3 Ways To Guarantee All -Night Sex

Life is too busy now. So are we. Busy schedules, hectic pressures in the workplace leaves us stressed, distracted and too tired and thus preventing us from spending good times with our partners. And to avoid any miscommunication in a relationship, sex works as the mantra to improve relationships.

However, often it is seen for many reasons, that couples avoid sex tonight or days after days that goes beyond more than a week. Well, there are couples too who enjoy sex every night, of course not when they are sick, or off on a business trip. Making love every night has its own goodness which can enhance your lives and relationships.

One of the foremost effectiveness of sex every night is that it betters the understanding between the couples, and you are more likely to show your affection towards her by the PDA. You can be physically expressive without indulging in a sex act.
Furthermore, the most exciting thing about having sex every night is that you seem to be less argumentative with your partner as sex itself is a technique that connects you with your partner without a much need of interaction. Well, that is fine. But, what about having a sex all night? Indulging in all night sex is everyone’s desire. But, how does it help you to have all night sex? Are there any better ways to help you in your projection?

Don’t Panic
Thinking too much about the duration of your sexual performance can have negative impacts on you. There’s nothing that can help you get over the dilemma. The medications or natural remedies are of no use in preventing your thoughts about the duration in bed. The foremost trick to making your time longer is to leave the situation to the time. The time is the only available treatment that can improve your matter better. In addition to this, a performance anxiety could turn out to be a real dampener.

Get Your Squeeze to Squeeze
The saying “practice makes perfect” is worth mentioning here when you really want to make your night to last until the morning. It applies to the technique Squeeze to make your lovemaking an exhilarated moment of the day.
Preventing yourself from ejaculating too early is effective to make the most of the sex all night with your partner. Opting for a condom or two can be a better answer to your problem. Wearing two condoms allows the exterior of the gear to be thicker. In such case, thicker condoms offer a great length of insensitivity to the penis, thus delaying the ejaculation.

Provided you go for condoms, it is better to go for desensitized condoms because they contain numbing compounds and perform well. Well, desensitizing agents may cause allergy to the penis or be harmful if you have erectile problems. The best way to ensure your proneness allergy is to try the masturbation before you try it with your partner. These types of condoms are effective to help you last longer in the bed.

If you are allergic to the desensitized condoms, choose the alternative technique Squeeze or
Stop-Start technique. These techniques give you a real guarantee to stay awake during sex with your partner.
Though the techniques require a lot of dedication, they are highly recommended by the sex therapists to remain wild during sex all through the night. Now, let us see what happens during these two techniques.

This is nothing but stimulating your penis during masturbation until no chance of return. Just right this moment, stop all the stimulation (for stop-start technique) or squeezing the glans of your penis (for the squeeze technique).

Stop-Start being one of the easiest techniques can be tried alone or with a partner. This involves stimulating the penis and waiting till the ejaculation is about to happen. Once you are on the edge of climaxing, stop. Wait for another 30-60 seconds and when you are enough confident to gain control over the mechanism, start again. Continue the process 4-5 times a day. Stop when there is a sensation and rest for a moment. Constant practice will help you identify the rapid flow of the ejaculation. So, let it happen and stop.

Now, Squeeze- it is as same as stopping the ejaculation but, by squeezing the penis between the shaft and the glans. You need to do this for 30 seconds but stop right at the time of ejaculation. Well, in this particular technique, the erection can be affected until you try to get stimulated again. This is also recommended to be done 4-5 times until you master it.
The better if you do it with your partner. The awareness of point of no return will help you last longer in the bed with your partner until late night or all night. Hence, when you feel the sensation in your penis and about to ejaculate, draw back from your partner and hold as long as you desire by squeezing your penis.

More Intense Orgasms
Now, you are well-trained to last a good duration in the bed without the ejaculation to let happen. However, for more intense and out of the world exhilarated feeling of the orgasms, you need an intense practice of training. In the course of your endeavor of preventing the ejaculation, your focus would be building tension to the penis so that you can reach the highest level of climax and gain a physical sensation. All you need to do is practice lot of pelvic muscle workouts for the muscle of your penis outside your bedroom. The workouts meant to make the pelvic muscle stronger is also known as Kegel exercise named after Dr. Arnold Kegel.
The PC muscle runs through the pubic bone to the coccyx along the pelvic cavity. In order to strengthen your pelvic muscle, you have to squeeze your penis. This is nothing but as similar as squeezing the flow of urination, letting you ward off the early ejaculation at the same time. So, when you feel like urinating, hold it in the midstream and relax for a few seconds and then urinate. This process can be done anytime you like rather than only during the urination process. Do this at least ten times a day by squeezing your penis to see the positive result within a month.

Breathe Easy
Deep and effective breathing process can help avoid premature ejaculation. The deftness of essential breathing techniques can be learned from yoga or meditation.  The most effective could be puffing techniques. Do this while having sex with your partner and puff with her till you need to exhale. Master the skill to stave off breathing while there is a climax. So, as a result, you will have more intense pressure around your abdomen, triggering an intense orgasm. You can go for an alternative option as well. Have an application of icepacks under your testicles right before the sex. This is just too good to arouse your orgasm levels. Well, avoid any type of icepack application post-sex.