How to be More Dominant in the Bedroom

Nothing feels great and fantastic rather than dominating your man behind the doors. Sexual dominance or submission gives mental gratification to one who loves unleashing all grueling and gruesome sexual torture on their partners to feel ecstatic and take their desires to the new heights of pleasures.
Your pleasure knows no boundaries, when you bind him with an intense lacquer of sexual desires and leave him frustrated to beg for more pleasures.

However, becoming dominant is not so easy, and until you know all the right tricks, it does not yield the result you want to produce.
On execution of the whole act of dominance right behind the door, it pleases your inner self to the maximum length. However, never overdo it and become so ruthless with your unkind attitudes and actions so that it rips the real nectar of it and deprives you of the core sexual bliss in the end.
All through your act of dominance, you need to maintain the consistency in a slow manner.
Since, it is all about a trick to act little like that of a dominatrix as shown in a porn film, you need to devise that whole picture in your mind and act a bit like that. A dominatrix wears a leather skimpy dress and long boots with a whip in hand. However, it is not that you get to get hold of that whip and beat your man for the ultimate pleasure. You need to bring that dominating feeling with you and build a sexual bondage over him rather than being too harsh on him.

Let’s see how to break the ice in your game of bondage and dominance.
Generally, men are wired to taking the lead in a relationship and also in a sexual tryst. One cannot make any judgment on its goodness or mischievousness. This is the way it is, and it pertains to some dynamics which exist in a relationship.

Don’t Force The Feeling Of Bondage To Take Charge Over You
It should not be this way that your boyfriend asks you and you pay heed to every instruction of him. Unless you gather that confidence and prowess, you should not force yourself to perform an aggressive sexual behavior with your partner thinking he would love it. It is all about making your mind agree and find complacent to do the chore.

Take The Lead
Try to make the whole process exciting and fun. Make it uncertain for your man and give him a peck on his cheeks when he is not expecting it. Take him by storm and drag him somewhere private, say in the bedroom and start unbuckling his belt. Now, he will be all surprised to find what is going on with him.
And when you chew on his lips, it satisfies him on being spoiled by you.

Make Him Aware Of Your Plans of Dominance
While you are with something new in your mind, you can guide your man this way. To add a sense of raunchiness to it, you can get a handcuff. Now, tie his hands with a handcuff behind his back and guide him to follow your instructions the way you want. Without any intimation, you can go down onto him and give him a surprise blowjob to give him a racy sexual feeling. Now, it is your turn to ask him to go down south on you and put a special focus on your vagina wherever you want.

Keep Going Further
Once you are comfortable with your moves and intentions, you can take it to the next level. To express your dominance, you can give commands and orders like this-
 ‘Can you rub my feet?’
‘Go and make the bed for me.’
Once you find him to follow your orders and commands obediently, you can get little kinkier with him. Make the commands so robust, that he is bound to follow them. By this time, you can give more stringent instructions to follow. Say, ‘go down to eat me out’. While he follows this, it makes him so super aroused and leads him to ejaculate immediately. However, now unleash your remorseless behavior to command him not to ejaculate until you reach the climax twice. By giving these instructions, you are taking it too far for him to follow it.

Follow The Rules Of BDSM
Yes, when you are keen to follow the rules of BDSM, it strictly maintains a compliance with your dominating sexual characteristics towards your partner. Let us explore some of the key factors of domination.

Bondage – This part of the BDSM urges for creating physical restraints for you man. It does not allow your man to move freely and do anything at his will. So, when you tie him, you can do anything that you like.        

Discipline- This is as similar as bondage. If he fails to follow the rules of your bondage, you take the initiative to tick him off.  
You can use different ways to discipline him. If your man breaks rules, you can whip him or you can humiliate him physically.
Sadism- Well, there is no similarity between bondage and discipline. This is something, which fosters the feeling of sexual arousal from those of sexual torture and pain you are causing to him. Sometimes, the extreme feeling of humiliation and distress could lead your man to feel sexually aroused.

Masochism- This is similar to sadism, which triggers the same sex drives in your man upon being tortured by you sexually.
Since, every step of BDSM is so punishing and painful, it is not meant for everyone. But, it has lots of fun elements and freakiness. In order to relish that sexual ecstasy, you can incorporate this into your act of dominance.

The whole act may seem weird to you if your partner is little submissive and he takes the lead in your game of dominance. This is a case, which does not need any attention to worry about. With times, it gets to be okay. You need time and embrace the idea of being dominant in the bedroom.

Hope, by this time, you have learnt a good lesson to harness your man in the bedroom. However, you must explore the ecstasy of dominance with someone who you trust and care for.