Do Male Sex Medicines Work

Vigor, Vitality and Energy - these are some superlative descriptions about what a male sex booster product uses on its packages to draw attention of the guys, who are really keen to seek sex in a rocketed method. However, the loads of these sexual male sex medicines are available everywhere all across the shops, retails, and supermarket that do not follow any differentiation of the nation boundaries.  

Since, the interest is the same- the heightened sexual pleasure, all men across all boards are on a quest to heighten their performance and get the most of it so that their performance do not fail them while doing the key chore.

But, the question is- do these male sex pills or medicines really work? To focus on the topic, we have brought an extensive research to find if the male performance booster really facilitates one to achieve intense orgasms during sex. Here’s a revelation.

How The Male Sex Enhancement Pills Promise To Help You In Your Quest?
Men can get the most of their robust sexual activity if they have a well-endowed erection, instilled with a higher volume of libido and stamina. If any of these features is missing off their sexual expedition, it leads to a disheartening sexual tryst with their partners, wreaking havoc on their sexual life and their partners too, who fail to live that sexual ecstasy due to the setback.
It is the case of every guy, who makes it a point to have a successful sexual night with their partners. So, lest it turns to be an unsuccessful sexual affair, it is a kind of making sure everything goes well by paying heed to male sex performance enhancement pills or medicines.
For guys who have a troubled erection or premature ejaculation is more likely to seek help from these chemically designed sexual enhancement products.
More often, it is the manufacturers of the male enhancement products that lure guys with the hyped and overrated supremacy capabilities of the male enhancement products to boost their businesses. They go even lengths by endorsing their products with wrongful claims. This is where guys find themselves in a trap and think these male sexual pills can help them with their sexual performances.

But, studies prove that male sexual performance enhancers are nothing but a scam and fraudulent attempts of the manufacturers to make big bucks in this business.
Now, it is time to be smart and find for more cues if you should use these products or not.
Since the market of male sexual performance enhancers is huge, the level of marketing and advertising of these products are huge as well. Therefore, there is no scope to get away from its attention. Nonprescription methods of these types of products are everywhere, claiming to improve erections and help with erectile dysfunctions, but they are simply outright dangerous for your health too.

The men’s health market is full of products ranging from pills to ointments, supplements to penis enhancement methods. These types of hypes exist in the market due to men’s insecurities about their sexual performances. It gives the manufacturers a testimony to cash in on their fear and the feeling of inferiority.

It is to find out why such mental apprehension works inside men that prompt them to try these male sex medicines?
Men And Their Apprehension About Their Sexual Performances
In most cases, it is the small penis size that can bring a feeling of inferiority to men, no matter how well-endowed and toned physique they get and how beautifully they perform behind the closed doors.  However, according to studies no penis is actually small, and every penis is sized average unless it is less than three inches.

Despite knowing the fact, most of the guys tend to hide themselves, especially from their wives. 

They shy away from being naked in front their wives during sex as an embarrassment overhauls them due to an odd feeling of being unmanly.
If anything, that interferes with your sexual life due to your small penis size, some devices may work to extend the length and girth of your penis size, but not all male sex medicines and pills appear to be effective for your purpose.

However, in many cases it is seen that men are twice as likely to use untested methods of men’s sexual performance enhancement products furtively. These products are just downright dangerous, waste of money and time without providing you with the right solutions to your problem.

If you notice that your sexual concerns are persistent, you should immediately talk to your doctor instead of paying attention to go for those products.
When there is a performance problem, the problem is inherent rather than something else that can be solved with these supplements and pills. And they really need a serious medical attention. Once you consult with your doctor, he/she should definitely prescribe something that will help you with your conditions and address the problems quite easily.
How Sexual Health Can Affect Your Overall Health?
When we age, there is a normal sex decline in sexual performance, and this remains the same irrespective of the gender differences.

However, the signs wave at some serious health problems, especially health complication related to heart disease, failing you to perform due to lack of sex drive or libido followed by erectile dysfunctions.

According to Karen Boyle, MD, a urologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, it is due to atherosclerosis that raises the risks of erectile dysfunctions in young individuals, who face performance problems during sex.  Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the cardiovascular vessels cannot receive a good flow of blood because of the fatty acid deposits in the arteries. 

