Getting head in life

Getting the perfect head is every man’s dream. Luckily for you, there actually happen to be a number of ways in which you can help achieve that. 
Read along to find out what women think about giving head-

Think of it as a transaction
Everything in this day and age calls for reciprocation. All of it works on the give and take rule. If you go down on a woman, she will be more than willing to return the favour. Instead of asking her to give you head, you could instead give her an oral she won’t easily forget so that she can put her skills to best use and give you the orgasm you have always wanted to reach.

Real life is not porn
Forget everything that you might have watched in porn because real life is nothing like it. This point can’t be stressed enough. You might have seen men nudging their head as an indication of wanting head and that is okay only in the world of porn. In real life, it is just rude. Women are not meant to be objectified like that. 
Admit it or not, but it does put you in a pretty vulnerable position when you have your most prized possession held between a woman’s teeth. So you might want to play nice instead of behaving like some degrading jerk who does the least likeable of things. Hair pulling might look good in the world of porn but in real life it is simply demeaning, and most women are not going to like it. As far as the thrusts are concerned, you want to make sure that the woman can comfortably breathe as choking is something that again needs to be left in the world of porn itself. So you need to cooperate, let the woman take control and sit back and enjoy whatever it is that she has to offer.

Hairiness is not an issue, hygiene is
Women honestly couldn’t care less if you have an entire bush down there. As long as you keep it clean, and we mean go take a shower and smell nice clean, it is all good. You don’t have to chop off the hair down there to make your penis look bigger. It might be a good idea from your perspective, but size hardly matters to women. You want her to be enthusiastic. And the kind of enthusiasm you seek can only be obtained by being hygienic. Do not come straight from playing a sport, sweating profusely and expect an immediate blowjob at your service. Clean up first, and your woman would be more than willing to gratify you. 

From a woman’s point of view
They might be on their knees, but from their perspective,it is a power reversal. They like to enjoy the power it gives them, and the reactions make it even better. Once they get down there, they have total control. You know it too, given the way you become completely still. It’s all up to them, where they choose to take you, how fast or how slow, and which route they take to get you there. The only way in which you can help things is by letting them do things their way.

Let them know how they are doing
Giving an oral is about doing it to someone you like in order to make them feel good. And the goal is for them to have a good time. As giving head is a part of sex and foreplay, it is more of a skill. That is what makes a woman giving head self conscious, and gets her to wonder if she is doing it right. If there is no feedback or encouragement from your end, she might end up thinking you don’t like what she is doing. This makes it harder to give a good blowjob and you can help release the stress of it by letting her know when she is doing something you really happen to enjoy. It doesn’t even have to be verbal. You can just grunt, moan or whimper your approval. It makes her more confident and this will lead you to a blowjob you will definitely remember. If you can’t figure out how to go about it, try thinking about the last time you went down on a woman and how she articulated it when you hit the right spots. Just reciprocate the same for the woman giving you head and she will be sure to appreciate the support.

Make it a part of the whole deal
You don’t have to reach an orgasm based on the oral stimulation alone. Follow it up with a round of returning the favor or having a full on session.

An end to remember
More than the mutual understanding and respecting the woman’s gag reflexes, grooming yourself and letting her know how she is doing, how it ends matters just as much. After having had control over your reactions, and giving you the sort of pleasure you were seeking, the actual climax is a point that is completely out of the woman’s control and it would be very helpful if you could give her a warning before you let it go. They can change the pace accordingly and make it more organized than a sudden mess. As far as the matter of spitting or swallowing is concerned, it would be best if you would leave that up to the woman and not take it personally or be judgemental of what she chooses to do with your load. Even though spitting it out might seem impolite, it is still her choice. Make things easier for her by not letting that decision affect how you felt about the entire experience.

Keeping these things in mind, and playing your part exactly when and where needed, you can get yourself the best possible blowjobs in the world. Just let them take over and feel the power they need to feel and watch how amazingly it turns out.