Do male enhancement pills work permanently

Did you ever believe a statement about men that they want a small penis? Probably not, as no man in this world has sought this most disgusted and frustrated acquisition that raises a question to their manliness. Yes, most men in this world are looking for ways that could actually help them with the penis size and enhance their sexual experience.

This is how male enhancement pills are primarily objectified as a method to increase the manhood or the size of their dick in a quest to a successful intercourse with an intensified degree of orgasms and endless sexual pleasures. More surprisingly, every man is obsessed with those spam mails that promise to increase the size of a schlong to boost the sexual experience. And they try it stealthily as well to know if it works or not. Their course of action behind the doors may be a secret to us, as the topic of male enhancement pills is less discussed in the public forum.  

But, the thing is if there is any method to get you going with your longer and bigger penis size that can actually help during sex and satisfy your partner?

The answer to this question is quite controversial as there are mixed responses involving the efficacy of male enhancement pills.
But, before we go any further, it is crucial to understand why men are so obsessed with having a male enhancement pill to increase the length and girth of their penises?

Reasons Men Want Male Enhancement Pills
The strength of erection reduces with age. And hence, the most cases of sexual dysfunctions are linked to men’s inability to achieve and maintain a successful erection during sex. However, the erection does not happen naturally for about half of men ages between 40 and 70 since they face erectile dysfunctions to some degree. Furthermore, one person in ten is struggling to achieve erection due to complete inability to maintain an erection.
Hence, it is erectile dysfunction that prevents one from getting arousal and getting an erection so that they cannot participate in a successful intercourse from penetration to ejaculation to experience a heightened and intense pleasure.
And being not able to get an erection may lead to frustration and anxiety in a sexual relationship.

ED pills or drugs can help achieve an erection sufficient enough to initiate an intercourse.
Interestingly, well-endowed penis can be a reason of self satisfaction for men not older than 40. In a study, physiological aspects of men involving their genitals prove to be of high importance for them. The study proved that men having better a self image of their genitals are better performers in bed with no traces of performance anxiety.

The study observed 357 army personnel. The rest had the opposite experience due to low self esteem about their genitals, leading to anxiety and performance problems.

Why Guys Experience Such Phenomenon?
It is panic that contributes to anxiety issues due to their insufficient penis length, although it is completely their assumption. Most men assume their penis size is not enough to satisfy their girls sexually; hence they feel embarrassed and develop low self esteem. In most cases, what men assume is that it is possible to enlarge their penis size using different methods of male enhancement products, and possess the length and girth as shown in adult movies.
As per reports, an average penis size of men never exceeds more than 5.6 inches when erect. In compliance with this report, Mayo Clinic has confirmed that no penis is small unless it is less than three inches when erect.

A study in 2005 published in the journal Urology commented that the desires of men to possess longer and firmer penises are most likely to be influenced by women’s choice of going under the knife to surgically enhance their boobs, which in turn raises some serious issues with men and results in unending sufferings.

The study also observed that all 92 participants claiming to have smaller penis size actually possessed an average penis, which was actually overestimated by them.

For men, having a larger penis enables them to have intense orgasms through a penetrative sex. And due to this, a large number of guys are obsessed by the male enhancement products that promise to enlarge their penises, along with treating sexual weaknesses and erectile dysfunctions, involuntary ejaculation, boosting stamina and endurance.

Different Promises Of Products To Increase Penis Length And Girth
There is a lack of evidence and verification so as to establish the claims of male enhancement pills towards increasing men’s vitality and virility. But still, the craze is huge among men to get hold of this male enhancement pill to satisfy their girls and boost their confidence.
Meantime, there is a hope for you as some of the male enhancement products are promising to increase the length of your penis size, however, it is not confirmed if the result is permanent or not.

Though many advertised penis enlargement products are scams and bogus, there are as many as 10 studies that proved that some non-surgical methods really work to add length to men’s member.

Two studies that were carried out 9 years ago, proved the efficacy of non-surgical methods of male enhancements that really paid off for men who wanted to add length.
Two urological researchers from the University of Turin, Italy carried out two studies, one surgical and the other non-surgical to determine their level of efficacy towards enhancing penis size.
121 men participated in surgical procedures, while 109 men participated in the non surgical procedure.

As is with surgical method, it appeared to be unsafe and involved risky complications for men going for it. However, with non-surgical method, nothing as such happened with, and one of the methods like that of a ‘traction’ process comprising either penis extender or stretcher helped add some inches to the penis length, which measured about 0.7 inches when flaccid. Another study of the same kind reported to bring about the same results that added an average of 0.9 inches when flaccid and 0.67 inches when erect.

