Does Penis Enlargement Increase Girth?

For intercourse to be a real experience, the size of your manhood is a big constraint. She might tell you that your manhood size doesn’t matter, but here she is just trying to be nice and is calming you down. The truth is that size does matter, in both length and girth. She might have read a lot of erotica books about guys that are packing a lot more girth than you are—or maybe it’s a fact that she never seems totally satisfied during sex.  Or she could be so emphatic in the first place. You can’t expect her to keep on saying that she wished that you were bigger?
So whether it is a lie or truth—size does matter. It is a mistake for men to think that their penis size is permanent, without any possibility of improvement, that there is nothing they can do about it and just have to work with what they’ve got.  The truth is, there are effective and safe ways to increase the penis size through suitable male enhancement exercises.

How Big is the Average Girth?
All the conflicting information about the penis size and girth has made it very confusing to have a firm idea about the size. Penis girth and size has been linked to race and other demographics making it even more confusing and difficult to get a good idea of what you’re up against. We have to come up with an Average Penis Girth for proper comparison.
How to compare to the average man in terms of girth should be done carefully. The way of measurement which can authoritatively be used as the average penis girth is to be followed.  Variations are always possible with different types of sampling groups. The following study will give a rough idea.
Average values for flaccid mid-shaft circumference numbers range anywhere from 8.55-10 cm.  These studies vary in different demographics. While erect the numbers range almost 12.3 centimeters at mid-shaft and 13.5 centimeters at the base.
For taking a measurement, make sure that it is being done so accurately and with precision. Measurement should be taken from the same point each time, and also be fully erect to ensure you are getting the proper consistent measurements.

What Tools Do I Need?
Consistency in your measurement methods is very important.  Measurement should be made at the same point along the shaft and always at the same level of hardness.

How to Measure Penis Size:
1) Find your tape measurer, together with a marker and a piece of string.
2) Do whatever is necessary to get a full hard erection like having foreplay.
3) Choose a fixed point along your shaft to measure from and make sure you use this spot each and every time. The point should be followed exactly and it is extremely important in making sure that you get accurate measurements each time.
4) Wrap the string straight around your shaft.
5) Mark wherever the string ends meet along your shaft with the marker.
6) Use your tape measure to measure the length of the string.
7) Do conversion of your measurement from inches to centimeters with necessary calculations if already not done.
What Are the Best Male Enhancement Exercises?  Penis size can be increased using some safe, natural, easy ways using male enhancement exercises.  People always report extreme results as some insist that they have made rapid, impressive gains but others will tell you that there is no way you can ever increase penis size permanently. The truth is not either, but somewhere in the middle.  Yes, biggest determining factor in your penis size is genetics; there is no getting around that.  You should keep realistic expectations. You should be ready for modest size increase and not a massive increase.  This also will take you months of ongoing, committed effort to achieve it. Extenders and pumps combined with exercises in combination to make you achieve results you want.  
But to speak the truth—even a couple of extra centimeters of girth achieved give extra pleasure to your partner, thereby satisfying her in an intercourse—and yourself. You have a few options: extenders, pumps, and exercises. Extenders actually can give you a permanent length increase, but cannot help increase in girth on their own.  Pumps can give you a temporary boost with girth, but this cannot be expected to give permanent results.

1. Edging
Edging is techniques where you masturbate to the point where you are about to ejaculate but you are trying to temporarily hold it for as long as possible. By practicing Male Edging as an exercise, it will boost the sexual power and stamina and control premature ejaculation.  By Edging, it may actually help you to enhance your penis size as well. The main idea behind this exercise is to perform this technique over an extended period of time in an attempt to increase your sexual endurance. Try to hold back from an orgasm as long as you can to get the full benefits. By edging, the girth of your penis can be increased by keeping your penis harder for an extended period of time. The capacity of keeping the penis harder varies from person to person, essentially giving it a longer workout. Penis remains stretched for a longer period of time thereby resulting in more expansion and greater size over time.
In this case, you masturbate until you are “edging” on the “point of no return” a number of times—until the moment comes the moment when you cannot help but ejaculate. The goal is to hold yourself back from an orgasm for as long as possible in such a way as to maintain a full erection for as long as you can.
Typically while masturbating or having sex, you remain hard for a few minutes (for an average person) before you finally come. Your penis remains flaccid the majority of the time.  So achieving a full erection does not exist for a long period of time. In this extended time period, however, the tissues in the shaft of your penis get a bit of a stretch.
You can find that edging helps to heal the micro-tears forming when you are stretching or jelqing as well.  The micro-tears will heal by themselves quickly on their own, but the process can be sped up by edging.  With an extended erection, you pull more blood into the penis, nutrients are drawn into your tissues.  This facilitates the growth of tissues.
There is an effective way to do edging properly.  You can probably figure it out on your own but if you experiment, you can find the most effective way to do it:
You have to start with lubricating always. While starting masturbating, you have to stroke the base of your penis. This should be done slowly, moving up the shaft as you go.  You have to careful that the frenulum and head of the penis are most sensitive parts and hence should be very careful with these spots while doing masturbating. Especially as a beginner, you may easily trigger an orgasm without meaning to if you stroke them.
If you feel like you have almost reached the point of no return, back off. If you can, try to keep stroking at a slower pace by moving down your hand back toward the base. If you are having reached the verge of the point of no return, stop the process entirely. Wait until urge to orgasm is totally gone, and you can start the process of stroking again.  Again, start at the base with slow motions, slowly working your way up toward the head.
There are no written rules for how long you could be doing this.  Do as long as you can withstand, and you can observe slow improvement as you achieve.  This will definitely help you to increase your penis girth naturally, and also give a lot more stamina in bed!

