Hot New Sex Positions You Should Try This Year

Do your New Year resolutions for this year include better sex positions? If not, it may be the time to reconsider your goals for this year. Obviously, sex makes you happier and fulfilled. Also, researches have proven that, people who undergo pleasurable sex once in a week, are 44 percent happier. To climb this ladder of happiness and tranquility, you need to put in some real efforts. A better sex life needs conviction and dedication. One thing, we can assure is that, a happy sex is worth it. Couples, who put efforts to nourish their sex life, lead a satisfactory relationship. But, it always takes, some extra work to climb the ladder.

Below mentioned sex positions, will take your to do list to a newer level. One thing, we can promise is that, these will be the smartest solutions for a igniting sex life:

The Ottoman Empire:

This versatile sex position will give thousand reasons to try it. In this, your lady partner gets the control over speed and depth. Also, it will also give you a leeway to give a better thrust. This is because, when you have a complete mattress under you, it becomes hard to give a whole thrust. This position keeps both of your hands free, so that you get to touch, caress and tease her erogenous zones.

Directions: Lie down on a seat or ottoman which is without wheels. This is to support your back, so you would not want to swirl around with slippery wheels. Make her sit on you in a straddling position, to make her move up and down. If you have endured a good strength in your ottoman, then you can move a little lower (half way down the ottoman). This will give you more freedom to impose thrusts. 

You can also enjoy a good oral sex in this position. She can bow amidst your legs, and caress your phallus. You can also do vice versa to make her more sensitive.

The Chair:

Standing positions may seem tempting, but most of the couple hesitates in trying them. Make your imaginations come alive, with easing out standing positions. The chair position will help you in balancing out even the hardest standing positions. This position is also the key for giving her, a deep and healthy penetration. 

Directions: Lean against a wall and form a wall sit position. Bring your legs more closer and lean them to almost a right angle. This should be done to make her straddle you. The position will keep your hand free to place them on her hips, breasts and stroke her while you enter her. She may or may not touch the floor (depends on her height). If it becomes too hard to ride and move, make one of her legs touch the floor. This will make a tripod position, and will keep your legs at ease. 

The Maypole:

The position is a bit more challenging, but you may feel exhilarating while trying this. In this, her clitoris will feel a rub against your pubic bone area. This will make quite a pleasure for her. 

Directions: To make it convenient, you can start with chair position. Start altering the chair position by wrapping her legs around your waist part. Make her lean backwards and place your hands on her buttocks. Give her a good push upwards and slowly move to a standing position. You can be half standing as per your convenience. Lift her up and down throughout the shaft. This will take lots of energy, so to maintain your stamina; you can keep your legs a little more bent. 

The Twist and Shout:

This position is quite slow and allows really deep penetration. This position will also provide great intimacy with scope of eye contact and body touch. 

Directions: While lying on your back side, keep one leg extended out and another bent. Bring her in a straddle position on your legs. With this, she can easily move up and down your phallus. This will provide a greater depth and speed for the movements. Your penis will have a certain bending direction. She can easily sit and give grinding moves in the opposite direction. You will feel heaven with these grinding moves. 

Cradled Cowgirl Position:

The position is an awesome one to give her a great clitoral stimulation. This will work as a two-edged sword when you want to maintain the close intimacy and also keep the fire igniting. 

Direction: When she takes up the conventional cowgirl position, tilt it a bit by laying her forward. Making her do this, will delve her face in your neck. Also, this will align your bodies beautifully, and will direct her towards a great clitoral stimulation.

Your hands will be free enough to grab her hips. You can also move your hands further and instigate her anus stimulation. Make sure that, she likes anus stimulation, else just move on to something else. 

The Twisted Spoon Position:

This variation in classic spooning position is made to excite some extra penetration. It is more like clubbing doggy style and spooning. 

Directions: Lie down on your sides, just like in a spooning position. You will be behind her. Ask her to raise her one leg in the air (the one on the top). While she holds the ankle of the raised leg, you will enter her from behind. To make her keep enjoying, keep touching her breasts and clitoral area. 

The Duet:

Masturbation is great to know and experience pleasure in your body. In this position, you ask her to touch herself and you keep on touching yourself. She will feel shy at the very first time. If she feels too shy, have her sit in your front facing her back. Take her back into your chest to make her feel comfortable.

Start touching her body while she masturbates. Also, touch yourself and initiate masturbation. During the climax, you both will have a great time, masturbating and engaging into an intimacy.