Exercises to Increase Your Sexual Prowess

You can improve your sexual athleticism through training even if It may not be a goal you want to bring up at your gym induction. "Moves that improve flexibility, boost stamina and develop a solid core allows you to co-ordinate flexion and extension of your spine and hips using erector muscles, your abdominals, hip flexors and glutes," says personal trainer Ben Jones at Lifetime Health and Fitness.

9 Best Kama Sutra exercises to increase your sexual prowess
Do you desire to increase your sexual prowess? If yes, then you have to effectually opt for the 9 best Kama Sutra exercises. This is essential because these exercises are regarded as the 1000-year-old ancient secrets and advice's to increase one's sex and his or her love life.

Leg Kama Sutra exercises
This is the simplest and most basic Kama Sutra exercise to help sex. You have to spread your legs in order to attain organism regularly and easily. In the present scenario, individuals are busy with their hectic schedules due to which they are not able to do much or nil physical exercises which in turn are leading to obesity among young generations. This exercise is quite essential since Hand Kama Sutra exercises
The use of Kama Sutra exercises optimally provides a good strength to almost all parts of the body in general and hands in specific. In improving the process of sex, the exercises to increase the muscle of hands are also quite important. This exercise is bound to deliver good benefits to a user. This exercise can be carried out by both couples. Though beginners could initially find a problem in performing these exercises, they will soon get adapted to it.

Pubococcygeus muscle Kama Sutra exercises
Pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle exercises are found to be quite effective in both sexes and thus couples should carry-out these kinds of exercises together. The user has to concentrate upon the muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone or coccyx which forms the pelvic cavity's floor and in turn supports the pelvic organs and this exercise is bound to offer flexibility. This covers the muscles that surround the rectum, bladder openings and vagina in women.

Mental Kama Sutra exercises
Good mental relief is achieved in addition to sex health while Kama Sutra exercises are practised. The immune system of the body which in turn benefits the overall condition of health is improved by these kinds of exercises which also improve the positive state of the mind. These exercises incredibly increase the energy level of a user and at the same time diminish the levels of anxiety and stress in individuals.

Back arching Kama Sutra exercises
This kind of Kama Sutra exercises assists for easy movements in sex. Usually, the pressure is borne to a male partner's shoulders and arms. In addition, knees and elbows are utilized to the maximum possible for balancing and hence this exercise of arching is much important for increasing the sexual life. This exercise is designed to maximize strength as well as control of sex muscle. Sexual positions are the main integration of these exercises for which flexibility for contortion performance is specifically related. The muscles of sex in addition to weak flabby muscles have to be effectively toned up on regular performance to offer a much better effect.

Forward bending Kama Sutra exercises
Arching exercise should be performed together with these Kama Sutra exercises. Almost all the muscles from legs and arms to lower abdomen and thighs are utilized during the sexual interaction, due to which Bending and arching exercises are highly necessitated. Similar to the other kind of exercises, in this kind of exercise one needs to warm up his or her body for at least 15 minutes.

Breathing Kama Sutra exercises
The actual process of breathing is very well dealt with breathing Kama Sutra exercises, one is taught the correct option of breathing. Sex drive is terrifically improved by carrying out these exercises. This also eases his or her stress as well as nerves day round. There is no specific equipment used in these exercises and there are also no side effects involved. People of any body weight, type or height can carry out these exercises.

Muscle Kama Sutra exercises
We generally do not use sex muscles in our daily routine exercises, hence toning up the muscles of sex is an important exercise of Kama Sutra. These exercises help one to hold his or her urine and faeces until they are effectively defaecated. Slackening and flabbiness of the muscles of sex are very much possible if not utilized on daily basis. During childbirth, the sex muscles of females get stretched beyond the natural elasticity. The lack of six muscle toning is one of the major causes of the relationship failure.

