How To Make Your Sperm Faster, Stronger And More Fertile

Your little swimmers may not be making it to the finish line and here is how you can change that.
According to studies, around 15 percent of couples have a problem in conceiving, out of which one third of the time it is the guy’s sperm that is at fault. According to an Israeli study, the quality of sperm is at its peak during the winters and beginning of springtime and you happen to stand the best chance of succeeding on stress free weekends. 
Here are some ways in which you can help yourself be successful in an attempt at making a baby:

1) Avoiding things that can make your sperm defected
All of the sperms that go for the swim are not shaped perfectly and as a matter of fact, 90 percent of them may not even be capable of penetrating the egg. The problem is the presence of excess free radicals. A solution to this problem is by eating food that contains the antioxidant lycopene. Eating some tomato sauce can give them you a quick boost as a quarter cup of it contains 8,500 micrograms.

2) Working out
That’s right. While a typical ejaculation may contain 15 to 150 million sperms, working out can help you maximize your potential. Harvard researchers have found from studies that men who work out end up having a 33 percent higher sperm count than the ones who don’t. Along with burning fats, time spent in the gym can also help boost up testosterone.
3) Limit your phone usage
The amount of time that your sperms get to carry out the mission is 12 to 14 hours, because that is how long the egg remains viable once it is released. The success of the little guys making it depends on the speed of their swimming. 
You can help the case by using your mobile phone less. Clinical studies have proven that using mobile phones more leads to a decrease in sperm mobility, which could be because of the electromagnetic waves that are emitted from mobile phones.

4) Keeping them up and alive
Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you keep them alive- your choice of lubricant can put their life in jeopardy. Many lubes that are marked as all natural happen to contain acidic or alkaline chemicals that can act as poison for your sperms. Some brands of lube can even end up wiping out as many as 72 percent in a matter of 30 minutes. So you may want to choose your lubrication wisely.

5) Shedding off some weight
If you happen to be overweight or obese, losing some fat can help you rejuvenate your reproductive system while making you look better naked. Any excess amount of fat present in the body lowers the testosterone levels, which have an effect on your ability to generate sperm. Fat present in the thighs and belly regions can increase your body temperature. The testicles protrude outwards from the body for a reason. It is so that the sperms can have a hospitable environment of a cooler temperature. As your body temperature increases due to fats, it can even cause DNA damage and take a hit on your total sperm count and mobility. A natural way for heavier men to improve their sperm quality is by losing some weight.

6) Hold back on your soy intake
If you are trying to make a baby, you would probably want to avoid sushi for a while. While women during pregnancy are asked to avoid raw fish, men trying to conceive are advised to hold off on soy products as they have an effect on sperm production. Soy contains a certain amount of phytoestrogens which occur naturally in plants and function by mimicking estrogen, the hormone found in females. Your body’s response to a higher level of estrogen would be less production of testosterone, which further points to less sperm production. According to studies performed on mice, soy decreases sperm count by 25 percent.

7) Exercising outdoors
It gives the reproductive system a boost due to the vitamin D that is received from the rays of the sun, which can help with the process of sperm production. Along with helping you lose weight, exercise also helps release stress which is related to sperm production as studies suggest that men who had higher levels of anxiety and stress ended up with lower concentration of sperm, with a greater chance of DNA damage and decreased mobility of sperms when compared to men who showed lower levels of stress.

8) Watch what you are eating
Another factor determining the success rate of your sperms is how healthy your cells’ batteries, or mitochondria are. The energy level of the sperms determine their motility. The risk of free radical is increased when you take a diet rich in fats which has a negative impact on the mitochondria. A study revealed that men with more fat intake showed a 43 percent lower sperm count when compared with those with lesser fat intake. The quality and quantity of your sperm can be boosted by including plenty of food rich in antioxidant such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables which help fight against free radicals. Apart from these things, you can include a L-carnitine containing supplement (an amino acid that helps boost sperm count and mobility). It can be found naturally in dairy products, fish and poultry.

You might also want to leave out using hot tubs as a research performed among monkeys revealed that they were rendered completely sterile after spending 15 minutes in the hot tub. A mere increase of 2 degrees in the temperature can have a negative effect on the fertility of human sperm as well. Doctors suggest taking brief and infrequent hot drips if you are trying to conceive a baby. Well now that you know what you can do to help the case, work your way towards getting to hold a baby of your own in your hands!