How to make money with your penis?

The only knowledge we have about men making money using there penis seems to come from the movie Magic Mike and some soap operas. So read along to find out what it is actually like while being a male stripper. Now you don’t want confuse the profession of a male stripper with that of a male revue- a male stripper strips down all his clothes while a revue would mean a performer who is semi clothed, but not fully naked. Here are some facts about male strippers that give us a better insight into their work:

1)The audience
Unlike the stereotype of a male strip club being filled with old women reaching out to untie the stripper’s G-string, a real life male strip club actually has a diverse audience. Younger women and gay men are showing up at strip joints. The people visiting have a fun oriented mindset and this makes the atmosphere lighter and more cheerful than that of a female strip club.
2)They make as much money as the female strippers
The reason behind this? The number of male strip clubs, as compared to female strip clubs, is noticeably less. Unlike the adult industry, where there lies a huge difference between the incomes of a male pornstar and that of a female pornstar, the stripping business seems to do more justice. Since there are fewer male strip clubs, it keeps the options limited for all the bachelorette parties and women interested in male strippers. They can pull of six digit incomes just as easily as the female strippers.

3)It might get you laid but happy endings are rare
Well, needless to say, the opportunities to get laid for a male stripper would be endless. But the fact remains that even if they take any of these opportunities, they hardly ever seem to work out. To have a relationship with a patron can get tricky. Even though they know what they are getting themselves into, the women tend to start developing a thing against their profession. I mean, think about it, if you were a girl, would you want your boyfriend to go out and get naked in front of thousands of other women? So relationships with male strippers can get tricky.

4)It is quite high maintenance
Looking good isn’t much of a choice for a stripper, it’s actually necessary. There is a lot of competition out there, and if they don’t do their work right, they might be end up losing their job. Apart from regularly visiting the gym and keeping their bodies in good shape, they need to look good overall by getting a tan, getting their teeth whitened, hair trimmed, body moisturized, and a bunch of other stuff like manicures and bleaching too. 

5)It’s hard to please them all
Women and their taste in men. It is one heck of a difficult task to keep everyone entertained for one stripper. So what they do instead, is focus on the women who show signs of interest and leave the others to be entertained by fellow strippers and the ones they seem to like more. 

6)It’s better to work as a team
It is pretty easy to see someone you work with as a competition, but in this case it is best to keep matters friendly as every visiting patron has their own type of man that they would like to see naked, and it is more convenient for the stripper to simply hook them up with one of their coworkers, based upon their particular type or interest.

7)It’s hard not to get carried away
As a male stripper, it is pretty easy to get to sleep with a whole lot of women. But the nature of the relationship should be made clear from the start as it is clearly not a romantic one. It is the job of a stripper to make the client happy and while they are just doing their job, their being nice to the client can often be misconstrued. It is best to keep things out there since the very beginning so there is a mutual understanding and ugly situations can be avoided in this manner.

8)You need to be a whole package
The entertainment industry is not fully about looks or fully about entertainment, it is always both. So the strippers need to keep themselves looking good, as well as develop a charming personality to be able to attract more clients and keep their patrons entertained. It might even involve learning to dance, or working out, or a change in diet, depending on the kind of change that is required of them. Being the whole package always works out best and keeps them popular among the ladies. 

9)They can have other jobs too
If they are not at the top of the entertainment ladder at the club, the strippers might need some other source of income which is why they sometimes have other part time jobs to pay bills and keep the cash coming. Keeping the clients coming is also a job in itself.

10)They need to build connections
It is best to keep in touch with clients by hanging out with them, or texting them out of work. That is just how things work sometimes and having good connections always makes things better.

So that is what a male stripper’s world is really like. It is after all, about making money and putting on a show. It sure must be fun seeing the various reactions from all the ladies at the time of the big reveal, be it at bachelorette parties, in front of the bride to be, or any regular girl, drunk or otherwise, at the club. Being well endowed can very easily get them money as well as a bunch of compliments from the ladies! To be a male stripper, you must have the will to perform in front of the much enthusiastic audience. It wouldn’t just be stripping all the way, there is much more to it. And maybe that how well one grasps that decides the amount of money they can make out of the profession.