Enlarge Your Penis Size With The Rotation Stretch

Rotation stretch is an exercise meant for enlargement of the penis, which hardly puts you at risk of injuring yourself and can be done easily. It is something that should be known by every man, given the beneficial effect it has without causing any harm.
Without much effort, if you are looking for a way to increase your length in a do it yourself at home manner, then the rotation stretch is the way to go.

How does it work?
It is basically performed by pulling your member in every direction, by stretching it outward and circularly rotating it at the same time. This is really effective for the penis as it gets pulled in a 360 degree rotation and makes the tissues and the entire length work out.
To get the best possible results, you want to perform this exercise in a consistent way while using the same force for rotating it in every direction.
How to do it?
For starters hold your penis and get it to the appropriately erected state. Now to make this work, neither do you want to be fully erect nor flaccid. Aim for about 50 percent of your erection size to begin performing this exercise.
After this, retract any foreskin that might be there. Now grab your penis from right behind the head. You want to make an okay grip, the kind in which you form a circle where your index finger and thumbs are touching at the tips. You can keep your other fingers on the penis as well, just remember to not grip too tightly.
Next, gently pull your penis upwards into a comfortable stretch. Remember to be firm.
Now, as you maintain the obtained stretch, move your penis in a circular way, while being consistent. Wondering whether to go clockwise or anticlockwise? It doesn’t make any difference so go whichever way you like. To get the maximum stretch possible, as you stretch it completely, bring it as close to your body as possible.
After you are done, use your other hand to similarly rotate it in the other direction. You can switch hands with each stretch or rotation if it gets tiring.
Repeat this exercise in order to get the maximum possible length of your penis as a result.

Some other stretches:

Basic Stretch
It is basically meant for beginners but can be performed by others too when they want to take rest from other more strenuous ones. You need to master the moves of this stretch in order to be able to perform the others the way they are intended to be performed. This is a baby step into the process.
What you need to do is first start with a flaccid penis (for beginners) or a half erect one (for others) and hold it at the back of its head. Then pull it downward with care for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same process for other directions such as upward, left, right.
Avoid using lubricants or sweaty hand in order to get a good grip.

Double Stretch
This stretch lengthens the shaft, resulting in a longer penis. You need both your hands for this exercise. One of them is going to need to pull the penis towards your body while the other pulls it away from it.
Again, like the basic stretch, get your penis to a half erect state. Retract any foreskin that is there. Hold your penis about an inch behind the head with one hand. In slow and firm motions, pull your penis forward until it is comfortably stretched.
Use your other hand now to form an okay grip (index and thumb meeting at tips) at the shaft about an inch from the base. Pull this grip downwards, towards the base.
Do the backwards and forwards stretches for about 10 to 15 seconds.
Alternate your hands and repeat the process for at least another three times.

V Stretch
This stretch involves in the pulling and pushing of the penis. The stretching is intended for the base of the penis which in return increases the blood flow to the shaft.
Starting by getting yourself into a semi-erect state, retract any foreskin present and pull it forward until it is comfortably stretched.
Using your other hand, place the thumb midway onto the shaft and gently push down on it.
Holding the stretch with the first hand, apply the push action with the second one for about 5 seconds. Release your penis, and repeat the same process five more times by putting your thumb at different points on the shaft each time.

Exercises other than stretching:

The aim of this exercise is to better the blood flow into the penis. It does so by simulating the cells in the tissues of the penis. Here is how it is done- you need to take your lubricated penis and hold it at the base in an okay grip and pull the interlock of your thumb and index fingers upward towards the head of the penis. Repeat the process for about 50 times if you are a beginner and as time progresses, increase it to 100 times.

This exercise helps in maintaining longer erections by strengthening the muscles down there. This can be done by stopping midway of urination for a few seconds.

This exercise has two folded benefits- it prevents premature ejaculation and increases the size of the penis at the same time. What you need to do is just to put your palm on top of your penis to stop from ejaculating during an orgasm.

Benefits of rotational stretch
One of the obvious outcomes is going to be an increased penis length. To get the maximum possible length, you need to be regular and consistent.It would be best to make it a part of your routine.
The aim of this exercise is to get a bigger penis in a way where you do not injure yourself and in case you happen to experience any kind of discomfort or pain in performing this exercise, you should quit it immediately.
You might want to go to the doctor in case of an emergency because any damage caused by injury down there can be permanent if not immediately taken care of.