How to hit her G spot

The good old G spot. Also known as the elusive g spot. Cuz it happens to be located 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. It also happens to be inaccessible through the penetration that occurs during missionary position, the position that most couples tend to use. A survey found out that 55% of men have never found or hit the g spot and 36% barely knew what it was. Which only makes it essential for you to realize that this spot is well worth searching for. When stimulated long enough, it holds the potential for female ejaculation, an event which occurs a little too common in porn. And as for those folks who dispute the very existence of this spot, let me tell you one thing. Research has found that the orgasm that comes from stimulating the g spot is different from the clitoral one. The latter results in pleasure being confined to the clitoral region while the former is capable of affecting the entire lower body. Which means that it actually exists.

Firstly let's discuss how you’re actually going to find this spot. After all, you can proceed with the steps given below only after you’ve found the thing. Face your palm upwards and slide your fingers inside the vagina. Make sure your girl opens her legs wide, increasing access to her vagina. You should be seeking a spongy ridgy area, similar to the roof of your mouth. Turning her on before you embark on this mission is essential cuz the g spot fills with fluid and swells in size when she’s aroused. One weird way she can confirm is if she gets a sudden urge to pee. The spot is close to the urethra so touching it can trigger the need to urinate. This is only a false alarm and something to be expected, in fact. After a few seconds, the urge should ideally pass and she should get this sensation of heat that heightens more and more as you touch and stroke the area.

Now that you have located it, its time to put your fingers to work. You might want to lubricate your index and middle fingers for this. Makes it easier. To start with, use a rhythmic stroking movement with these two fingers working together. As she starts getting turned on more and more, vary these movements with slight circular motions to give different sensations. Continue this for as long as she wants, and add more lubricant if required. You should remember that the G can take a lot of pressure, so if she asks you to press harder, don’t hesitate.
One technique you should include is tapping. Use your fingertips to tap firmly and repeatedly on the g spot. By doing this, you would be creating ripples of sensation that can culminate in an incredible orgasm. And if that doesn’t work, you should stimulate the g spot and clitoris simultaneously. The nerves of the clitoris are in close proximity to the g spot so the orgasm that should result from stimulating the two together is as intense as it can get.

Since it’s quite impossible to reach the g spot using your tongue, consider investing in a g spot vibrator. As the name suggests, this toy is designed and shaped keeping in mind the shape of the vaginal wall. And while the vibrator is doing its assigned duty, you can get down to work on her clitoris with your fingers or your tongue, preferably. And positioning yourself across her pelvis instead of between the legs might make it easier for your hand to use the vibrator around her g spot.

The Doggy appears to be the most popular position among women when it came to describing the kind of orgasm that stimulation of a g spot should bring about. And this is true because this position offers maximum access, especially if you’re lying on your stomach with your legs spread only slightly apart. Think of a sandwich. An added advantage is that you can take breaks in between; move in closer to her back to touch her clitoris over and over. Even better if you’re thrusting in a manner that makes it possible for her to do that herself. Orgasms are the best when they’re blended guys.
A woman on top is also a definite winner. Get your lady to lean back a little while she’s facing you. This makes your penis naturally rest against the upper walls of the vagina, making each thrust, no matter how small, count. Not to mention that your partner is obviously in control of the depth and speed of the thrusting.  
A modified version of the missionary can also help. Get your partner to lie on her back with her knees bent and feet flat. Put pillows underneath her butt to raise her pelvis. Enter her while you’re sitting so that your thrusts are angled slightly upwards. This will give access to the hallowed upper wall of her vagina wherein resides the elusive g spot. Not so elusive anymore, is it?

  • You’ve heard of the saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ right? Absorb that mentally and practice as much stimulation of your partner’s g spot as you can. The more you incorporate it into sex, the better you will get at it.
  • This one is for the ladies. Start doing exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. These are called Kegels and you can deepen the sensations you feel during sex by doing them regularly. Basically, you contract your pelvic muscles as if you’re trying to prevent your urine flow. Doing these regularly enables your vaginal muscles to have a greater grip during intercourse, adding more pressure to the g spot. More pressure = more and better g spot orgasms.