Different Sex Positions According to the Trouser Snake

Suit Your Size
Many men see a small penis as a curse, but in many cases, it can be a real blessing. Having a small penis can lead to more versatility during sex. A large penis cannot take an array of position because it can lead to positional problems. Some sexual positions are ideal for people with specific sizes. It is a brief overview and reason that in some posts there are many emotions for some men.

Sex positions for small penis
The rule of thumb of this subject is that if you are not particularly happy about the size of your phallus, then you have to choose an allowed position for deep penetration. Apart from these, they are most natural with the help of men in these positions. Apart from these, there are some major sexual situations for men who believe in their genital’s tiny size:

Dog style: This is quite hot for people with a small penis. This condition allows direct g-spot stimulation and also gives a lot of control to men. Women can easily change the position of their body and their angles, which will add more to the situation. It can make a whole lot of difference in the world.

Reverse Cowgirl: This standard cowgirl position is a little amendment and it gives a beautiful butt view. Women have too much control and they can change the alignment of the body to make the experience gentler or more thriving. Because he can address the situation, cowgirl is perfect for men with a smaller phallus. 

The Anvil: This is the sexual position which may not make your women sailing so smooth as it allows the deepest penetration. This is the main reason that poultry is a great place for people with small organs. When a woman holds her leg on her shoulders, she reduces the vagina and makes it smaller. There has also been an increase in conflict, which can make this situation even more robust and pleasant for both.

The splitting bamboo: The last one which we are mentioning is interesting and it includes the women who put the back of one's feet around her waist. This is a full contact position. In addition, the position of the feet will directly allow for a deep stimulation.
Keep in mind that, the standard position can be adjusted using a pillow that changes the angle of the penetration. One of the last things to remember is that those who have small penis can easily make sexually check. Many women are refraining to try this because they are concerned about the piercing feel. But, we are here to snatch your jaded routine and handover something quirky.

Positions for Average Penis Size
No small or big man can enjoy much - almost all sexual situations are right for them. Some options can get better results than others, and here they are:

Standing Dragon: This situation is conducive to dog genre. This situation allows for g-spot stimulation. If a woman spreads her knees together, the sense of intensity increases.
Flatiron: Although it may look like a pretty sexy situation, it is very fun, a woman is in her stomach and she can put a pillow under her body to raise her mouth slightly. A man stood on his knees and stepped forward to interfere with his partner. Flatiron allows a deeper level of entry, in which it can change its body's position to adjust the angle and depth. This is a situation that gives control to the person and lets him judge the time limit.

Eagle: The change in position is ink. Rather than having his legs on his shoulders, women use men's weapons to support them. For starters, his hands are free to touch his body. More body contact is also allowed in the condition and it also helps in encouraging bowel movements.
These are just three tips, but those who consider themselves as mid-age; they can try just about everything in the bedroom. The best sex status will be based on the depth of investment which the partner needs to achieve and whether women have to stimulate the vagina or poet.

Positions for Big Penis
Large organs can be digested in the bedroom, it is not the best choice in the deep as it can be harmful to women. If you have a particularly long penis, then you may have to consider the following sexual situations:

Queen position: A situation that gives her control is a good option for a man with a big penis. This is a particularly good choice for those who are not familiar with each other's sexual preferences. Depending on this information, you can experiment with other sex positions. Keeping her at the top, giving her a better idea of what she likes and what feels comfortable with her.

Spooning: This is a gentle condition that is very close and specific by going to swallow. Inflammation also gives one of your free hands, which allows for cramps. Most men face challenges because the support of their body is the smallest. Even so, it is the perfect choice for men with large-scale penises.

Lotus Blossom: This is a gentle and romantic place. A man sits in the position of a woman sitting in a lotus (cross) and in his head. It controls the level of access and it is free access to milk. This condition is really fun because it can be directly for the eye contact and for a lot of kissing.
Remember that women's preferences are very high.  While some may feel uncomfortable with a large phallus, others will have an understanding of thrust with partners. Therefore, communication is one of the keys that will determine the best sexual alternatives. If you are gentle and patient with your woman, then you will be more fun regardless of the size of the penis.