Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Kidney Problems

There is no doubt that kidney ailments largely affects the functions of sexual activity and even deteriorates one’s ability to fully get involved in the sexual intercourse with a full potential as the kidney disease causes impaired spermatogenesis and testicular damage. So far, this is the most common symptoms of kidney ailments that rip apart all desires for sexual activity and make things worse in a sexual relationship.

But, when you are affected by kidney ailments, is there anything that male enhancement pills can do with your sexual health and improve your kidney functions?
The male enhancement market is over brimmed with a wide range of male sexual enhancement pills such as tadalafil, Levitra, sex enhancing drugs including Alprostadil, Viagra, Cialis, and Yohimbine. These have become the first choice of patients with erectile dysfunctions and they are even prescribed by the doctors to treat the sexual disabilities that comprise erectile dysfunctions and involuntary ejaculation.

We often use it for medical purpose to treat our erectile dysfunctions and find ways to overcome it and lead a normal life. However, the drug alone cannot improve the health conditions and impairment associated with erectile dysfunctions.
Amidst everything, when we decide to take such male enhancement pills without knowing their side-effects or drawbacks, we tend to push ourselves over the edges that wreak havoc on the various parts of our system and raises the risks of health hazards as they contain potentially danger compounds or ingredients, most of them are hidden, not run through rigorous health safety standard trials, and any stringent approval programs.

Why Male Enhancement Products Impacts Overall Health?
We must not forget that male enhancement products are prepared and claimed to be all natural products with all the benefits of herbs and natural compounds that do not cause any side-effects like that of chemically enhanced male enhancement products or prescription drug like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

The side-effects related to prescription male enhancement drugs is milder and less unpleasant as compared to nonprescription enhancement drugs.

First of all, we must know that the first erectile drug Viagra was invented to address health issues related to cardiovascular issues, and help aid thickening of the arteries in the heart. It was found later that the drug dilates the cardiovascular vessels as well the vessels in the penis, and thus improving the blood flow to the penile region and bringing about the feel of enhanced erection.  Ever since this discovery, Viagra and many prescription ED drugs and its generic doses aim at causing erection in men having difficulties in flexing the penis muscles and getting and maintaining an erection.

While this little blue pill is linked to improving the erection prowess, it also causes a mild health hazard in the form of lower blood pressure. The drug suddenly brings the blood level down and causes a steep drop in the blood level.

In addition, if you have any other chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, the drug can cause drug interaction and even death. So, this is a serious concern for you.

With regard to this, all rogue male enhancement drug makers want to divert the attention from the counterfeit and illicit drugs and claim falsely to produce products with all natural ingredients that do not cause any harm like that of Viagra or prescription drugs.

However, thousands of brands in the market are illicit and counterfeit and 
found to have traces of prescription male enhancement drugs. Therefore, while you believe these male enhancement pills to be safe and naturally produced to not cause you any health troubles, you are more than happier to use it to boost your sexual prowess and stamina.  
But, as you do not know anything about its make and preparation, you are likely to swallow toxins and increase your health risks. Furthermore, these male enhancement drugs do not read any safety guidelines or instructions for general people’s understanding and knowledge. And as a result, you take this pill and invite risks unknowingly.

Health Hazards That Male Enhancement Pills Cause
More commonly, all male enhancement pills claim to boost sexual performance, improve the feeling of orgasms, boost desire and enhance erections while avoiding involuntary ejaculation for better sexual performances. Provided the clinical research, there is very little evidence that validate the claims of these products, although it is found to improve sexual dysfunction to some length.

Many of the products out in the market are impure and unhealthy to be prescribed for patients with sexual dysfunctions.

As we have discussed earlier, these male enhancement pills contain the traces of the key components found in Viagra, PDE5i. Hence, any medicines with the containment of PDE5i cannot be sold over the counter, and even if it is available, it is illegal and downright dangerous for anyone who takes it.

We know that the PDE5Is can cause drug interactions and the risks are higher in case of nitroglycerine, a key medication for people with heart ailments. So, avoid using this drug and without consultation with your doctors.

At the same time, male enhancement pills should not be taken while you have liver impairment and go through the last stage renal treatment like dialysis.  People with kidney disease should avoid the use of PDE5is when they are going through the treatment for kidney.

Now, how kidney health is largely affected by the male enhancement pills? Although kidney ailments are integral to deteriorating the health of sexual functions in the patients and ripping off their power to perform, they tend to use male enhancement pills to improve their desires and sexual activity. 
How a Kidney ailment rips off all interest of sexual activity?
Patients with chronic kidney disease tend to suffer from high grade of erectile dysfunctions; the prevalence of this disease is about 80% higher in them.

