Does weight training affect your sexual performance?

From time immemorial Weightlifting has been considered to be an ideal exercise due to a multitude of advantages. Weightlifting isn’t just about bulking up and building muscle mass, the experts say. It can give an improved posture, improved sleeping hours, improved bone density, avoiding weight loss, improved metabolism; reduce inflammation and controlling chronic disease, which are all a list of positives favoring weightlifting.
Weight lifting is also instrumental in improving Sexual Health. Weight Training considerably improves Sexual Performance. Testosterone as a male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid is responsible for all the positive male characteristics like packing on muscle mass, thick voice, facial hair and most importantly, the sex drive. Testosterone is highly responsible playing a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate, also promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass. Weight training has been proved to be directly related to sexual performance. Testosterone production is increased with the severe contraction of the muscles. Your libido increases with more testosterone and that will show when you finally get down and get dirty.
Lifting weights are definitely known to increase testosterone. However, this does not improve your muscle growth. Do heavy weight lifts, do intervals, do squats and deadlifts in between, reduce rest periods in the gym and avoid overtraining.
By practicing short intense exercises, such as heavy weight lifting the result is, increased testosterone levels. These muscle-building exercises can improve your sex by strengthening the shoulders, chest, and abdomens.
Men are always concerned how exercise or trains are affecting their sex lives. Does frequent sex impact your energy levels, making training more difficult?

Your libido
Libido or the sex drive should be the first concern as a result of weightlifting.  Will training too often make you have an aversion to sex? No! As mentioned earlier, there is a close relationship between libido and the results of weight training. Hence it can be inferred that high testosterone levels in men increase their sex drive as well.

Using the Right Program
You have to be choosing the right program and you should know your limitations, which will help to prevent you from overexerting yourself.  Also, you should not be using too much weight, but use optimum levels so that you are stressing your muscles enough to see good results.  If you are not struggling to squeeze out rep 10 or 12 then the weight is not sufficient and should increase the weight.

The Impact of Sex on Exercise
You can consider the inverse also, whether too much sex will affect your performance in the gym. For people like athletes, this is really important to some men, especially those that make a living from being an athlete. So there will be heavy impact on your training? However practicing gym immediately after sex may not be the best idea.

What is the End Result?
Next time you are trying to decide whether or not your training program is affecting your sex life, as long as you are doing medium in training or in sex, you’ll find that doing both regularly will have a positive result.  You will be in a better mood more often because of the physiological effects of exercise on sex, and vice-versa.

Train hard (with weights)
Testosterone increases in the hours after your workout. Higher intensity (percentage of one-rep max) or more weight is always more preferable. When you can move a greater load, greater will be the overload you provide to your muscles. Benching 315 pounds for a single is greater overload than benching 275 for a single.
The main portion of Testosterone is killed by overtraining. Hence taking this point too far and doing an excess volume of weight lifting will actually work with negative performance with lower testosterone levels.

Lift Heavy Stuff
High reps with low weights or low reps with high weights are all possible. As per studies, heavyweights will notably boost testosterone. Hence, to increase testosterone, you have to maximize your time at the gym by doing replacement activities during the long rest periods in between lifting, such as stretching.
For example, after a heavy set of bench presses, take recovery period for just 30-60 seconds and then do one heavy set of squats. You can improve your speed with twice done in half the time and thereby you can complete all your sets.  You can have the testosterone boosting benefits of lifting heavy and long rest periods.
Studies that investigated the hormonal response to weight training, participants were split into two groups, an arm-only training group, and a leg-plus-arm training group. Lower body training gave much better Testosterone levels.
By practicing and promoting natural bodybuilding for certain reasons the most important being functional and having a great sex life. Any juicer will tell that steroid use and abuse does affect your sex life.
Weight training = More Testosterone Production = More Sex

Exercises That Literally Boost Sex Performance
Deadlift works remain the mother of all the exercises. It works on several muscle groups at once. The deadlift is one of the most effective and functional exercises that effectively boost your real life performance in all respects. This includes your sex life and hence it is advised to incorporate the deadlift into your workout for a fantastic sex life.
Weight lifting will definitely help you in the bedroom. I think it's perfectly obvious that a well-fit muscular body owner will definitely be much more appealing to the greater majority of females.  Weightlifting adds much more power to the bedroom than simple sex appeal: it's definitely a performance booster extraordinaire.
There are five different ways that weight lifting should greatly enhance your sex life:

1) Testosterone: Weightlifting can boost baseline testosterone in the long term as explained before.

2.) Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio: There are significant positive improvements in total testosterone and their testosterone/cortisol ratios as a result of regular weight lifting.  

3) Erectile Dysfunction Markers: Weightlifting for strength training definitely reduces almost all of the major risk factors affecting erectile dysfunction. This has magical powers very useful to all those affected. One study reported that there is noted improvement to the following E.D. markers: "a) Normalises blood pressure values for those with abnormal values; b) Resistance for insulin is reduced c) reduces both total and intra-abdominal (visceral) fat values; d) increases the value of resting metabolic rate in older men; e) controls the loss of BMD with age."  Studies have also shown dramatic improvements in arterial inflammation.

4) Weight Management.  Men never like big ‘hunks.’ A few women might like fat men, but research shows that men think that women have a fascination for "bigger" man than they really do. The ultimate result is that most of the guys need to manage and even lose a little weight, especially as the age progresses. Even though any exercise will help us lose weight, weightlifting has special powers:  it ramps up your metabolism for literally days afterward.

5) New Sex Positions:  You have to try to add spice to your life by experimenting new or different positions in sex. Well, with weight lifting you can add up a new arena of pleasure and a new world for you.  With your physique, you can try to actually lift your women without passing out or falling backward.  She will notice the difference. Here are some ideas: you can experiment new 10 Sex Positions that can effectively burn excess calories in you.  Take care that you don't hurt yourself of course, but even if you don't do try some new more exotic position one after the other; you are able to improve your performance gradually.

Best Sex Exercise: Weight Lifting
Strength training could be based on a doctor’s advice suggested for your sex life. The reason: “Weightlifting can always produce additional testosterone, which is the primary precursor for the male libido,” says McCall, who recommends lifting sufficiently to feel fatigue by the 10th repetition. Slowly increase your testosterone levels by up to 49 percent, as suggested by Finnish scientists. The hormone plays a key role in your overall mortality risk and, of course, your sex drive.