2. Jelqing
Jelqing is a technique that has been used to promote increased circulation and blood flow to the penis, by humans for centuries which can increase size and endurance as well. Similar to Edging, this technique should be used best over a long period of time with consistent use. Jelqing is a simple form of physical therapy which facilitates an increase in circulation and blood pressure in your penis. This can cause natural enlargement, both length, and girth over time. Like all similar exercises to increase penis size, you need to perform this technique regularly over a long period of months to see encouraging results.
a) First thing is to provide the penis with an ample supply of lubricants like petroleum jelly or baby oil for comfort and safety before you begin jelqing.
b) Secondly, you have to get a partial but not full erection, should be around half the size of your full erection.
c) The third is to make a circle with your thumb and index finger and wrap it around your shaft. Get as close to your pelvis as possible, lightly apply pressure and slowly work your way towards the head of your penis.
Repeat this exercise for a period of 15 minutes to see the full benefits. This is a very simple, easy and effective way to improve penis size. Care should be taken that you do not want to be fully erect in this exercise.
You need to jelq every day for several months to start seeing real improvement in size. So you need patience and stick with it, even if nothing is visible for the beginning weeks.
Before starting each session, wrap a warm towel around your penis to prevent injury.
Jelqing with a full erection should be avoided.
The grip should not be very tight. You have to begin with an extra light grip and slowly work up the pressure.
Stop your activity if you feel pain, right away.
This exercise, i.e Jelqing is the most popular and effective one for girth and the size.

3. Stretching
The purpose of stretching is obviously to elongate your penis. This technique coupled with jelqing works well to give you a boost to both length and girth. This is probably the easiest exercise of them all.
Here, you grab your penis directly behind the head, pinching it slightly between your index finger and thumb. Gently pull on the penis for about 30 seconds to complete the stretching process. This could be done in all directions to maximize the effectiveness of the penis stretch. Up, side to side, down and straight. Unlike the other two exercises, it is important that while doing stretching exercises, your penis should be completely flaccid. This is very important to avoid pain or even injury to the penis.

Do Not Over Do It!
None of these exercises are meant to be overdone. Doing the penis exercises quite often could result in injuries.  All of these exercises should be started off by wrapping yourself up with a warm moist towel to gives you some extra padding.
In case of any pain, the exercises should be stopped. Giving pain is your body’s way of warning you to stop to avoid major consequences.
Chance of getting hurt due to your negligence is reduced this way. As warned earlier stretches should be done while your penis is in a fully flaccid stage.  Advanced stretchers may take the risk to do stretch at a partial erection stage, but injuries can be avoided if you stick with flaccid stretches.  

Penis Squeezing is an exercise which should be executed with extreme caution. It is quite advanced technique, but chances to get wrong are very high.  However, most dramatic girth increases seem to occur through squeezing.
Achieve a full erection. With one hand, form an “OK” (not very firm) grip as you do in jelqing. Hold your penis at the base with the grip. Using the other hand, make the “OK” grip as well.
Second hand can be used to squeeze your penis at various points along the length of the shaft, at a measured spacing of roughly one inch.  Stop before you reach the glans. This should create a stretch in the areas that you are not squeezing.  Pressure is increased between them, by virtue of which there will be stretching out of your tissues.
Squeezing should be done very carefully. Additional pressure can give serious injure yourself.  If you are a beginner, you are advised to stick with jelqing, gentle stretching, and edging which are all comparatively safe.

Penis Girth Tips & Tricks
Here are some additional tips to give an improved performance for the best exercises for increasing penis girth :
Second hand can be used to squeeze your penis at various points along the length of the shaft, at a measured spacing of roughly one inch.  Stop before you reach the glans. This should create a stretch in the areas that you are not squeezing.  Pressure is increased between them, by virtue of which there will be stretching out of your tissues. There should be a systematic balanced routine.  Gradually, an effective exercise routine could be developed which includes jelqing, a series of stretches, edging and even squeezing all in proper order. You can improve and speed up the process in the long run by optimizing this routine.
Repeat your exercises daily for months. You need a dedicated commitment to Increase penis girth, but ultimately it is possible.
There are a few good penis exercise programs that give you guidance with a systematic and worthwhile training program.   We have covered the best out of these already.  
It will take some time to see positive results, but if you stick on and if your genetics allow, you should see some meaningful permanent gains. At the maximum levels, you could even add a couple of centimeters.
Considering that You will finally be able to satisfy your partner, with the best sex of your lives, all that hard work will totally be worth it!