We all know that when there is an enough supply of nitric oxide in the penis vessels, it triggers the production of GMP and helps facilitate and keep an erection. And anything that impacts the pathway leading to satisfactory erection, it causes erectile dysfunctions.
When chronic kidney disease progresses, the physiological conditions related to this disease affects the functions of the other parts viz., organs and tissues of the body. In addition to this, the end stage renal disease causes the organ failure or impairment at large and it does not allow full body functions with a proper mobility and flexibility. Besides, a kidney disease affects the functions of the endocrine systems, and hence different types of hormonal actions are influenced. Furthermore, this disease creates disturbances to the hypothalamic-pituitary- gonadal axis, which results in impairment of the most of the organs and tissues in the system, and as a result, the quality of life is highly disturbed.
Kidney disease is common to cause low testosterone productions, and it results in the sex drive decline. So, while you are suffering from a chronic kidney disease, it is likely that you can have low libido, and no more desire to participate in the sexual activities. The chronic kidney disease restricts you from having a good sleep as well. All of these health conditions related to kidney disease can influence your sexual functions and trigger an early onset of the erectile dysfunction.

So, is it fair to take male enhancement pills to regain your sexual strength and act to satisfy your partner?

Kidney disease and male enhancement pills
Since kidney disease takes one’s strength away from sexual pleasure, doctors may prescribe prescription male enhancement pills such as Viagra and other generic forms of male sexual enhancement pills to improve their sexual prowess as well as their erectile dysfunctions.
Endocrine diseases like kidney issues, diabetes and cardiovascular disease generally decline the sexual desire, but with the daily use of 100 mg of sildenafil citrate, the general term of Viagra helps with erectile dysfunctions and improves sexual functions in men with chronic kidney disease.

In addition to this, many researches also prove that sildenafil citrate or any prescribed male enhancement pills help improve the conditions of chronic kidney ailments.

According to The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, sildenafil citrate helps improve the kidney functions in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The efficacy of sildenafil citrate for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
The trial provided patients with PAH with 20, 40, 80 mg of sildenafil citrate or placebo thrice a day in the super I study and sildenafil titrated of 80 mg thrice a day during the extension level study.

The study observed that the sildenafil functions improved the kidney ailments to some degree in patients, while the patients’ conditions were deteriorated with placebo.
This way, the study was successful to focus that sildenafil citrate, the key compound of the Viagra is useful to address the distress related to kidney ailments, and finally improve the level of distress to help lead a healthy life without any complications for sexual disability.

Hence, we are sure about the function of sildenafil citrate that enables kidney patients to experience a well balanced functional class.

But, should we worry about the negative attributes of Viagra and other male enhancement pills to kidney health in physically sound men?

Kidney health and male enhancement pills  
So far, we all know that Viagra is linked to causing mild to severe health complications in the forms of dizziness, headaches, redness, visual blurriness, and extreme low blood pressure. The compounds of Viagra work as a vasodilator that dilates the blood vessels in the penis and helps aid an erection. In addition to this, the key catalyst of Viagra is PDE5i that inhibits the functions of PDE5 enzyme, that restricts the response of erections in men. Based upon this mechanism, many over-the-counter male sexual enhancement products contain similar components of Viagra to help aid erection in a natural way as claimed falsely by the manufacturers.

Simultaneously, the components of Viagra can interact with nitrates found in all the leading drugs to control diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Since, these two drugs never mix and cause drug interaction, they can cause serious issues to your health. Both these types of drugs control muscles and relax the blood vessels to let them in. As a result, when both the drugs are taken together, the impact can be harsher as compared to the single dose all at once. Your blood pressure will fall at an extreme level and cause severe complications, and even increase your life risks.

Therefore, any patients who take nitrate should never take Viagra due to the drug interactions. 
And if you think over the counter sexual male enhancement products are safe to consume, and you feel safe to take them, you are likely to increase your life risks.

When it comes to side-effects on the kidney health, we lack robust testing and studies that could highlight the ill-effects of Viagra and other male enhancement pills on kidneys. However, doctors do suggest that Viagra may affect your kidney functions as well as your liver.

Sometimes, some visual physical signs warn against the use of Viagra when you have swollen face around your cheeks. This sign may indicate that it is the effects of Viagra or any other male enhancement pills that cause side-effects on your kidney.
A histological study by Andrew Osayame Eweka and Abieyuwa Eweka at the University of Benin went to prove the effects of sildenafil citrate on the kidneys of adult wistar rats.

The study is so far robust and concrete to prove that sildenafil citrate does cause ill-effects to some lengths on kidneys on these rats.  Nonetheless, at the initial level there was no toxicity of the drug on the organ of the rat, but later it caused some cyto-architectural distortion of the cortical structures of the kidneys post the administration of 25 mg of sildenafil citrate. Further, different doses of sildenafil citrate were found to cause extreme level of cyto-architectural distortion of the kidneys and also degeneration.

As the study progressed, it was observed that sildenafil citrate does cause degeneration and distortion of the kidneys in Wistar rats. Hence, these reports suggest that sildenafil citrate does cause this level of side-effects on kidney health. Although human testing is not available, we should make assumptions that male enhancement pills do cause harm on our kidneys too. It is our responsibility to be cautious about the applications of male enhancement pills and ask for doctor’s suggestion to stay safe.