Kegel Kama Sutra exercises
The sex muscles of both partners are toned and improved by these efficacious Kama Sutra exercises. Moreover, both sexes are guaranteed to achieve prolonged, intensified and controlled orgasm. The area of the abdomen is engorged as these exercises increase the flow of blood to pelvic regions in both sexes which in turn increase the flow of hormones. The user has to just count number and pull in her or his muscles in this kind of exercise. He or she has to hold muscles as tight as he or she can and then loosen them. He or she has to breathe in and out in a slow manner and concentrate on his or her muscles. The counting can be elevated as one progress in this exercise. Muscles have to grow quickly with relaxing via contraction. This is quite important since without relaxation the muscles will not grow quickly. These exercises offer regular contraction and relaxation of pelvic floor muscle which in turn restores the tone of muscles, reduces overactive symptoms of the bladder, increases sexual gratification and treats urinary incontinence in men and women.
For boosting male libido levels and to improve performance in bed, Kegel Exercises have become one of the most talked about alternative aids. However, Kegel Exercises can be slightly confusing for starters. Further, every kind of posture in Kegel Exercises is not beneficial from the perspective of improving sexual performance. How to improve your sexual prowess can be well understood from this article where the benefits of Kegel Exercises are well explained. Kegel Exercises were created by a gynaecologist. The target area of these exercises is the PC or Pubococcygeus muscles. These are muscles of our pelvic floor that surrounds the male and female genitals.
Self-discipline and good practice are mandatory for effective usage of Kegel Exercises. It is an established fact that men who have mastered these exercises are more adept at providing orgasms to their ladies. PC muscles are strengthened by Kegel Exercises.  This ensures that there are no fears of sexual problems like Premature Ejaculation.
The following tips will make you understand how to operate Kegel Exercises in a safe manner.

Before Starting Kegel, Identify Your PC Muscles
You need to locate the PC muscle in the pelvic region before getting started with Kegel movements. The pelvis includes the section between your legs, along with your inner thighs. While urinating you can easily isolate the PC muscles by feeling them. In order to affect the flow of urine, the muscles that can be contracted and released should be focused on. Urine flow tends to decrease when the muscles are clenched. These muscles are further surrounded by the lower abdominal and thigh muscles. These muscles should be identified and isolated to do Kegel Exercises.

Getting Started with Kegel Exercises
This exercise is best done in the seated position. It is better to start doing it at least twice a day for one week, where each session lasts for about five to ten minutes. The exercise should be immediately stopped if there is any indication of pain. Some discomfort is usual, especially during the first week.
Sitting in your office chair also you can execute the Kegel Exercises. Kegel Exercises are essentially the same. The same muscle group is targeted. There are two types of muscular movements to be mastered, i.e. releasing and contracting the PC muscles. The number of repetitions should be decreased/increased as time goes on. You need to mix-up the following Kegel Exercises and their intensity to get the best results.

Most Common Kegel Exercise Clench & Release
While sitting on the toilet seat or a chair. Now, clench or contract your PC muscles and release them without holding on to them for too long. You need to do quickly both contraction and release during the process. We recommend you to do this exercise just five or six times when you start doing Kegel Exercises. Slightly Advanced Kegel Exercises: Longer Clench & Release.
Here, A progressive form of Kegel Exercise is detailed.  This doesn't come easy. You need to practice daily to get the posture right. Start by holding the muscle for just about 7 seconds. The target should be to do clenching for at least 15 seconds. In case of once prolonged clench and slow release take as much rest you want between sets. Target at least three sets of five repetitions during your third or fourth week of doing Kegel Exercises at home.
No different stages are available to climb within the niche of Kegel Exercises. You need to gradually increase your contractions. This refers to the intensity which can be self-determined. There shouldn't be a feeling of soreness after doing the exercise. Hold on to your clenches as long as possible.
Record your contracting ability on a chart on a weekly basis. Don't clench your PC muscles on a full stomach. This can lead to increased acidity in the stomach or acid reflux. Try to increase the number of repetition in sets divided across first and second half of the day. Restrict your maximum time to do Kegel Exercises to about 25 minutes per day.

Tips on Doing Kegel Exercises Safely:
You can perform Kegel Exercises in between your daily routine activities like watching TV or just seated on a chair, but not on a couch.
You should preferably perform exercises on an empty stomach and you can perform them in your office seated on the office chair.
Don't attempt Kegel Exercises when you are emptying your bowels or urinating.
Slowly achieve perfection in executing the exercises before having too many repetitions.
After having done a few reps of Kegel Exercises, try to relax. If you feel exhausted, lie down.
Empty your bladder immediately after the exercises and don't hold the pressure.
When contracting the PC muscles, don't hold your breath.
For best results, try to maintain some patience and proceed slowly. It could take some visible time to provide visible results in the form of improved bedroom performance.