How long does Male enhancement pills make you last while having sex?

It is not unusual that most men are apprehensive about two things in their life pertaining to sex and their penis size. Yes, men always seem to be wary about their penis size and their performance. However, an average penis size and a perfect duration spent in the bed for a longer time are ought to be a matter of pride for many men as they assume these are perfect attributes to feed their partners’ sexual appetite. While no one has to do anything about their penis size, they can do a lot about making their sexual session longer in bed by preventing premature ejaculation.

Getting everything early seems good, but getting the climax early does not inculcate a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, rather it feels frustrated and embarrassed.

Premature ejaculation is a common problem of the most couples, who want their sexual activity to last longer, and they are more inclined to find ways to tackle this unsatisfying phenomenon of their sexual life. As per studies, about 45% of men are more likely to finish sex quickly to achieve the climax within as little as two minutes. However, an average time to spend in the sexual session till the climax is 7.3 minutes, whereas females are wired to achieve this feat in 11.3 minutes.

Do you really want this duration for your sexual tryst as well or want more than this? Usually the statistics about the sexual duration is not quite satisfying and even discouraging for men and women alike. However, like any athletic performance and endurance, you can find ways to improve your sexual activity and make your duration longer in the bed.
In order to accomplish this purpose, the most efficient and easy appears to be the male enhancement pills as per the claims of their manufacturers. Although no such evidence or regulatory authorities have even established their efficacy to curb premature ejaculation and help sex last longer, they are a fast growing and the most preferred products to solve the performance and endurance issues.

Notably, the FDA has warned multiple times against its use to perk the sexual performance and endurance as they are found to be illicit and contaminated with hidden ingredients, and in most cases infused with the active ingredients in ED pills. When you take them unknowingly, you are likely to expose yourself to a range of health hazards..

Nonetheless, prescription ED pills like Viagra can work as a magic pill, and it is safe so far for being approved by the FDA. Although it is a pill to treat and address erectile dysfunctions in men, it is found to boost men’s sexual performance along with their endurance. Thus, this magic little blue pill can contribute to help with premature ejaculation too.

Viagra And Its Capacity To Prevent Premature Ejaculation
According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in the year 2012, Viagra containing PDE5 inhibitors was able to increase the sexual duration of the participated men in bed before they could reach the climax. Although Viagra is widely preferred to be used for erectile dysfunctions, this little blue pill can contribute to help with premature ejaculation as well.
However, it was not clear if Viagra or any generic ED pills of that sort were really responsible to increase the duration in the bed for 11 out 14 men in the study as some did not go through the placebo tests.

Maybe, the study is specific to more such studies and research to clearly suggest its efficacy for premature ejaculation, male enhancement pills such as Viagra or other from the same group are devised to boost sexual performance and endurance, meaning they help you last longer in bed as well.  Based on the functionalities of these prescription ED pills, thousands of over-the-counter illicit male enhancement pills are made to offer the same sexual benefits. We will discover it later about their efficacy towards making your sex last longer. Before we proceed forward, we can stress on the functionality of prescription Viagra to know how it works to prevent the early onset of ejaculatory dilemma.

The chemical cGMP restricts the onset of the erection when it breaks down. However, the Viagra prevents its breakdown, and helps aid an erection by dilating the blood vessels in the penis and bringing about the engorgement for a successful erection.

As it helps with erection, one can wonder how this prescription magic pill can help with the early onset of the premature ejaculation, and really help with longer lasting endurance in the bed.

All the secret of the satisfied sexual bliss and charisma lies hidden in the capacity of Viagra to restrict the refractory period.

Maybe, you are not aware of this fancy scientific term, which actually refers to the time between ejaculating and preparing to go for another blow. There is no specific reason for the refractory period to happen just right after the climax, but it does happen. And you must get it this way, after the climax following the ejaculatory expulsion of the seminal fluid through the sexual stimulation during sex, the period between the two climaxing does not allow any man to get an erection and ejaculate to experience an orgasm immediately. This is where the magic of the blue pill works to reverse the effects of the refractory period, making your sex last longer with multiple erections, ejaculation and definitely multiple orgasms. So, we can easily say, Viagra reduces the duration of the erectile refractory period, and it enables you to gain a satisfactory erection with the stimulation in the penis, and engage in sex faster than without being on this pill.  It is possible to get into the mood to engage in another sexual session and enjoy the climax right away or minutes after the climax. This way, Viagra is capable of increasing your endurance capability, and makes you last long in the bed.

The effects of Viagra may last up to five to six hours; nonetheless, the endurance capacity of the pill depends on the physical metabolisms of yours. However, the lasting effects of this pill depend on the dosage. A higher amount of dosage is likely to stay for long hours, and hence it increases your sexual endurance.

