How long before should I start taking male enhancement pills?

Call it impotence or the most common disorder of sexual difficulty- erectile dysfunction; it has become a very usual sexual ailment for men. This sexual dysfunction is now very relevant and prevalent in every one in ten men in the UK.
Until recently, this sexual disorder was under wraps and even most learned men with specialization in sexual skills and norms preferred following the taboo of not discussing it in the public. However, in the recent times, a lot about this disorder has been talked about and publicized, making even the most reluctant men to be open about this and seek help to get out this sexual disability.  

When it comes to erectile dysfunctions, men and their counterparts do not need much explanation about how these sexual dysfunctions have proved a curse for their sexual life. In one word, erectile dysfunction is a primary cause of sexual dissatisfaction, frustration and a huge source of embarrassment as they cannot achieve and maintain a healthy erection due to failure of stimulation, resulting in an intense arousal. Many underlying health concerns may contribute to this problem for a chronic victim. But, for healthy individuals that suffer it due to lack of sex drive and testosterone, responsible to trigger the feeling of arousal can find a respite using a male enhancement pill. Yes, male enhancement pill is designed to help aid in the sexual performance and spike your sexual life.

The FDA approved and tested male enhancement pills are effective and offer a good amount of efficacy to improve one’s libido and help with performance anxiety, including boosting stamina and the degree of pleasure.

However, the claims of a wide range of unregulated and untested male enhancement pills, those are wrongfully publicized to increase the penis size for men, who are suffering from confidence and performance anxiety work as a huge influence. Men, who are wired to think this way that they cannot come to their partners’ expectation due to their improper penis size, are actually bearing a wrong notion. This is where millions of male enhancement pills cash in on their thoughts and dupe them of millions, if not billions as profits. Studies have long proved that there are no such male enhancement pills or supplements that can add size to your penis. And those who do, they are fake and scams to deceive you.

Only tested and clinically approved male enhancement pills that are available to cure mild to severe erectile dysfunctions upon the presence of a prescription are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many more their generic versions. Not only do these male enhancement pills keep your erectile dysfunctions in checks, but they also improve your sex drive and stamina to help you achieve and maintain a good erection, and prevent premature ejaculation. However, we cannot overlook their side-effects too completely.
Besides these prescription pills, there are male enhancement supplements and also non prescription pills too.
In a time when every man is looking out to boost their sexual performance to have an intense climax, they pay too much heed to the necessity of male enhancement pills, no matter if they have any sexual dysfunctions or not. But, you must know that even tested and approved male sexual enhancement pill has mild side-effects. Although the natural male enhancement herbs and supplements have fewer side-effects as opposed to synthetic male enhancement pills, you should stay away from its use. If still, you are determined to satisfy your partner with a boosted and heightened sex drive, you may consider the use of these pills but with awareness and definitely under your physician’s guidance, as though many prefer not looking for any clinical suggestion.

Before you shop any male enhancement pills to support your sexual performance, you should look at comprehensive guidelines about how these enhancement pills work and how fast the actions begin on your physical condition.

Sildenafil or Viagra
Sildenafil is the most common ingredient in the prescription drug, Viagra, which doctors prescribe to trigger erections in men with erectile dysfunction. This blue pill is effective in treating certain heart conditions too.

Viagra was first discovered by the UK scientist and marketed by the US medical firm Pfizer.

This enhancement pill’s key target is to inhibit the precursor that suppresses the feeling of erection.  When there is stimulation, the nervous system releases nitric oxide in the erectile tissues of the penis. It dilates the blood vessel to allow the blood to flow to the penis, and engorge it. This way Viagra help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and sustain an erection for a penetrative sexual intercourse. However, its effects are bleak if there is no sexual stimulation.

Viagra ensures that the flow of nitric oxide never becomes insufficient lest it hinders the process of erections.
For erectile dysfunctions or impotence, the dosage of Viagra varies from person to person. The doses are available in 25mg, 50 mg and 100 mg.

The power of dose determines the persons’ intensity of sexual problems. However, whatever dose you are prescribed with, you must take it within half an hour to an hour prior to sex, and not more than four hours of sex.

The pill does not take much time to start its effects. Within half an hour, Viagra starts working, yet it depends on various medical conditions of the consumer to show its effects. Since, it does not cause any stimulation; you need to use some precursor to trigger that stimulation.

The effects of Viagra last for as many as five hours. But, the different factors influence its lasting effects depending on the persons’ medical history and others.
This prescription male enhancement pill starts working within half an hour. The primary focus of this drug is to treat erectile dysfunctions and enhance sexual performance by improving sex drive.
The pill regulates the functions of a substance PDE5 that inhibits the process of erection in the penis by restricting the blood flow. By allowing the penis arteries to maintain a healthy blood flow, Cialis maintains and keep an erection. However, until and unless you are stimulated, the pill does not work its effects.

