How Does Smoking Cause Impotence

An erection is possible only when there is a sufficient blood flow to the penis chamber. A healthy arterial blood supply to the penis facilitates the onset of an erection. However, the erection cannot take place when there is not enough blood into the penis due to the narrowed penis arteries or blood vessels. Although physical and psychological factors contribute to the erectile dysfunctions or impotence in men, you cannot reject the contribution of the smoking or smoking cigarette completely. It is not surprising that smoking is linked to damaging the blood vessels in the heart, leading to the cardiovascular disease, and so does to the penis health and hinders the process of the successful erection.

However, the good news is that when you quit it, it can offer an instant result, and improve your sexual and vascular health to help treat the erectile dysfunctions or impotence.

The findings of the research
It is more common for men to suffer from erectile dysfunctions these days. While ED is associated with older people and the symptoms are higher with age in men, anyone can experience ED at any stage in their lives. According to the study 2005, men with smoking habits were twice as likely to be exposed to the effects of ED as men who did not smoke in their lives. This study was brought by the American Journal of Epidemiology. In addition to this, younger men with cravings for cigarette are at a higher risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Research suggests that with abstinence from smoking or smoking cigarette, you can easily stave off the negative impacts of ED, which is a real curse on your sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction In Young Males With Smoking Habits
A study throwing lights on the effects of smoking on a man’s ability to attain and sustain an erection has long been reported in the American Heart Association’s annual conference. This is not the first time that a connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction has been confronted with. Since it is usual for older people to suffer the impact of erectile dysfunctions, it is more common and highly prevalent among men above 40. However, the impact of erectile dysfunction is also present in the younger individuals as well, which is a huge growing concern as it is also associated with the male fertility. An inability to get and maintain an erection is the leading cause of sexual dissatisfaction as well as relationship breakdown. Although ED in younger men is thought to be psychogenic, it is not always psychogenic and involves organic factors such as vascular, neurologic and endocrine. An estimated 15-20% of young males suffer from erectile dysfunction due to organic causes aging less than 40 years old.
How Smoking Impacts An Erection?
Much to your surprise, the cigarette can contain up to 41,000 chemical compounds, among which acetone, arsenic and carbon monoxide are the most common. As opposed to female smokers, male smokers are twice as likely to be exposed to the dangers of smoking due to the direct impact on the vascular arteries that supply blood to the key organs of the body, including the penis. Hence, men are wired to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to the narrowed blood vessels. The more common chemical compound nicotine puts a direct effect on the penis vessels, and hence an sufficient blood flow cannot reach the penis, obstructing the occurrence of the successful erection.
How Smoking Affects Your Blood Vessels?
The ill-effects of smoking are immense.  It is not that smoking only causes the damages to a particular organ of the body, but it exposes dangers to every part of the body. The direct and first negative impact of cigarette smoking falls upon the blood vessels and its exterior lining, impairing the natural chemical functions of the blood vessels due to the containment of a specific chemical in cigarettes.

The key chemical that cigarette emits is nicotine, it is such a chemical that can hurt a range of parts in your body such as your heart, liver, kidneys, and also brains. While each part of your body is subject to changes impacted by the flames and nicotine of the cigarette, the blood vessels in the penis also gets impacted by it. It is due to the smokes of the cigarette and other smoking habits that narrow the vessels of the penis and restricts the blood flow for a successful erection. With times, the symptoms become very glaring, and emerge as an erectile dysfunction. 

This is a sexual disorder, which does not allow you to achieve and maintain an erection despite receiving the signal from the cellular cells or neurons in the brain. It appears that the nerve cells or neurons in your brain work properly and gets stimulated by the sexual stimuli, but the penis arteries cannot flex due to insufficient blood flow, and hence no erection happens.

And this is so because of the unhealthy blood vessels due to excessive smoking practice.
The Connection between Smoking And Erectile Dysfunctions
Although there is no solid evidence to proof the effects of smoking of cigarette on the health of blood vessels and also on ED, smoking is a major factor influencing the onset of ED and aggravating the conditions of the erection capability of anyone who smokes profusely. In addition, it clearly states that smoking is linked to impairment of a dozen of physical functions in the body. Smoking cigarette is to blame for degradation in the growth of nitric oxide, a key enzyme to contribute to the erectile functions, decreased endothelium-dependent vasodilatation, dysfunction of the endothelial lining of the heart, thickening of the arterial lining in the heart, difficulty in vascular functions, and also aggravating the conditions of the coronary artery functions and contribute to various cardiovascular disease. Besides, smoking is the leading cause of the hypertension alone.

