina. So, be careful about it.