Are Blue Balls Real?

Men have continued to use the term called “blue balls” as an alternative term for sexual frustration since a long time now. It is definitely not an excuse to get off if you observe your testicles turning into a darker shade or feel some pain down there. For the ones that do suffer from blue balls, it has its physical effects and causes quite some pain. 
When a guy is sexually aroused, blood flows to his penis and testicles where a pressure builds up, which causes them to swell, and as a result the pressure can be felt when he does not ejaculate. The good news is, this condition has no risk of irreversible damage. So, it’s not fatal. And can be dealt with. The blood eventually drains and the discomfort passes.
Is it a real thing?
Well, there is no such term officially available in the world of science, but there have been some cases of it, and one such case was observed which involved a 14 year old boy having to be taken to the ER due to a severe pain in his scrotum after getting frisky with his girlfriend, without ejaculation. However, after he was examined, the reports suggested that the doctors weren’t exactly sure of what caused the pain, as there does not exist any such term called “blue balls” in the medical jargon.
That being said, blue balls does happen to be a relatively common phenomenon and although it can cause discomfort for some time, ranging from a few minutes to hours, it id not doing to cause you any long term damage.

What causes blue balls?
One of the largely accepted hypothesis about blue balls is that the blood flow towards your penis and the scrotum is built up when you are aroused and upon not being able to be released, it causes some pain in the testicles by putting pressure on them. 
The main role of the testicles is to produce sperm and testosterone but along with that, they also help in producing other fluids that aid the propagation of the sperms through the pathways that it needs to pass through. With external stimulation comes arousal and the blood flow moves towards the genitals as well as the testicles. This makes the fluid want a release but when it does not happen, it begins to build up pressure. Now when the testicles begin to get congested with the fluid, it makes the insides stretch and swell up which ultimately causes pain.
Another theory that suggests that a prolonged erection can make some of the oxygen from your blood to get absorbed by the genitals tissues, giving the testicles a bluish appearance. While another theory suggests that this condition occurs when there is a blockage. Although highly unlikely to occur, but medication for erectile dysfunction and devices like cock rings that are used to constrict the flow of blood could cause this problem.

Is there a cure for it?
Of course there is. Ejaculation. Sounds amazing, right? That is correct, relieving the pressure down there is what it takes to make things alright. So just go ahead and have an orgasm and that should restore everything back to normal. If your partner isn’t up to it, just go ahead and help yourself in the bathroom, it does not have to be a dual effort. 
Some sources suggest that applying ice or cold water to the affected area also helps release the pressure but there is not enough research to support that so you might want to stick to the old and easy way, that is, ejaculating.

Do you need to visit a doctor?
It should subside on its own or after you are done ejaculating, so there is no need to visit the doctor for it. However, if you ever find yourself experiencing a severe pain in your testicles, you should seek immediate medical attention. This kind of pain can be brought about by a testicular torsion which happens when the blood flow to the cord that brings blood to the scrotum gets blocked due to the twisting of the testicle. It may happen while you are having sex or doing some intense physical activity, and it involves a lot more pain and discomfort than that in case of blue balls.  

Some tips to deal with it:

1)Try ignoring it
That’s right. It is after all possible to be turned on and uncomfortable yet try and get yourself to move forward with the day ahead of you. The pain caused by blue balls is harmless and does not cause any side effects that can become an issue. You can deal with it yourself without requiring any assistance from your partner or attending to it yourself by simply ignoring it. And as your arousal fades away, so will the discomfort. 

2)Working out
Anything that can help you divert your blood flow will actually help take some pressure off your testicles. Try doing some push ups, running on the treadmill, or just going out for a sprint can get the blood flowing to your other body parts and hence away from the balls. You could also try some heavy lifting which basically flexes the internal muscles, imitating what goes down during a bowel movement which helps release the pressure being experienced by the testicles.

Blue balls is not something that is experienced by most men on a regular basis and so it does not usually need to be taken too seriously. However if you suffer more pain than you can take, or it causes problems with your sex life, you can consider getting some help. Pain that persists can be a symptom of some other serious problem, which will usually be accompanied by other symptoms. If the pain remains even after ejaculation, wait for some time and see if it subsides as sometimes it takes a while. Do remember that you are not alone in this, as women too sometimes experience aching and heaviness in the pelvic area from not reaching an orgasm after arousal.