How Many Calories Does Sex Burn

Any way to imagine how many calories are burnt off during sex? Thanks to new research from the University of Montreal—and 21 couples we now know more about than our best friends—we have the answer.

Women expend 69 while men burn 100 calories in the average sheets session. The times varied widely in the study and ranged between 10 and 57 minutes while the typical romp lasts 25 minutes from the start of foreplay to the end of the deed, but that's just an average. The longer the session, the more calories are burned.

"How the heck did they find this out?" is what you are probably thinking. Previous studies on the topic generally required cables, cuffs, and a mask worn over the mouth and sex in a lab with electrodes. As you can imagine, limited pleasure for all but the most sexually adventurous subjects and it's true. An unassuming armband that can be worn at home, leading to more realistic data in new technology which allows the same information to be calculated from.

Subjects also ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes to compare exercise to actual exercise In addition to having their lovemaking monitored by the sex equivalent of a Fitbit. For women, running at a moderate pace burned more than twice as many calories per minute, 213 total. 95% of women said sex, 5% reported that both were equally enjoyable, and no one said the treadmill when asked which was more pleasurable—sex or the treadmill. 

"The level of intensity walking at [3 miles per hour] but less than that of jogging at [5 miles per hour] that is exerted from sexual activity could be lesser as per the journal PLOS ONE. "Sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise taken together, these results suggest that."

Back to the original question: multiply the time in minutes by 3.1 (for women) or 4.2 (for men)to calculate how many calories you burn during sex. Leave us a note in the comments with your answer! (Kidding...unless you want to!)

Some people, like Khloé Kardashian, enjoy counting calories during sex. The best calorie-burner as she claims is a reverse cowgirl. Is sex really a great workout? Is that even true?

To calculate exactly how many calories are burned for 30 minutes in the five most common sex positions (selected from a survey). Charlene Ciardiello, CEO of the holistic fitness program Shut Up and Move was asked to fact-check, we asked the personal trainer. MET (short for "Metabolic Equivalent," a unit of measurement used to describe how many calories are burned during an activity) x weight x time. The number of calories burned her estimations account for heterosexual sex between a woman who weighs 150 pounds and a man weighing 195 pounds. She used what's called the MET formula, and the conclusion is despite whatever you may have learned from the sex-position-industrial complex, there are actually only six sex positions. As many calories as a light 30-minute walk, most positions burn approximately. See how the calorie counts stack up below and remember this:

1. Missionary Position
Ciardiello estimates the man on top will burn 143 calories. Only 44 calories will be burnt by the woman on the bottom. It can also be a great ab workout, hence she explains the position "requires a lot of hip action, core stability, and upper body work."

Ciardiello recommends thrusting back when her partner thrusts toward her if the woman on the bottom wants to get a better workout from the position. The calories will start burning and this requires a lot of core strength. Your glutes have a great workout to help tone also, squeezing your booty will give! He suggests the man on top tries lifting his partner up for some isometric work add sighing and a little moaning for some extra calorie burn as 

2. Doggy Style
A woman in doggy style will burn 98 calories during penetration. The glutes and quadriceps work being on all fours. To tone muscles while in this position, the woman engages her glutes throughout as per Ciardiello recommendation. Hold onto a wall, which increases the calorie burn to 118 to burn even more calories. The shoulders, biceps and triceps work holding a wall.

A man in doggy style will burn 151 calories. By speeding up the tempo "for some high-intensity interval training" or maintaining a steady pace for some cardio work, Ciardiello says he can burn 211 calories by either,

3. Legs up
The man burns 127, while a woman in this position will burn 116 calories and increase her flexibility, while Ciardiello says. Her legs muscles, such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves will be worked and stretched by the woman. Women should have a partner to stretch the legs within different angles to help find a deeper level of penetration to make the stretch deeper, she suggests."

4. Cowgirl
A man lying flat on his back burns zero calories during this position, while the woman on top will burn 122 calories. For an ab workout while on top, Ciardiello suggests flexing the lower abs and pelvic muscles. To burn even more calories, a woman squats on top of her partner to add a little hip movement with bouncing up and down. Ciardiello suggests the Instead of the original 122, this gets the heart rate up and burns 172 calories.

5. Spooning
Ciardiello calculates that a woman actually burns 103 calories while a man burns 113 in this position while spooning sex might not feel like much of a workout. A bonus: they're engaging their core and obliques while each person lies on their side. Speeding up the tempo with the hips "to add some muscle endurance and extra cardio burn, Ciardiello suggests burning more calories. A woman will burn 153 calories and the man will burn 173 calories with this added challenge.

Her conclusion? Sex is a workout, but it's not burning many calories. It burns about as many calories as a light 30-minute walk for most of these positions.