Due to the impairment of the all of the organs as well as the malfunctions of certain key physical functions of organs contribute to the erectile difficulties.
Many studies and research have confirmed the involvement of smoking that aggravates the conditions of the penile erection capability in men with heavy smoking cravings and practice. Similarly, these studies were concentrated to find out and assess the influence of abstinence of the smoking on the improvement of ED and overall physical functions.

In smokers, ED is highly prevalent, and hence smoking is a known factor to cause ED and even degrade the normal functions of the penile arteries while achieving and maintaining an erection.

A study was carried out in the year 2004 to assess if the effects of smoking badly impact the smokers and their ability to perform a great sexual act.  The participated patients with the complaints of existing ED wanted to go for a Nicotine Replacement Therapy. These patients were evaluated against the presence of a range of disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, psychiatric disorders and drug history. Before applying the methods of NRT, the patients without any traces of these disorders were evaluated for the grade of ED using the International Index of Erectile Function version 5 (IIEF-5). The same process was followed after a year. Before the follow up period, the connection between the grade of ED and the exposure of smoking was assessed. Simultaneously, the abstinence from smoking using the NRT and the continuation of the smoking in between the follow-up period and beyond were evaluated too.

The evaluation of the study revealed that the severity of ED was highly correlated and even higher against the level of exposure of smoking.
The ED status and age were unchanged before the follow up period among 118 patients with abstinence from smoking. The same was noticed among 163 patients with a persistent smoking habit. After the follow up of the study, it was observed that the patients who quitted smoking were more likely to have less severity of ED as compared to those, who continued their smoking even after the year. Further, the study observed that the ED status was even better among ex-smokers and even current smokers. However, the follow-up treatment was unable to improve the conditions and status of ED among the ex-smokers and also in the older patients.

Therefore, it is easier to come to the conclusion that there is an in-depth connection between the severity of ED and intensity of the smoking practice. When you curb your smoking, the chances are higher to avoid the ill-effects of the erectile dysfunction and improve your own erectile functions during sex. Smokers can easily prevent and improve the occurrence of erectile dysfunction easily with an abstinence from smoking.

However, age and severity of ED are less likely to be impacted with an abstinence from smoking, and hence you cannot expect any improvement.
With regard to this, we can highlight many reports that emphasize the effects of smoking on the onset of ED in men.

Studies Reporting ED As A Result Of Smoking
Although, no such reports are clear in clarifying the effects of smoking on ED, there is still a close relation between these two phenomena.
In a follow-up study by Feldman referred to as “Massachusetts Male Aging Study”, based on the factors of age, smokers are twice as likely to be affected by the complexities of erectile dysfunction from moderate to choric level as compared to the non-smokers.

Another study carried out by Mannino focused on the cross-sectional assessment among 4462 USA army veterans and found that the non-smoker veterans had fewer severities of erectile dysfunctions as opposed to the current smokers. 
Different studies suggested a strong connection between the severity of ED and the exposure to smoking among the sufferers. Further, it reported that the detrimental effects of cigarette smoking is a key contributor to the vascular damage of the blood vessels as well as arterial damage in the penis, thus causing an advanced erectile dysfunctions in the smokers.

Notably, the number of cigarette you smoke in a whole day is strongly associated with the degradation of the condition of the nocturnal penile tumescence. With regard to this, in a study by Guay on 10 heavy smokers, a 24 hours abstinence from smoking was proved to improve the conditions of erectile dysfunctions in those smokers and also the abnormality of nocturnal tumescence. At the same time, if you can maintain the abstinence for at least a year, you can have better ED status and more flexibility to engage into sexual act.

For smoking induced ED, a longer period of abstinence is required to stave off the risks of vascular damage as well as vasodilatation damage to enable erections.

Since, it is established that smoking is indeed associated with causing erectile dysfunction and impotence, it is better to maintain abstinence.   

Smoking induced erectile dysfunction in young men is easier to go away with abstinence from smoking. However, the chances are bleak for older people as erectile dysfunction can occur to them due to other physiological and physical conditions and other medical and underlying health conditions.

How long it takes to get rid of smoking induced erectile dysfunction?
The study has revealed to reduce the effects of smoking on the erectile dysfunction as soon as you quit smoking and the improvement can be noticed within as little as 24 hours.

However, there are certain factors, which determine the improvement and progress on ED health. The severity of ED is likely to go away based on several factors such as age, health conditions, and the physical conditions of the patients.

The sooner, the better as is the case with erectile dysfunction. Yes, the sooner you will quit or keep abstinence from smoking, you will be able to improve the conditions of erectile dysfunction. With times, you can be able to boost your performance and get out of the performance anxiety, while improving your endurance and performance in bed.

If you find to get rid of smoking tougher, you can consult with an expert to help you with smoking and finally stave off the severities of erectile dysfunction.