Hand It To Her

Looking for the secret to give her an all nighter she won’t forget? Here are some tips to help you make her reach an orgasm:

Slow and steady wins the race
You want to slow things down as much as you can so that she can feel the level of comfort that it is going to take for her to climax. The more time you take before going down on her, the more effort you save in successfully getting her to come. You don’t want her to feel guilty about not being able to come sooner and fake it for your sake. 
In order to get her in the comfort zone, sharing a bath is a good idea. It makes sure that you enjoy going down on her afterwards and also relieves her and calms her concerns about being clean enough for it. 
Getting her wet
Getting her there does not necessarily have to be all about your fingers and your tongue. While you make out with her, use a thigh to grind in between her legs. This gives her arousing vibrations without even coming in direct contact with her clitoris or vagina. It’s a great way to warm things up. 

Finding your way to her clitoris
The easiest way to get her there is by being able to locate her clitoris. This can be done letting her inner lips, or labia, guide you. Following them from the bottom, until you reach the top where they come together. Right above over there you will find a fleshy fold and you have reached the clitoral hood. Putting a finger above it and pulling up, you would find a smaller fleshy knob. That, my friend, is her clitoris. 
Now these come in all shapes and sizes. Some like to stay hidden, while others come bulging out, some women have larger outer lips while some have none, and some women have clitoral hoods that need to be pulled back to reveal the clitoris. Unlike porn actresses, who have had surgery to get their genitals to look like that, you will have to explore to find your partner’s love button. 
When you do find it, you would want to take a good look at it, and you can notice how it doesn’t look exactly like a button in a way that a nipple would. It can be hard to spot as it is of the same color as her inner lips, but when it is aroused and engorged with the stimulation that you are going to provide, it can be spotted with ease.

Test your pressure using a plum
Once down there, use your thumb to give gentle strokes to her clitoris. You don’t want to be asking her questions like “does this feel good” because it is most likely for her response to be “yes” regardless of whether it feels good or not, mostly because she wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings. The questions you need to be asking in order to get her to reach an orgasm are “Do you want me to go faster?” or “Do you like it harder?”. Some women have more sensitive love buttons than the others and if that is the case, you want to slow things down and touch the outsides of her hood first. 
In order to determine the kind of pressure you would need to pleasure your woman in a way she would like, try using a peach or a plum to practice. Try running your fingers and nails against the skin of the fruit. If it makes the skin tear, it would have a similar effect on a woman’s genitals as well. So you may want to sort your nails with a nail filer and apply some moisturizer.
Most women don’t even know that attached to their clitoris is the clitoral shaft. Foreplay involving the shaft is an equivalent of a man receiving a hand job. The way to finding the shaft is by gently grasping the upper labia using your fingers. When you find a thin cable like thing, you will know you have reached the shaft. You can stimulate it by stroking it slowly. It will give your woman an orgasm that most women never get to experience.
Give her more
Simply touching won’t suffice. She could enjoy some genital tapping which charges the nerve endings and brings up the blood to the surface. Placing your index finger and thumb around her hood, gently pinch her clitoris. Gently roll it around using your fingers. Expose her clitoris by pulling the hood up and gently blow on it. Using a lubricated fingertip, stroke it from different angles using the lightest of touches and observe which way she likes it. You can try upward, downward, or side to side strokes, or go in circles. Do her a favor and go gently instead of behaving like her clitoris is some kind of dirt that you are trying to clean off. It will leave her feeling sore and it’s not sexy at all. If she does want it harder or faster, she will give you the necessary signs, like putting a hand on top of yours, or adjusting her position with respect to your hand.

Sticking to it
Once you have figured out the move or rhythm that stimulates her best, do not change it. Stick to it and keep going. If you notice her tense into a position with her hips held high up and abs tensed to stay in place, you will know she is almost there. As you continue giving her what she likes, you will be able to make those waves of pleasure travel to all parts of her body from her clitoris. This can even get her shaking and shuddering, but you should not stop. Keep it coming until the shuddering stops completely and she becomes limp with a satisfied look of bliss on her face. Feel free to relax now, for you have succeeded in your mission and given her an orgasm she will remember. Lay back down and let her thank you with the erotic efforts she will be more than willing to make for you.