However, the results were highly effort intensive that took almost four months with four-six hours of application of the traction process. The other study took six months to bring results. However, it was not reported if the outcome was permanent.

There were two more study results that proved to increase the size and girth of the penis of men with erectile dysfunctions. The study observed that use of penoscrotal rings that snug fit the penis base and scrotum was likely to increase the length of the penis size. And interestingly, it also helped maintain the erection. This time too, the study was unable to offer accurate and exact results in the favor of the device and it remained inconclusive.

By now, you get enough data that no such product exists to increase your penis. but do you want your penis to become bigger? Men trying to increase their penis length using male enhancement pills do it out of an assumption that their penises are too short. According to many researchers, any man thinking their penis is too short, actually falls in the category of average sized penis. It is actually the thought that is wired in their minds. In order to be regarded as a short penis syndrome, man must possess a penis about 1.6 inches while flaccid and fewer than 3 inches when erect. Many studies have shown that no man ever falls under the category of short penis syndrome.

According to sex counselor Ian Kerner, men are more likely to be influenced by the porn and hence they want a longer member as shown in the movie clips. In a study in 2005 in BMC Women’s Health, Kerner reported all women covered in the study, expressed that penis circumference is more important to them than its length when it comes to sexual pleasure. It is your misfortune, that no pumps and extender devices can help aid a penis enlargement.
All the inputs of the study were made available on the website of the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

An important lesson to learn from this study is - it is not the sex organ that satiates her or your sexual needs, but every bit of pleasure is hidden in your skills.
So far, it is not clear if male enhancement pills can work to give results permanently. But in case of erectile dysfunctions, some prescription pills like sildenafil citrate the key chemical term of commercial Viagra can provide some results.

Viagra- how it works to help with erectile dysfunction?
Impotence or what we know more commonly erectile dysfunction is a growing concern and affecting a large number of male populations at the core level. It is to blame for patches and turmoil in relationships. The problem is quite arising amongst men aging between 40 and 70.   

Viagra And Its Effects On Male Enhancement
Viagra is a prescribed male enhancement pill that addresses erectile dysfunctions, and improves erection. So far, the functions of Viagra are known to all the users. Yet, for many it is not perceivable how Viagra actually works to combat issues like that of ED. It does not promise to extend one’s penis size as touted by many male enhancement product manufacturers.

A recent survey by Superdrug, it observed how sildenafil citrate the key compound in Viagra works within minutes of consumption on the penis.

Over a duration of 12 minutes, Viagra gets absorbed in the system, and is likely to create its effect on men with ED and help achieve them an erection.
Well, in the next 27 minutes, if men fail to achieve an erection, they might wait for some more time and wait at least for half an hour for the erection to happen. However, be remembered that 
Viagra actually takes as little as an hour to trigger an erection. So, check if you can feel any sexual perks.

Once you reach 50 minutes after the consumption, the pill has the highest level of concentration in your blood and offers you the maximum potential for erection.

This is being one of the key reasons, doctors advice taking it an hour prior sex. According to many studies, erections can last as long as 33 minutes within an hour of consumption. However, the effects of this male enhancement pill do not work unless you are sexually aroused. In order to get the erection effects, you get to become aroused.

The effects of Viagra last up to four hours, and you can have penetrative sex all through this period, but their effect is getting reduced. Interestingly, the drug has a reduced efficacy by 50 per cent every four hours.

After 10 hours of consumption, the effects are similar as earlier after consumption. But in the next 12 hours, the effects of the pill get reduced, yet you can have an erection, but its lasting effects do not go for long.

And after 24 hours or after a day, the effects of sildenafil citrate wear off completely as there are no traces of the composition of the pill in the bloodstream and hence, you have no longer any sexual urge to engage into the sexual act. Therefore, you need to take another dose before an hour of sexual activity.

On the basis of surgical studies and non-surgical studies, it is so far clear that no pills can ever increase the length of your penis at your will. If they ever do, the lasting effect remains for an hour or at least a day like that of Viagra.

Besides, different natural male enhancement pills are on the market to accomplish your sexual preferences. According to FDA, a large amount of products is illicit and does not even work as promised, although purported to offer them.

Furthermore, these natural male enhancement pills cannot even address your erectile dysfunctions; boost your sexual strength and performance as per the claims of the FDA. Many ingredients used in such enhancement pills have historical use since centuries, but no scientific studied did ever build their efficacy.
Provided prescription pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, they can work to enhance sexual experiences by improving erectile difficulties, but male enhancement supplements cannot do so. Male enhancement pills even if it helps aid an erection, but the effects of these pills cannot sustain permanently. In such situation, you need to be cautious and talk to your surgeon immediately.