The condition restricts the blood flow to the penis and causes erection difficulties. The condition is so severe that it makes the channels to the penis diseased to carry blood to it. When young individuals face the signs of ED, it points at the underlying problems of atherosclerosis.
So, having ED can increase your risk of developing heart disease. And in such case, Viagra and something of that sort cannot help you with performance. There are related complications you need to have a control over them. In order to improve your performance, you should quit smoking, reduce your weight and cholesterol level and also have a control over your alcohol consumption.
Studies prove that having control over these parameters is linked to improving your sexual performance. And hence, you no longer need to look out for those fake male sex medicines for a performance boost.
Many a times, it is seen men with adequate volume of testosterone levels can suffer from sex decline and lack stamina to go for a rough romp with his partner. For a problem like when testosterone kills your sex drive and performance, you can use a topical gel to amplify your libido and stamina. However, it is not safe unless it is prescribed by a doctor or physician.  

Do not go for any non prescription testosterone gel widely used by the bodybuilders as they tend to be dangerous.
A retrospective study way back in 2016 published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine threw light on the incapability of these male sexual medicines that claim to improve sexual performances.
Reasons You Should Stay Away From Male Enhancement Products
There is little evidence if over-the-counter male enhancement supplements or pills work or not, and they pose severe risks to health as well, as per the study.
With no regulations from FDA on the manufacturing of the male enhancement products, these products are highly sought after by men looking for a solution to their improper sexual health. But, there has been no proof about their efficacy and also health effects on men.

Researchers carrying a study on some of the top-selling supplements found that ingredients used in them are also used in Viagra. After analyzing these products, they claimed that certain ingredients could be dangerous to men with certain health conditions.
On the other hand, it was found that products or pills publicized to enhance performances, erections and desires cannot offer desired results as claimed by the companies.

As per the senior author of the study, Dr. Ryan Terlecki, an expert and a professor of urology in Winston, Salem, NC, although some traces of health benefits towards mild sexual dysfunction can be noticed, the products fail to offer any potential sexual performance to a greater length.  
If you think you lack the extra length of vigor and vitality to have a furniture breaking sex with your partner, and you should go for extra miles to purchase one of the advertised products, you should think twice.

Much to your surprise, even professional medical experts never prescribe their clients these types of sexual health supplement as they appear to contain impure ingredients. If you see, most of the products include very common ingredients like maca root, horny goat weed, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, DHEA and others, but no robust proof is there to validate their claim to improve libido, erectile dysfunctions and also sexual performance.

Generally, Viagra contains a compound called phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors (PDE5Is) to address men’s impotence. And in many of the over-the-counter male sex supplements, this compound has its traces in almost 81 percent of the products.

The compound PDE5Is could pose health risks to men as they tend to take these over-the-counter medicines and pills without their doctors’ advice and in an inappropriate manner. Men with different health problems like cardiovascular disease or people consuming certain medications such as nitroglycerin should not take this compound filled male sex medicine as they are likely to drop their blood pressure. At the same time, men with kidney ailments should not look out for these medicines too.

The Dangers Of Male Sexual Medicines  
Men driven by their psychological and physiological insecurities about not achieving a firm erection become apprehensive about their next performance thinking they can fail the next time also. This leads to performance decline, and that’s being the foremost reason men are supposed to seek help of male sexual medicines.

A study states that nearly 6% of young and active college men use to take non prescription erectile dysfunction drugs only to improve their performance and mere out of fun. However, in the long run, they are likely to damage their own sexual life. The study, published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine by the author Christopher Harte, claimed that even if the drugs are taken as a recreational purpose, it can pose a huge risk to one’s sexual performance along with their confidence.

The study drew a comparison between non-users and users of these drugs. It found that men using the drugs had the same level of physical and sexual performance as compared to the non-users. However, the use of drugs affected them hugely as they found it difficult to maintain a healthy and firm erection for a longer period. At the same time, these drugs are a great dampener for one’s overall sexual life, even if they work wonders during intercourse. The drugs even have harsher effects on your emotional being as well as they tend to increase your anxiety. 

And due to this underlying anxiety, men are supposed to get addicted to ED drugs to enhance their performance by overlooking their key underlying problems.
Know that the effects of these drugs tend to stay for only five years. And if you still continue to use them; they can leave a harsher effect on your overall sexual health and performance. Hence, it is better to stay away from any type of male sex medicines.

Last but not the least, you must know that any type of pills may work for a certain period, but they cannot boost your underlying complications and reinstate your performance capabilities. Hence, you should never consider using these pills or drugs for enhancing your sexual performance.
All you need to do is improve your techniques and behavior to make a change to your regular sexual behavior. Keep one thing in mind that a true sexual pleasure depends on how you perform and how you make the use of your lady’s vagina- the highly sensitive and erogenous zone to elicit an intense orgasm. And the sensitive nerves are close to your reach to satisfy your partner and also feed your own sexual needs. Therefore, you can never need any creams, pills or medicines to enhance your performance. Just be a little creative and be an attentive lover.