Depending on its various dosages comprising 2.5mg, 5 mg, 10mg, and 20mg, Cialis is prescribed to patients based on their degree of symptoms.

A first dose of 10 mg is prescribed, which you need to take half an hour before the sexual activity. But, depending on the improvement, the dose is adjusted. Whatever it is, no one can take more than one pill within a span of twenty four hours.
Since the traces of this male enhancement pill remain in the system for 24 hours, it is not recommended for daily use. You can take it twice daily. Where its lasting effect is concerned, it remains for as long as 24-36 hours, which is nine times more than Viagra.

It is designed to be sufficient to offer a full cycle of sexual activity from erection to orgasm.

Levitra is a male enhancement pill that aims at boosting sexual performance and helping aid an erection. The function of this pill is as same as Viagra. For both of these two drugs, the effects simply do not work once administrated after meals. The pill starts its action half an hour after the initiation of the consumption, and breaking down of the chemical properties in your system. The action of the pill remains for four to five hours, which is quite short for a few men. However, for most guys, the effects remain as long as 10-12 hours.
It depends on various factors as how long should its effect stay for. In most cases, the level of erectile dysfunctions decides the lasting effects of this drug.

Even if its effects last for only 4-5 hours, it does not ensure you should take it whenever you feel its previous effects are wearing off. Maintain a gap of at least twenty four hours between two administrations of doses.

Never ever try to overdose it. It can impact your health.
Thousands of years before, when there is no Viagra or its generic forms to address erectile dysfunctions and boost stamina for a better sexual performance, people look forward to natural methods of male enhancements. There are some of the popular natural male enhancement substitutes that aim at boosting one’s sexual stamina, and also treat erectile dysfunctions.

Horny Goat Weed
Referred to as Epimedium, horny goat weed has long been used as a method to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions. The extract of this herb is available in the form of supplement.

It is a great substitute to Viagra that addresses erectile dysfunctions and boosts men’s sexual performance.
Unlike Viagra that fails to stimulate sexual arousal, horny goat weed triggers sexual arousal, and helps prevent involuntary ejaculation. Instilled with a component like icariin, it helps with erectile dysfunction and boost sex drive.

A dosage of 200mg-500mg is perfect to address your sexual dysfunction. The effects of horny goat weed start working within 30-40 minutes of consumption. However, don’t forget to take it on a regular basis, at least for a month to see its effective results.
It restricts an enzyme that inhibits the blood flow to the penis and cause erection. There is no enough data that suggest its perfect dosing.

This natural extract from the bark of yohimbe tree, is widely used in supplements and tablets to treat erectile dysfunctions and improves sexual performance. This herbal remedy is one of the popular male enhancement supplements to help one with performance anxiety due to sexual dysfunction.
Recent trials showed that it increases the testosterone levels and helps maintain an erection. When your key objective is to fight erectile dysfunction, you need to take between 15-30 mg of daily dose.  

Different yohimbine based male enhancement pill starts working its effects within as little as 15 minutes. And its effects stay for 2.5 hours that help aid a heightened sexual performance and an intense orgasm. Whatever you take- be it a pill or powder or capsule; keep a gap of at least 24 hours between two applications.

Gingko Biloba
It is an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunctions and natural sex booster for men. Many trials have proven its sex enhancing benefits. However, the form of male enhancement products prepared with this natural ingredient is not regulated and approved.
Some studies also show that like Viagra, this herbal extract facilitates the flow of nitric oxide from the central nervous system and relax arteries of the penile wall to trigger an erection. At the same time, Gingko is believed to increase the testosterone to boost sexual performance.

A dose of 120-240mg is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

There are numerous numbers of male enhancement products too that are not regulated by the FDA. However, it is unknown how fast it starts working.

This male enhancement pill is supposed to boost sexual performance and also erectile dysfunctions. Although claimed to be an all natural product, this product contains ingredients similar to that of Viagra, which can bring down your blood pressure dangerously.

This drug is recommended to take 30 minutes before sexual activity. The effects of this product can be seen within an hour after the application. Unlike prescription drugs, this male enhancement pill is designed to boost stimulation and its effects remain even after 72 hours.
It is a product, which is objectified to enhance sexual stamina and performance. But ever since it is outright dangerous for your health, you should ask for your doctor’s recommendation.

Rock Hard Weekend
This male enhancement pill is an aphrodisiac that boosts your stamina, endurance and testosterone for a better sexual activity. The manufacture of this product claims that it works within thirty minutes of ingestion. And its effects last for as long as 36 hours.

As per the manufacturer, the product is made of all natural ingredients, and hence its effects work within 30 minutes of consumption.

Other than this, you can find a wide range of male enhancement products that boost men’s sexual performance. But, remember they are not regulated and hence unsafe for your health.
It is better you use alternative ways to address your issues. In order to do so, you can consult your health expert, he can guide you properly.