Overall, Viagra is found to increase one’s confidence of performance, restrained ejaculatory control, and also decrease the refractory time so that men with PE can achieve second erection right after the ejaculation.

There are other prescription drugs that help you last longer in bed. The safe and effective male enhancement pills include Cialis, Levitra, Spedra and Alprostadil.

Cialis and its efficacy on sex duration
Whereas its efficacy is concerned, it is the most effective male enhancement pill to lengthen the sex session. This is because Cialis allows the erection reaction to remain for as long as 72 hours. So, if you use Cialis, you can feel to have erection anytime between this longer duration and have a long lasting sexual session due to an ability to get a stronger and firmer erection during sex. For having this erection benefits, Cialis is known as a weekend pill as it allows for erection assistance for three long days. In regard to this, in eight published studies, couples were found to prefer Cialis to Viagra because of its longer duration of action.
Levitra and its effects on sexual performance
Since every type of erection pills are key PDE5 inhibitors, their key activity is to restricting the effects of PDE5 enzyme and bringing about the erection for the satisfying climax. It helps with erectile dysfunction, and helps you keep the effects for as long as 4-5 hours. So, you are able to get into a sexual activity with a firmer and stronger erection for this longer period. However, it does not guarantee the same duration of action to everyone depending on their metabolism and physiological strength.

This particular male enhancement pill does not get affected by the type of meal you take, so you can take it alongside meal.

This sexual enhancement pill is designed to get working faster within as little as 30 minutes, and helps with erection in men with erectile dysfunction and other sexual difficulties. Spedra offers the similar effects as Viagra does, and it also lasts as long as 4-6 hours.
In case of spedra, the food you take may have an impact on its efficacy. Consuming Spedra does not confirm you will have the erection for that longer period unless you have the ability to keep an erection. Taking this pill along with a large meal may affect the action capability on erection. Always be remembered to take this pill on an empty stomach. Whereas its action is concerned, its effects depend on the various dosages. The higher the dose, the higher the effect is.
The drug is recommended to be taken 30 minutes prior to the sexual activity. Men with certain health conditions should avoid this drug and other drugs too with similar functionalities.  

Alprostadil and Its Effects On The Sexual Activity
In order to avoid erection difficulties, Alprostadil is prescribed for men. This male enhancement pill has the efficacy rate of about 67-75% in men with erectile dysfunction.

You must know that while treating the erectile difficulties in men, this form of drug is used directly onto the skin of the penis to stimulate it when all forms of the other erectile dysfunction drugs fail to work.

Alprostadil is a chemical and synthetic man made enzyme, similar to the hormone prostaglandin E1, occurring in the body naturally and facilitating in the engorgement of the penis for an erection. And similarly, this drug works as the vasodilator to widen the blood vessels of the penis and helps facilitate an erection.

Once administered onto the penis skin, it triggers the sensation of the erection within 5-15 minutes, although most of the time, the action of the drug depends on how you apply it. Available in different forms, its actions vary based on the dosage. When you apply it to your penis, it enables you to last for between 30 minutes to 2 hours. With respect to making your sexual fantasies last long, this drug fails. However, it helps you get an erection and feel satisfied about your sexual performance.
Men with chronic erectile dysfunction issues can at least find respite with this drug, but its use is not that easy as it appears to be.

Be Cautious While Purchasing Over-The-Counter Male Enhancement Pills
That’s all that comes with the prescription male sexual enhancement pills with minimal to fewer side-effects on your health, but none appear to be harsher on any part of your organ. However, the suffering can never be the same when you purchase them online without the doctor’s prescription since the chances of fake or counterfeit drugs remain higher.  

Notably, over-the-counter male enhancement pills offer more than what these prescription erection pills offer. Much to your surprise, the cheesier the name of the male enhancement pills on the shelves; it’s less likely to be effective in transforming your night into the morning hue.

You can find plenty of male enhancement pills out there on the market, but none helps you get those superfluous sexual benefits such as enhanced stamina, firmer and stronger erection and longer duration due to prolonged control over your ejaculatory function. And as a result, you can never have that magical dick that lasts really long till the morning.

More than this, not a single male enhancement drug reads the ingredient lists, and they are not properly regulated to be safe on your health too. Men on nitrates to curb their heart disease or other health issues should avoid them as they use the active ingredients of ED pills without any regulation. The effects can be really debilitating, if you take them without knowing their compositions, they can put you at risks of a dozen of health hazards.

It’s all the game of mind.  If you are skillful and know all the tricks of better sex with key emphasis on your health, you can really make a difference and win the battle of sexual pleasure. Nonetheless, if you still want to spike your sex using these male enhanced drugs, you should consult with your partner and take reviews about the products before you purchase them.